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Cyclone TOASTED Hemp Cones (2 Per Tube)

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  • Cyclone Cones Toasted Hemp Cones
  • Pure Toasted Hemp Cones Made From Natural Herbs
  • No Tobacco and No Nicotine
  • Contains 2 Hemp Cones. Very aromatic.

More Details About Cyclone Pre Rolled Blunt Cones

Cyclones® are some of the world’s first pre-rolled, flavored tobacco wraps. The cone style of rolling cigar wraps has become very popular due to its unique burning characteristics. However, rolling such a shape is a difficult and messy process for most. Cyclones® instantly remedy this problem as they are already pre-rolled!

The pre-rolled “Cyclone” funnel shape allows the user to easily place their tobacco within the wrap with no spillage. A built-in paper filter tip and included packing tools add to the convenience of Cyclones®!

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