Do weed make you lazy, does weed make you lazy Do weed make you lazy, does weed make you lazy

Do weed make you lazy?

In some cases, you may think the stoner is an archetype of lethargy and apathy, while others may claim stoners to be the mystic or fool, based on literary interpretation.

The idea that all stoners are lazy is a myth stemming from both cultural and political beliefs, which science has since put to the test. 

Does weed make you lazy?

It is possible for cannabis to cause fatigue and even a slight hangover after use. However, this does not contribute to making a lot of adult cannabis users feel a lack of motivation, a common and dated misconception. 

Below, we will uncover why weed may make you feel sluggish and how to prevent drowsiness, hangovers, or long-term fatigue when using cannabis. 

Does cannabis make you lazy or unmotivated, do weed make you lazy, lazy stoner smoking weed and using their phone

Understanding the effects of weed on motivation

As the third most commonly used controlled substance worldwide, there is a common stereotype that smoking cannabis will lead to a lack of motivation. But for average marijuana smokers, this couldn't be further from the truth.

Depending on the type of cannabis strain and cannabinoid profile, many cannabis products can increase motivation and elevate your overall well-being. This is because cannabinoids soothe and balance our nervous system, which accounts for many necessary processes in the body that affect how we feel, think, and heal. 

It is possible for some strains containing cannabinoids such as CBN, CBG, or THCA to yield potent cannabis products with a heavy body load. This refers to the strong physiological and pain relieving effects of cannabis, body load is the sensation we associate with ‘couch lock’. 

A typical cannabis high lasts about two to six hours, depending on the consumption method. Within that time, there are some minor impairments to memory and some cognitive ability, but motor function and reaction time are relatively normal

That being said, there are currently no notable effects that correlate motivation and cannabis use. Most of these factors might be related to outlying variables in genetics, environment, social and economic positions. 

Factors influencing productivity in weed users

Some of the most influential people in the world have used cannabis before. From political leaders to top-chart musicians, many powerful people have been incredibly productive while incorporating cannabis into their lifestyles. 

This is because cannabis use is in no way correlated with lack of skill or productivity. This can be an important fact for employers to understand, as consuming cannabis after hours has no negative impact on an employee’s work ethic.

 In many cases, cannabis use could even signify that an employee is more grounded and open-minded - two traits you would want your staff to exhibit.

Cannabis, in some cases, may even increase someone's capacity to solve problems, see things from new perspectives, and practice empathy

All of these benefits aside – it is possible to overdo it on a day of cannabis use. Opting to use cannabis responsibly can help you avoid letting cannabis impact your work.

Though it won’t leave you with long-term harm, excessive cannabis use may feel a little foggy and rough around the edges. 

Does weed make you tired the next day?

does weed make you tired the next day

It is up for debate whether or not cannabis can make you feel tired the next day after use. Though there is no medically recognized ‘hang over’ occasionally some people report feeling groggy or having a clouded mind the day after consuming a high dose of cannabis.

In contrast, others have reported a sense of bliss, clarity, and ‘afterglow’ effects the day after consuming weed. 

This is likely based on tolerance and dose size, as smaller doses are less likely to cause side effects during or post-use. 

To avoid unwanted side effects with cannabis products, follow proper dosing instructions, stay hydrated, and maintain a stable blood sugar level. 

Most unpleasant effects of cannabis use will often diminish with time and patience, but in rare cases, some patients may require further medical care if they do not seem to improve after 24 hours. It's always a good call to seek out advice from trusted medical professionals if you are concerned with the side effects of cannabis use.

Does weed make you lazy in the long-term?

Does weed make you lazy in the long run

Both medical and recreational users who enjoy cannabis frequently, might be concerned about the long term risks associated with cannabis use. Though, when it comes to big picture goals and motivation, weed will not hinder your drive. However side effects from over consumption may slow you down temporarily.

Cannabis has now been shown to improve symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome through its anti-inflammatory, sedative, and analgesic effects. This is typically managed with small daily doses of CBD, with regular tolerance breaks as needed. Although cannabis and hemp products are useful tools for managing chronic fatigue symptoms, it is possible to exacerbate fatigue if misused in excess. 

When taking high doses of CBD or cannabis, it is possible to trigger intense side effects like drowsiness and fatigue. Long-term use of potent weed can result in cannabinoid toxicity, causing further discomfort and illness. 

This won’t necessarily make you lazy, but feeling ill can have a negative impact on your productivity if not treated. Thankfully for recreational users, cannabis tolerance-related issues are always repairable through tolerance breaks and safe dosing practices.

Personal experiences and anecdotes

Despite the fact that cannabis use and low motivation continue to fuel debates, researchers are now gathering anecdotal evidence to define a clearer path forward to understanding cannabis’ effects on wellbeing and motivation. 

In a 2006 study published by the National Library of Medicine, medical and active cannabis users were surveyed on their unique relationship with cannabis, motivation, and life satisfaction. 

It was found that cannabis increased well-being, which in turn increased each subject's own ability to live a fulfilling life despite many of them managing chronic illnesses. Daily use of cannabis was reported to not impair motivation. 

Some clinicians hypothesize that cannabis is an Amotivational substance and causes lethargy.

Amotivational syndrome refers to a common psychiatric condition that occurs in people who have a history of using psychoactive substances, though it’s important to note that it is not recognized in the DSM 5. This condition is linked to symptoms including detachment, memory loss, loss of attention, apathy, and a general decline in motivation. Researchers have found that this motivational syndrome is related to reduced dopamine production.

There is still a great deal of research that must be examined before definitive claims can be made on cannabis-induced fatigue. 

Strategies for maintaining productivity while using weed

Strategies for cannabis users to maintain productivity
  1. Avoid strains with high CBN. This is the minor cannabinoid associated with the deep body high and sleepy effects of weed. These strains can make great sleep aids but often leave you groggy the next morning. 

  2. Opt for strains with 1-2% CBG. This incredible cannabinoid does wonders for pain relief, immunity and anti-inflammation, but won't leave you as foggy minded as CBN or THC.

  3. Store your cannabis in a dry, cool space, out of direct sunlight. This will help prevent oxidation of THC, which can convert into extra CBN, resulting in strong sedative effects. 

  4. Understand the time duration of your dose. Taking an edible before bedtime is an awesome alternative to other OTC sleep aids, but remember it will remain in your body for 4-6 hours. If you plan to wake up before that time, you may feel the residual effects of the weed edible. 

  5. Try a 1:1 CBD and THC ratio. The balancing effects of CBD pair well with THC and other cannabinoids to produce soothing but uplifting effects that support focus, memory, and creative thinking. This will also counteract some of the negative effects of THC, offering a more mellow cannabis experience. 

  6. Stick to strains that energize you. Of course, we love a strong OG Kush, but sometimes you don’t want to feel so hazy. Picking weed products that are high in THCV, Sativa-dominant hybrids, or infused with energizing terpenes like terpinolene will help keep you blissfully pumped up. 

  7. Avoid strains that produce drowsy effects. Cannabis strains like Wedding Cake, GG4, Dosidos, Zkittlez, and Granddaddy Purple are all wonderful but might make you want to fall asleep. 

  8. Tolerance breaks! This includes both breaks from consuming cannabis as well as breaks in working hard! Rest is equally productive. That is why taking time to recover, relax, and enjoy your cannabis without responsibility is a great way to stay productive and still access all the benefits of weed. 

Unwind and uplift with cannabis to live your best life

It seems that our current understanding of cannabis’ impact on motivation indicates that it is more helpful than harmful for most people.

This should not negate further research on cannabis-use disorder and individuals experiencing other forms of cannabis illness, as this factor may hold some significance in how we treat individuals with this disorder.

For now, you can rest assured that regular to infrequent cannabis use is not going to hinder your work ethic or skills.

When used safely, cannabis has the potential to elevate your mood, reduce stress, and support big-picture thinking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does sativa or indica make you lazy?

Indica strains are typically associated with more relaxing effects, which can sometimes lead to feelings of laziness or sleepiness. Sativa strains, on the other hand, tend to produce more energizing effects.

Does smoking weed cause procrastination?

Yes, smoking weed can lead to procrastination for some individuals. It may affect motivation and focus, making it harder to complete tasks.

Will quitting smoking give me more energy?

Yes, quitting smoking can lead to an increase in energy levels.

Does smoking affect motivation?

While smoking could reduce fitness, a new study shows smokers have lower physical activity, lack motivation, and are more susceptible to depression.


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