gravity bong as a gift gravity bong as a gift

Why Gravity Bongs Are the Ultimate Gifts for Weed Smokers


Welcome home, fellow tokers! As enthusiasts, we understand that where there's one weed lover, there are bound to be more, eagerly sharing the highs and laughs together. And what do we love almost as much as toking? Gifting, of course!

Because let's face it, the more friends we have, the more chances arise to spread the love, laughter, and perhaps a little something green. So, if you think you had seen it all when it comes to smoking devices, prepare for the ultimate delight of cannabis consumption, the gravity bong!

Yes, you've heard it right. We're diving into the realm of gifting with a twist. Today, we're exploring the fascinating notion of gifting a gravity bong!

Now, we are all familiar with the fact that sharing is caring, especially when it comes to our 4:20 gang. We gather together, passing joints and sharing laughter, forming a bond that only fellow enthusiasts can genuinely understand. So why not take this fellowship to the next level by gifting a grav bong, or perhaps, homemade gravity bongs?

What is a Gravity waterfall bong?

gravity bong

Just in case you don't already know what is a gravity bong, give me the opportunity to enlighten you maybe.

Alright, so just imagine a contraption that typically uses the power of gravity to create hits that will send you to outer space (figuratively, of course). It's like a rocket launcher for your cannabis, moving you into a state of euphoria with one swift pull, one at a time.

Here's how it works if you end up making homemade gravity bongs: you take a plastic bottle, cut off the bottom, and make a small hole in the bottle cap. Next up, you submerge the bottle in a bucket or basin of water, making sure the water level reaches just below the mouthpiece. Are you following along? Good!

Get ready for the fun part now. You pack the bowl with your favorite herb, light it up with your favorite lighter, and slowly lift the bottle while the smoke magically fills the chamber. Once the bottle is fully lifted, unscrew the cap, put your lips to the mouthpiece, and prepare for liftoff!

As you push the bottle back down into the water, the pressure difference pulls the smoke into your lungs, and boom! You're on cloud nine in no time.

Yes, it may sound a little too complicated but it surpasses the high of your regular bong for sure. So, isn't it worth a try?

Why Consider a Gravity Bong?

what is a gravity bong

First of all, why stop at simply sharing a smoke session? Why not break the mold of conventional gift-giving and consider the extraordinary?

Gifting a gravity bong is like giving the key to a whole new dimension of smoking experiences. Let's go beyond the ordinary presents and explore the realm of gravity bongs – the ultimate gift for those who appreciate the art of elevated toking.

Ah, and the big question indeed! Why, oh why, should you consider gifting a gravity bong in the first place? Well, here's the short answer.

A Gravity bong does the work way beyond your regular bong or pot brownies. It is not also your regular weed gifts, but an invitation to shared experiences!

Think about it. You gift your friend a grav bong, now, just imagine the look of surprise and delight on your friend's face as they unwrap their very own gravity bong, a true masterpiece of engineering and toking pleasure.

Okay, but coming to the practical part, here are some real reasons apart from it being an extraordinary smoking device.

Powerful Hits

gravity bong rips

Of course we're not just blind lovers of a grav bong, we know what we are saying. Gravity bongs are known for delivering incredibly tough hits. By using the vacuum created through water displacement, they allow you to take huge, concentrated pulls of smoke, resulting in an intense and immediate high.


gravity bong vs blunts

Because of their design, gravity bongs maximize the utilization of your herb. The vacuum created ensures that nearly all of the smoke generated is inhaled, lessening any wastage and ensuring a more efficient smoking experience.

DIY Appeal

how to make a gravity bong

This one is probably the best part! You can experiment with different bottle sizes, water levels, and materials to personalize your own unique setup. And, this also means you can choose your own high!

Thicker Smoke

gravity bong smoke

The vacuum effect of a gravity bong pulls the smoke through the water, which eventually results in denser and thicker smoke. This can enhance the flavor profile of your herb and provide a more satisfying and enjoyable toking experience. Oh, also, this way it is easier on your lungs and you will cough less.

More Economical

cheap gravity bong

Depending upon your lifestyle or personal choice, you can always choose how much you want to spend while gifting. Either you can buy an affordable gravity bong as a gift or make one of your own. It will save you a lot of bucks and you might as well add some of your favorite food snacks for munchies later.

What are the types of Gravity bongs?

Of course, gifting takes a lot of thought. Especially when you are gifting a beloved smoker friend. Doing some research can go a long way in making your gift style extra special. You are in the possible place for this.

Here are the three types of Gravity bongs.

The Classic Gravity Bong

Ah, the classic gravity bong!

It's simple but the OG of toking contraptions. Thin about it, a trusty plastic bottle with a bowl attached at the bottom. You fill that bad boy with water, pack the bowl with your magical herb, and light it up.

As you take a deep inhale, the water magically disappears, creating a vacuum that sucks the smoke into the bottle. It's like witnessing a mini smoke tornado in action! When the bottle is brimming with smoke, you remove the bowl and inhale the large hit. Talk about toking like a true gravity master!

The Bucket Gravity Bongs

Buckets aren't just for hauling water anymore. Enter the bucket gravity bong, a larger-than-life toking experience. Imagine a big ol' bucket filled with water and a smaller plastic bottle floating in it. The smaller bottle has a bowl attached, and it's ready to rock.

You pack that bowl, light it up, and start lifting the bottle out of the water with the grace of a toker on a mission. And when you finally hit that sweet spot, you remove the bowl and breathe the epic smoke like a champ. It's literally like a toking magic trick that leaves you in awe!

The Siphonaire Gravity Bong

Ah! The beautiful Siphonaire gravity bong is just alluring from pipe to pipe.

This one works differently, just imagine two pipes, one above and one below. The upper chamber holds the water, while the lower chamber eagerly awaits the smoke. It's like a high-stakes game of smoke transportation! The smoke swirls and twirls, getting pulled into the lower chamber with the force of a toking tornado. It creates a beautiful sight to behold really.

Once the lower chamber reaches its apex, you remove the bowl with a flourish, ready to take in the mighty large hit. You place your lips on the opening, like a toker embracing the power of gravity, and slowly lower the chamber back into the water.

As the chamber submerges, the vacuum breaks, and the smoke rushes into your lungs like a euphoric wave. It's like being transported to a cloud of pure bliss, where gravity and toking collide in perfect harmony.

Wrap Up

It’s no wonder why gravity bongs have become a favorite among most enthusiasts. Not only are these devices effective at creating smooth smoke with high potency, but they also come in unique designs to suit any kind of smoker’s needs and preferences. 

So, whether you are looking for an extra kick or just something more interesting than the traditional smoking method, Gravity Bongs will surely be the perfect choice!

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