Weed vs hash Weed vs hash

Weed vs Hash: The similarities and differences between flowers and extracts


Products like Hashish and Thai Sticks have been around for centuries. These age-old practices in cannabis preparation have become increasingly popular in the modern world of weed. 

Exploring cannabis can be fun and fairly simple when you have a basic understanding of how each product type differs in its effects and benefits. In this article, we'll be hashing out the differences between weed vs hash, emphasizing the unique benefits of each and how to select the perfect options for your personal taste and needs. 

The difference between cannabis flowers and hash concentrates

What is hash, the concentrated form of cannabis?

Simply put, hash is a concentrated form of the resin and active constituents of the hemp or cannabis flower. It can be extracted using a variety of techniques, ranging from artisan hand-rolled processes to molecular separation in a laboratory setting. 

The oldest practices of making and consuming hash date back to the 12th and 13th centuries, when cannabis was cultivated and traded across Central Asia and eventually into the Middle East for both textile fiber and medicinal uses. One of the earliest forms of hash was produced by gently rubbing growing cannabis sativa plant together; this later evolved into many different practices, from hand rolling to shifting and other more complex extraction techniques.

What does hash look like?

Hash oil can come in both dense and powdery or in sticky, viscous forms. Its color can range from dark brown, amber, or pale yellow resin. The coloring of the hash signifies the purity of the active compounds. The darker the hash, the more variety of Botanical compounds are still present, such as pigments, lipids, and other essential oils found in cannabis flowers. 

Different types of hash

Similar to how the color of hash corresponds to its composition, the more powdery hash products are, the more potent they are with cannabinoids like THC or CBD. These are great metrics to keep in mind when shopping for your personal stash. Regardless of your personal preference or your body's tolerance, Hash products are generally the most potent cannabis products available. 

There are, of course, hashish products that are abundant with non-activated THCA. Hash like this, if ingested without any exposure to heat, will not feel as potent as products with activated THC. The potency of hash ranges 50% to 90% cannabinoid content, such as isolates or distillates.

Popular types of hash oil:

  • Hashish/Rolled Hash

  • Rosin

  • Bubble Hash

  • Ice Wax

  • Isolates/Distillates

  • Diamond sauce

  • Shatter

  • Crumble

What is weed? 

Weed refers to the flower or bud of the female cannabis plant. When fully matured, the Cannabis flower develops glands Known as trichomes that coat the plant in a sticky, Dewey resin.

Cannabis plants naturally produce this resin as a way to deter animals that may wish to eat the seeds or leafy tissue of the plant. Humans cultivated cannabis and encouraged the production of trichomes after utilizing their resin for medicinal, spiritual, and recreational uses

After the plants are harvested, the buds are hung to dry for a brief duration prior to beginning the trimming and curing process. Each cultivator has their own trade secret methods on how to properly dry and cure weed, but it can essentially be broken down into three phases.

How weed is made

The first phase begins with drying. cannabis flowers are hung in a mild temperature, dark, and dry space with plenty of airflow. Oftentimes, they will be hung upside down for up to 2 weeks before moving on to the next phase of processing.


Once the plant material is sufficiently dry and does not exhibit any squishy textures like a fresh marijuana plant, it can be trimmed from its stems and fan leaves. This can be done using Special garden shears or even by hand.

High-quality trimming comes down to two key elements: manicuring the bud to look beautiful and eliminating excess leaf and stem material that may burn bitter when smoked. Many of the larger and darker-colored leaves will often have residual chlorophyll trapped in their tissue after drying. This can dilute the quality of the bud and produce an unpleasant taste when smoked.

Curing to perfection

After the flower has been trimmed, the weed can then be placed in large bags or glass jars to begin the curing process. curing can take anywhere from two weeks to 2 months, depending on the method or quantity of weed. Storing the weed in a closed container with some slight wiggle room for air helps bring out the pungent and delicious flavors of the plant. 

Each of these steps is integral to producing high-quality and flavorful weed. 

How cannabis varieties have changed over time

Today, top-shelf flowers test anywhere between 25 and 30% THC and up to 4% in terpenes. Though this is considerably more potent than the Cannabis grown 30 years ago, there are many strains to choose from now that are sure to appeal to almost anyone’s palette. Each comes with its own ratios of terpenes and cannabinoids, offering unique benefits and effects.

The main difference between hash and cannabis flower

The primary difference between hash and cannabis flowers is their potency. Both are derived from the exact same plant and contain many of the same compounds. However, hash is a more concentrated form of the Cannabis flower. It is derived from the resin of the female cannabis plant, extracted through either mechanical or chemical means.

When comparing the potency between both weed and hash, Based on their concentration per gram, the hash is almost three to four times stronger than the most potent flowers. A single gram of cannabis hash can have 500-1000 mg of THC, whereas a gram of flower may only have 200-300 mg tops. 

Based on our current medical understanding, a standard dose of THC is around 5-10 mg. To consume a single dose of hash, you may only need a pin-prick of extract to achieve a lower to mid-sized serving. Having a keen understanding of your dosing is critical when trying to avoid consuming excessive amounts of THC. The effects of THC at 10 mg compared to 30 mg can be significantly different for somebody who is inexperienced with cannabis.

Consuming cannabis at doses higher than 50 mg may put you at risk of experiencing some unpleasant side effects. 

Does smoking hash give you a different high? Is it stronger than smoking weed?

Anyone who has consumed both flower and cannabis extract knows there’s a pretty big difference in the effects of the two, based on potency alone. The effects of a low or a high dose vary in intensity but will typically come with the same overall effects. However, it’s important to note that a higher dose does not equate to a more effective therapeutic application but rather can induce more psychoactive qualities and other side effects. Additionally, consuming high-potency cannabis products like hash and weed may contribute to cognitive decline, highlighting the importance of understanding the potential long-term effects on brain health. Despite the differences in effects between hash and weed, it's important to consider the legal status of cannabis under federal law, which classifies marijuana as a Schedule I controlled substance.

Effects based on dosing techniques

When consuming cannabis at lower to medium doses, many people experience the majority of its therapeutic benefits. This ranges from its anti-inflammatory properties to its mood-stabilizing and nervous system-soothing qualities. It's possible for someone to experience some of the effects that we equate with psychedelic cannabis on a low dose, however it is slightly more rare.

Hash and weed can give you the same high if they are derived from the exact same plant, however you will only need a small amount of hash to achieve the same effects from a cannabis flower. 

At higher concentrations, cannabis effects can often look like this: 

  • Psychoactive and altered state of mind

  • Euphoria and Bliss

  •  Vivid sensory experiences 

  • Dry mouth, red eyes

  •  Changes in appetite

  • Mild auditory hallucination

Hashish vs. weed side effects and marijuana addiction

Though both can come with similar side effects, it is easier to overdose on concentrated cannabis products. Weed and hash have the same short-term and long-term side effects, but it is possible for hash to expedite and even exaggerate these sensations.

Some of the negative side effects may include:

Unwanted side effects can be avoided with cannabis by following safe dosing protocols and practicing tolerance breaks on a regular basis. If you are experiencing any of these side effects from cannabis, it is best to refrain from further cannabis use, stay hydrated, keep your blood sugar levels balanced, and avoid any substances that may exaggerate these effects and prevent withdrawal symptoms. For individuals experiencing negative side effects from cannabis use, initiating a recovery process with professional help is crucial. This includes personalized treatment plans and holistic services to support overcoming addiction and achieving recovery.

Choose your favorite cannabis plant product with ease

No matter if you are an experienced cannabis user or just dipping your toes in, both hash and flower can be an excellent choice for uplifting your spirits or unwinding after a long day. With proper dosing techniques, all cannabis products can be enjoyable to anyone.

Many retailers and smoke shops now offer vaporizer products that are reloadable so that you can use your favorite cannabis product in an electronic vape cartridge of your choice. This makes it so much more accessible for cannabis consumers who may not want to acquire all of the accessories needed to dab or smoke flowers out of a water pipe. 

Your cannabis shopping experience should be just as fun and exciting as the strain names you're browsing through. There's no reason to limit yourself to just edibles or pre-roll joints, as there are many ways to consume both hash and flower products safely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is hash better for you than skunk?

Hash and skunk are different in terms of potency and composition. Skunk refers to certain high-THC strains of cannabis, while hash (hashish) is made from the compressed resin of the cannabis plant. Whether one is "better" for you can depend on your desired potency and effect; however, both should be used responsibly.

Is kief the same as hash and weed?

Kief refers to the crystal-like formations on the tip of the cannabis plant's gland, containing a high concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes. Hash is made by compressing this kief, so while they are related, they are not the same. Weed generally refers to the dried flowers of the plant.

Does weed or hash last longer?

The duration of effects can vary based on many factors, including the method of consumption, individual tolerance, and the specific strains or products used. Typically, the effects of smoking weed or vaporizing hash or weed can last from 1 to 3 hours, while edibles can last much longer.

Are hash edibles the same as weed edibles?

Hash edibles and weed edibles can produce similar effects since both are made from parts of the cannabis plant containing THC. However, the intensity and duration of the effects can differ due to the concentration of THC in hash compared to weed, with hash generally being more potent.

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