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Weed Nicknames: From Mary Jane to Ganja - Understanding the Various Names for Marijuana


Spoken and written words are One of the most common ways we can share ideas and connect deeply with one another. It’s no surprise that we use slang names and different languages based on our place of origin to connect with the world around us, as both language and experience dictate most of our understanding of reality.

Weed names are a curious category of slang, one that spans back many years and includes countries all over the globe.

The culture around marijuana slang terms and nicknames for cannabis is rooted in creativity, liberation, and the rich history that honors the cannabis plant and the people behind it. Below, we will explore the intriguing backstory behind popular nicknames for weed.

Shakespeare once wrote, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” this is true for flavorful cannabis flowers, too, but a weed nickname tells a deeper story.

Another intriguing nickname, 'grass dope,' highlights the historical roots and cultural significance of cannabis, reflecting its varied nomenclature over the years due to prohibition and the unique culture of cannabis consumption.

Weed Nicknames, street names for weed

Importance of Nicknames

Nicknames come with the universal truth that each one adds an extra layer of intimacy between friends, family, and community. They come with both positive and negative effects that can be affirming, disruptive, or even thought-provoking, depending on their context, such as marijuana addiction.

Before the modern cannabis market, much of the cannabis community was regional and oftentimes underground due to the legal status of the plant. Weed slang was not only a way to signify safe and “in-crowd” people but also as a way to discreetly discuss marijuana use or the trade of cannabis. The variety of street names for marijuana, as reported by the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), highlights the extensive lexicon developed for marijuana and marijuana-laced drugs, facilitating discreet communication within the community.

Weed also has quite a diverse history as a spiritual substance and has gained many synonyms across the world for its therapeutic and ceremonial use. In Hindi and Urdu languages, cannabis is often referred to as Bhang in Sanskrit. This word signifies an edible preparation of cannabis leaves originating from the Indian subcontinent as early as 1000 BC. Additionally, the Hindu god Ganesha is commonly known as the god of ganja. Many of these deities have been depicted with hemp and cannabis flowers.

The name Ganja followed the flower all the way to Jamaica and became an essential component of the Rastafarian religion. Cannabis is a plant of many names and many cultural contexts - whether it be for spirit, mind, or body.

Although, not all of the slang around weed is as sacred or respectful. Some of these names come with a heavy and racially loaded history, as a few of these names were once used to demonize cannabis use and POC individuals who were profiled for cannabis use and distribution. This makes it necessary that cannabis lovers today stay informed on the impact of the language they use when talking about weed. Intentional use of cannabis terms offers a promising and more inclusive future within the emerging legal industry.

Popular Street Names for Marijuana

Popular nicknames for weed

Here, we've brought together a list of the 27 most popular nicknames for weed so you can stay up to date on all the common but unusual terms you might hear at your local dispensary or within the cannabis community. 

  1.  Weed

  2. Pot

  3. Reefer

  4. Grass

  5. Dope

  6. Ganja

  7. Mary Jane

  8. Hash

  9. Herb

  10. Aunt Mary

  11. Skunk

  12.  Chronic

  13.  Cheeba

  14.  Bhang

  15.  Broccoli

  16.  Dagga

  17.  Dona Juana (or Juanita)

  18.  Flower, Flower Tops

  19.  Green

  20.  Hot Stick

  21.  Jay

  22.  Jolly Green

  23.  Roach

  24. Marijuana

  25. Sticky icky

  26. Wacky tobacky

  27. Devil’s lettuce 

Though this list covers so many of the nicknames for bud, the terms used today continue to evolve as more people around the world explore cannabis. Beyond just nicknames, new lingo for product categories, terms, and new cannabis strains continue to grow and add to the already diverse cannabis culture. 

Regional Nicknames

Regional nicknames for marijuana

Different regions of the world refer to cannabis in slightly different ways. Each niche of the cannabis community holds its own unique code words when exploring the vast world of weed. depending on your location, there are some regions where specific terms are more popular. 

United Kingdom

Terms like skunk and green are most common in England and other parts of the UK. 


Due to the deep roots of Rastafarianism, cannabis holds a strong spiritual and sacramental significance in Jamaica. Thus it is most often referred to as Ganja. 

North America 

Slang such as Cannabis, pot, and marijuana are widely used across the United States and Canada. However, the term marijuana holds a heavy history. During the peak of the War on Drugs in the US, propaganda used the term marijuana to inappropriately associate illicit drug use or other more dangerous drugs with BIPOC individuals, especially Mexican citizens and immigrants. Though this term refers to one of the Mexican nicknames for cannabis, it was ultimately repurposed as a means to instill racially fueled fear in US citizens to justify mass incarceration and the criminalization of cannabis. Some still use this term today, though many have opted to use the scientific taxonomy to take a more politically neutral stance - referring to reefer as cannabis. 

Central America 

Much of the language we use for cannabis stems from Mexican origins. Words like marijuana and even “grief” or “reef” (Spanish meaning “to roll”) evolved into the term “reefer” – the infamous nickname that was copied for the sensationally misinformed “reefer madness.”

Creative and Fun Nicknames

common slang names for weed

Each of these sultry, silly, or spiritual names for cannabis comes from both its agricultural significance and its effects when used. Each term has a slightly different origin story, but we have picked out a few classics to highlight: 


The Spanish term “potiguaya” refers to a mixture of cannabis flowers and leaves; this slowly shifted into the shortened name, pot. 


A simple but descriptive term, this is universally used to describe cannabis, emphasizing the natural and therapeutic qualities of the plant’s oils. 


Another classic name for bud, weed describes the abundant and adaptive way that cannabis plants grow, sometimes reaching the height of a small tree. This further pays tribute to the resilience of the culture behind the Cannabis movement to end prohibition. Many times like this were coined Around the 1920s during the Jazz Age when cannabis had become more widely recognized. 

Of course, there are other terms thrown around when discussing using and preparing cannabis. Here are a few more clever terms you might hear during a smoking session or when shopping at your local cannabis dispensary. 

Blunt: A Term for Smoking Weed

This is a cigar that has been hollowed out and refilled with cannabis flowers. Occasionally, these are rolled with a tobacco leaf wrap or a hemp leaf.


Joints are similar to cigarettes; in fact, you can simply name it a marijuana cigarette. However, they are filled with cannabis and may not always have a filter/crutch. These can be handled with bleached or unbleached rolling papers. They come in many different shapes and sizes, including novel joint rules that are shaped like animals, stars, or crosses with multiple burning ends. 


Dabs are the nickname for freebasing cannabis concentrates. This requires heating a quartz or steel nail and vaporizing a small amount of cannabis oil that is then inhaled. dabs are typically more potent than other forms of cannabis and come in a variety of different flavors and textures.


The effect of smoking weed or consuming cannabis edibles is that it makes your mouth feel excessively dry.

Couch lock

The sensation of couch lock is like when a heavy cannabis strain makes you feel fatigued, calm, or even sedated.

Body load

Similar to couch lock, body load refers to the intense physiological Sensations one might feel from cannabis. These are often associated with the pain relief and anti-inflammatory qualities of weed. These effects can sometimes be exaggerated with stronger psychoactive effects. For example, some strains may make you feel heavier, as if you are weighed down by an invisible anchor. 


This common number code to reference cannabis originated from a police code that was later reclaimed by the cannabis community as the universal symbol for cannabis use and ‘oneness’ with the plant.


A more modern term, Cannasseur, Refers to anyone who has an advanced palette for cannabis products of high quality. These are people who are experienced cannabis users and can see and taste the subtle differences between cannabis strains and even the quality of extracts. 

Nicknaming Trends

Weed nicknames

It makes sense that many of the street names for cannabis revolve around its Botanical attributes, but something even more interesting is the trends around strain names. 

This is such a perfect intersection between counterculture and agriculture, where many of the strain names tell a story of where they came from, how they were grown, who grew them, and their Universal effects on cannabis users. 

A strain like Cookies, known for its potency and frosty appearance, has become quite an icon in modern cannabis cultivation. We see strains such as Wedding Cake, Frosted Donuts, or even Monster Cookies rising in popularity. Each of these strains has had a Cookie variety within their family lines and thus exhibits similar attributes that many cannabis lovers enjoy. Each of these carefully crafted names can be traced back to a strain of parent genetics.

Today, it is more common to see designer strains with names that are patented or even trademarked. Cannabis brands such as Lemon Tree derive their namesake from their signature strain and have gained a lot of traction in the California cannabis market for their exclusive products. 

Following these patterns can take you on a journey of cannabis lore and modern history. 

Inclusivity, marijuana slang terms, and community

marijuana slang terms

Familiarizing yourself with cannabis nicknames can help deepen your understanding and appreciation for the many ways cannabis has influenced both culture and global history. After all, this plant has the capacity to expand our minds and unlock our most creative thoughts. It’s no wonder that it inspired linguistic ingenuity and community solidarity. 

As the industry grows and changes, holding true to the roots of cannabis culture and utilizing weed slang will remind us both how far we have come and where we are going next. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the slang names for weed?

Some slang names for weed are cannabis dope, cannabis grass weed, head, Mary Jane, doobie, bud, and hash. Cannabis can be dangerous to those who suffer.

What is a funny name for a weed joint?

Blunts, Bombers, Bones are some other names used for joint.

What is a sneaky name for weed?

Among other phrases you will see are Danks grade, green grass, cheddar, tobacco smoke bags, skunks, and wacky backy.

What is a better word for weed?

You can call it whatever you like, but some people like calling it cannabis or marijuana instead.

What is the hood term for weed?

Dank, graded grass, trees flower, cheddar, smoke bag, skunk, wacky backy.


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