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How to make Weed Gummies at home?


It seems you're finally tired of puff-puff passing your way through life.

Well, guess what?

It's time to put that lighter down, my friend, because today we will be discussing cannabis-infused edibles, particularly weed gummies.

I know, I know, why would you make weed gummies at home when they are as easy to find these days as a Starbucks in downtown Manhattan?

But let's just face it.

There is something undeniably cool about being a mad scientist behind your own stash of yummy, homemade cannabis gummies.

So, without much ado, let's get into the sweet and slightly elevated experience.

Note your Ultimate Weed Gummies Recipe First

Cannabis edibles recipes tinctures


Making cannabis-edible gummies at home would obviously require certain products, duh!

Here is a list of all the products you will need:

  1. Jell-O Powder: You can choose your favorite flavor or combine multiple flavors for a unique taste.

  2. Unflavored Gelatin Powder: Typically available in packets like Knox Gelatin.

  3. Cannabis oil (for that special touch)

  4. Hot Water: About five tablespoons of hot water are needed to dissolve the gelatin.

  5. Water-Soluble Cannabis Powder or Extract: This is the star ingredient, and you can adjust the potency to your preference.

  6. Citric Acid (Optional): If you want to add a sour kick to your gummies, include this.

  7. Silicone hard Candies: Essential for shaping your gummies into fun and edible shapes.

  8. Microwave-Safe Measuring Cup or Bowl: For mixing and microwaving other ingredients.

  9. Cooling Rack (Optional): To help gummies firm up after freezing.

  10. Airtight Containers or Freezer Bags: To store edibles or freeze edibles

  11. Last but not least, Patience and Creativity: Not exactly ingredients, but they are important elements to be added to your weed gummies recipe.

Your 5-Step Guide to Make Weed Gummies at Home

So, finally, you've got all your ingredients and equipment ready, and you're starting the journey of cooking your very own THC gummies.

Let's get you started!

All the best.

Steps to make Weed gummies at home with cannabis powder

Step 1: Gather all the equipment!

First things first, you'll need to grab a bowl and place all the ingredients in front of you. Then, combine your Jell-o powder with gelatin and hot water.

Step 2: Mix Your Ingredients

  • In a 2-cup microwave-safe measuring cup or a microwave-safe bowl with a spout, combine the Jell-O Powder, Unflavored Gelatin Powder, and hot water. Stir this mixture until it's well combined.

    How much?

    1 x 85 gm pkg Jell-O powder, 2 tbsp gelatin, 5 tbsp of hot water, and preferably a 2-cup microwave-safe cup.

Step 3: Heat and Stir

  • Now, place your mixture in the microwave and set the timer to heat for 10 seconds. Make sure you are careful to prevent any overflowing.

  • You'll notice the mixture foaming – this is exactly what you want.

  • Once it has a foaming texture, carefully stir until the gelatin is fully dissolved and the mixture becomes clear.

  • It will be hot!

  • Now, stir in your cannabis powder or extract and citric acid until they are fully dissolved. If you're using Veryvell drops, you can simply add the desired amount into each mold cavity.

Step 4: Make Your Edible Gummies

  • Carefully pour the hot mixture into your silicone molds in equal portions.

  • You need to work quickly so as to prevent the mixture from cooling down. If it cools too much, the oil may separate, which is not what you want.

  • Remember to keep whisking the mixture to prevent it from binding and hardening. The faster you fill your gummy molds, the better the result.

Step 5: Freeze and Enjoy chewy Cannabis gummies

  • Place your filled molds in the freezer for at least 30 minutes. Then, when the gummies have firmed up to a slightly tacky texture, remove them from the molds.

  • Lay them out on a piece of parchment paper to allow them to air dry.

  • You can enjoy them immediately or refrigerate them for further firming up. Store your weed gummies in an airtight container in the fridge for up to two weeks or freeze them for up to one month.

  • Now, coming to the most important part. Do NOT forget to calculate the dosage per gummy based on the THC content you used. For instance, if you use 10 mg of THC and make 20 hard candies, each gummy contains 0.5 mg of THC.

Do Weed Gummies Expire?

Now that you know how to make weed edibles gummies, you must also know their expiration date.

They are not just regular gummies, after all!

Well, just like any other edibles, cannabis-infused products also have a shelf life, and several factors can influence their longevity. Of course, eating expired edibles can be dangerous for your stomach and can cause food poisoning.

if not stored properly Cannabis edibles expire. A sugar like coat can be seen as evidence.

Cannabis products, including cannabis-infused gummies, are not just your regular candies. They are full of THC or CBD content, and that way, they offer a unique way to enjoy the benefits of cannabis without the need for smoking or vaping.

But to know how and when edible gummies expire, it is super important to understand their shelf life and how to ensure they have the longest shelf life with optimal freshness.

What Is The Shelf-life Of Cannabis-infused Gummies?

The shelf life of cannabis-infused gummies can depend on a number of factors. These factors can affect how long your edibles remain potent and enjoyable.

Here are some key elements that play a role in determining the shelf life of your homemade gummies:

Environmental Factors

Where you store your gummies matters. According to The Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology, "exposure to sunlight and air oxidation" can cause a significant loss of cannabinoids. The study suggested that storing gummies in airtight containers and keeping them in a cool, dark place can minimize the problem.


It is no doubt that the potency of your homemade weed gummies matters. In contrast to cannabis flower, freezing won't impact the effectiveness of the cannabinoids as they've formed bonds with the oil or fat.

Edibles with higher levels of THC or CBD may have a longer shelf life due to the protective properties of these cannabinoids. But, over time, they can also lose their potency, giving them a shorter shelf life.

Packaging and storage practices

Yes, a product's packaging really matters too!

Quality packaging can help protect your edibles from moisture, air, and contaminants that could lead to spoilage.

In case you bought gummies from a nearby dispensary, then it is preferred you leave them in their original packaging. However, if you make weed gummies at home, then as suggested earlier, keep them jam-packed in an airtight container and store them in a cool, dark place.

Telling you again how you are storing edibles makes a significant difference.

Using resealable bags can help maintain their freshness. Avoid opening the container or bag too frequently to prevent exposure to air.

When Do Cannabis Edibles Expire?

Okay, so how do you know if your beloved weed gummy bears have crossed over to the not-so-delightful side?

Well, there may be a telltale sign, and I'm here to decode that for you.

While certain baked items, such as regular cookies and tarts, might see their original scents and tastes diminish within approximately a week, cannabis gummies tend to retain their freshness over an extended period of several months.

As per the type of edible and how it is made, it can maintain its effectiveness for a span of anywhere between 3-6 months.

Can Weed gummies get mold?

Cannabis edibles thc gummies gets mouldy

Yes, 100%.

THC gummies can develop mold, and you wouldn't even realize it. After all, they are food.

Edible cookies, processed foods, baked goods, chocolate bars, or even lollipops, both cannabis-infused and their non-cannabis counterparts, follow a similar path, with the same preservatives often determining their shelf life.

Perishable ingredients within these edibles can also contribute to their lifespan. And beware of bacteria growth that can turn your sweet treats into an unpleasant surprise. So, keep an eye out for old edibles.

When they start to go bad, you'll notice a sugar-coated exterior, discoloration, and a stale scent, and if by chance you eat expired edibles, it would have a taste that's just plain off.

Stay Elevated!

So, my friends, even though homemade weed gummies might not last as long as grandma's fruitcakes, they do have a decent shelf life.

So remember, don't let those weed gummies get too cozy with bacteria or into the wrong hands.

Keep them fresh, enjoy them responsibly, and may your high adventures be long-lasting (at least for a few months)!

Edibles are fun, but do you want to try a weed drink as well? Check out our guide on how to make Weed tea


Frequently Asked Questions

Do Weed Edibles Lose Potency Over Time?

Yes, weed edibles can lose potency over time due to various factors.

What Happens If You Eat Expired Gummy Edibles?

Honestly, it's not the worst thing in the world. They could lose flavor and potency, resulting in a less enjoyable experience.

Does Freezing Marijuana Gummies help with Long Shelf Life?

Yes, freezing marijuana gummies can help extend their shelf life.

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