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Elements Ultra Thin Rolling Papers 1 1/4 Size W/ Magnetic Closure

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  • Elements Papers - 50 Leaves Sugar Gum
  • 1 1/4 size
  • Made with Natural Rice Paper
  • Incredibly Thin Paper and Ultra Slow Burning
  • Magnetic Closure

More Details About Elements Rolling Papers

Elements Ultra Thin are made from natural earth friendly materials. They burn with almost zero ash except for the natural sugar gum that caramelizes as it burns. The earthly result? One of the best rolling papers known to man.

This vegan option utilizes gum from the Acacia tree sap, complete with sugars and hemicellulose. It's all about the elements!

This rolling paper is crafted from pure rice, compressed for an ultra-slow burn. It features a thin strip of natural gum sourced from sugar, ensuring a residue-free burn experience.