What are SunRocks and how are they different from moonrocks What are SunRocks and how are they different from moonrocks

What Makes SunRocks Stand Out? Distinguishing Traits From Moon Rocks


A lot of cannabis connoisseurs have probably encountered the words sun rocks and moon rocks that became famous in the weed society.

But what are sunrocks, and why does everybody speak about them? Okay, hold on tight; sunrocks will blow your minds because they do not resemble an ordinary cannabis flower. These powerhouses are pure marijuana buds saturated with extremely high-potency tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) levels that will probably get even hardcore cannabinoid enthusiasts high.

However, sunrocks not only have a higher potency rate but they also come with a more potent smell compared to usual marijuana. So, if you are prepared to explore the realm of sun rocks to discover their potent effects, continue reading on this page. Get ready to go with us on an adventure; you’ll be wanting these cannabis wonders after this trip!

What are sunrocks? How are they different from Moon rocks

What are Sun rocks?

The high-potency creation is no joke. It packs a ridiculous amount of THC with an astounding limit of more than 80%.

What makes Sunrock unique should be understood by breaking into the ingredients responsible for its power. Sunrock begins with top-grade cannabis extracts, which are the same strain as Moonrock, generally OG kush. A decent bud of superior taste, smell, and overall quality is mainly selected for maximum purity and to get some BHO extract for the same purpose. The first step towards making small chunks is establishing this point.

The process then carries on with the injection of pure cannabis liquid. Weed Sun Rocks switch/replace low-quality hash oil, often created through extracting trim and shake, to a top-shelf concentrate cannabis buds from the nugs of the same strain. The resulting extract contains trichomes and tastes stronger per shot than typical hash oil.

moon rocks versus sun rocks

This cannabis oil is carefully applied to the moon rock buds. The oil goes into every corner, soaking the flower and making the extract clearer. The infusing procedure of thick, opaque hash oil increases the overall THC level, besides intensifying the strain flavors and fragrances.

However, the process does not end there. An additional generous amount of kief coats sun rocks infusing with top shelf buds for taking sun rocks one step higher. Kief is made from resinous trichomes that have a significant amount of cannabinoids. The buds dipped in hash oil are then rolled in kief. This is the last and yet powerful layer of upgraded elements that pushes the high THC levels to the limit and, of course, also provides a delicious taste experience than just smoking straight BHO.

When holding a Sunrock in your hands, you will feel its weight and density concerning how much cannabinoid and terpene concentrations are therein. This feels like you are touching some soft piece of thick velvet from heaven.

Using your fingers to run them across the surface, you’ll encounter these trichome rich crystals with the crucial oil makes them appear shiny. The sticky trichomes in only Sun rocks can give them that potency that gets people thinking wildly.

Consumption Methods for Sunrocks

what are sun rocks and how to consume sun rock

Consumers suggest that one smokes sunrock in either a glass pipe or bong. This is as their addition onto a joint or blunt becomes messier than what it’s worth and the distillate coating can hinder rolling. So, glass will give one a clean and efficient way.

But if you choose to light sunrocks on a pipe or a bong rip, make it clear not to use a grinder. Distillate-soaked nugs may make grinding them thoroughly a little bit hard. So, cutting the rocks into pieces using either a razor blade or a utility knife is recommended. It will also help you benefit from your sunrocks without letting anything valuable go to waste.

Combining the sunrocks in a bowl with the usual grind is also advisable. You can place sun rocks underneath each of your sticky flower if you would like to avoid direct flame so that the bowl burns evenly. It will also ensure the heat is evenly distributed, leading to a smoother and quality smoking process.

While smoking weed, just ensure that you are breaking your sun rocks into as many pieces as possible. This will prevent the need to light up bigger buds to save time and plant matter. Hemp wick is preferable to regular butane lighter as it enhances the taste. A Hemp wick helps to avoid scorching a product like standard lighters, and it lets out more flavor profiles.

Therefore, when smoking sunrocks, one should expect an explosive punch not lacking in taste. This may be achieved by using glass, cutting sunrock into pieces, and finally putting them in a bowl to ensure an even burn.

You can also improve the taste using a hemp wick lighter instead of ordinary lighters. Thus, if now you really understand what are sunrocks, have a go at it and expect an unparalleled smoking experience.

Moon rocks versus Sun rocks

Moon rocks versus Sun rocks

Moon rocks are kinda like flower buds, you know?

Moon rocks start out by growing them outdoors or indoors, then they harvest the buds, give 'em a trim, and let 'em dry. After that, the dried nugs are dipped in hash oil or distillate to be soaked with it, then covered in kief.

Moon rocks typically reach up to 51.2% - 60% at their THC potent, but the Sun Rock takes the cake as the THC level exceeds 80%. One puff is enough to give a strong effect, leaving cannabis consumers high as a kite.

It is advisable to use strains with very high THC concentrations as opposed to Moon Rocks, which one can make of any strain. This guarantees that the finished output has as much THC content as could be possible.

Cannabis oil is essential in this component, forming a honey-like overcoat on the bud. A sticky coat is applied to this bud and coated lavishly with a layer of kief, making it look like sand.

Key Differences Between Moon rocks and Sun rocks


Moon rocks refer to concentrated buds covered with layers of oil that have been rolled in a sheet of kief. Additionally, sun rocks look alike in terms of structure; however, they have an additional layer of hash oil and a final roll into a high-grade flower layer, producing the rock with a more uneven surface or textured rock.


The concentration of moon rocks is made up of kief and cannabis oil which may go as much as 50%THC. They give a very concentrated and extended “kick”. Sunrocks go a step further and add another layer of hash oil with even higher THC concentrations surpassing 80%. It provides a very strong and ecstatic feeling.

Flavor and Effects

Flavor profiles in moon rocks will include those of the strains used for flower, concentrated oil, and kief. Therefore, this combination results in a rich, complex taste whose outcome will depend on the ingredients selected. Sun rocks having an extra coating on top of hash oil offers a different flavor.

Why Choose Sunrocks Over Moonrocks?

Sunrock versus Moon rock

Despite everything pointed out above, one disadvantage associated with using marijuana Moon Rocks is that you can not see the bud itself. Since they are not expensive to produce and have a very thick coating, many Moon Rock vendors sell bad buds to unaware customers.

All you have to do is take some bad bud, cover it in whatever oil, and roll it around in some bad hash making a Moon Rock but unfortunately, they are not even smokeable.

Shady dealers could mix bad bud with any oil and hash, allowing consumers to receive a product that looks like real Moon Rocks without the desired effects. Buying trusted dispensary Moon Rocks, where one can personally check the product before purchasing, is advisable.

How Do Sunrocks Make You Feel?

Image showcasing a person smoking weed sun rock

With a very high THC level, the effects of Sunrock can be felt intensely and last for quite some time.

A sunrock high usually begins with overwhelming waves of blissful euphoria that almost hits your head. When the high sets in, you might experience increased creativity and concentration that is good for painting, composing music, and other creative pursuits. Just one devastating drag of sun rock has relaxing powers that may ease off stress and give someone an excellent relaxed feeling.

However, it should be noted that sunrocks are not for wilting flowers. As they can be strong, care must be taken when using them, especially for beginners of regular weed. Begin with a low dose, then slowly work towards higher doses until you hit the right spot. Just remember, “low and slow” is always the best to begin with.

The Bottom Line

Besides their strong impact, sunrocks give you a delicious taste experience, unlike any other cannabis product.

Combining these factors ensures that this smoke tastes complex as a result of being enhanced with hash oil and kief for flavorful extracts. You will experience a symphony of earthy, spicy, and sweet notes that stimulate taste buds and leave a stronger aroma.

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