What Does Flight2Vegas Mean?

In 2019 a good friend of mine would take edibles daily. Sometimes he would take those edibles while were working..( a restaurant that we both worked at and will forever remain nameless!). When the edible kicked in and his eyes started to get low, he always let me know. He would say "Bro I'm on that flight2vegas right now" in his exact words. At that point I knew not to blow his high. That phrase stuck with us. Whenever one of us was high at work our code to each other was "Flight2Vegas".


Flight2Vegas is known for its extensive variety of organic wraps and cones. We are very selective in the procurement process and we only select products that meet our standards of quality. Rest assured knowing you will get the best products from our temperature and humidity-controlled warehouse.


We believe in getting your products to you in the fastest way possible. Most orders ship from our warehouse in as little as 1 day.


Flight2Vegas believes in providing excellent customer service and finding common solutions to problems that may arise. We love making our customers happy! We are constantly expanding and growing with new additions to the shop weekly!



Flight2Vegas was started in 2020 as a small yet ambitious Etsy shop. Starting with just 8 products, Flight2Vegas has grown to procure a small warehouse of the best products from some of the industry's best brands. We believe in sourcing organic and natural products with no additives, nicotine, or tobacco to take your experiences to the next level.

Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns!

You can contact us here!: Customerservice@flight2vegas.com