different types of wax dabs, dabbing different types of wax dabs, dabbing

Exploring Different Types of Wax Dabs: A Comprehensive Guide


Wax dabs are one such method involving dab rigs that has become increasingly popular in recent years. If you are curious about the world of high-potency cannabis extracts, then this is the right place for it. In this in-depth primer, we will discuss the different types of wax dabs and their characteristics as well as how they can boost your high for the best session. Did you know that the worldwide sales of cannabis are expected to reach a staggering $57 billion in 2026? Yes, the use of cannabis concentrates is rapidly growing, and more people are choosing alternative ways.

So, sit, unwind, and stick around to indulge in wax dabs like never before!

Different Types of Wax Dabs, different types of dabs, dabbing

What is Dabbing?

What is dabbing, dab meaning, different types of dabs

You probably did not know that dabbing has come to be one of the most common and an emerging trend through which individuals consume cannabis concentrates.

Dabbing involves the use of a hot surface, either nail or banger, and dab rig to consume cannabis concentrates.

However, the process starts with warming up a nail or banger using a torch to make it hot enough. After heating, a little bit of cannabis wax dab goes on the hot surface, turns into steam, and produces an aromatic concoction with intense flavor. The inhalation is carried out through a mouthpiece connected to usually a dab rig, which gives off a drastic and rapid head rush.

If you want to get the full scoop, here is our ultimate guide to using weed wax! Give it a look.

Different Types of Weed Dabs?

The increase in popularity can be credited to the power and unique highs that dabs deliver. It is time to describe the different types of wax dabs that will make you want more.


What is Shatter, type of weed wax, wax concentrates

At the top of our list is Shatter, a dabbing favorite due to its glass-like look and brittle feel. This concentrate process involves the separation of cannabinoids and terpenes using solvents such as butane hash oil or CO2.

The final product is a transparent, amber-colored liquid that delivers quite the kick. The types of shatter are plentiful, and dispensaries frequently name their grades’ differently. Lesser grades of shatter may have a yellow or even amber tint, but the dark shade does not compromise its strength.

Cannabis Oil

cannabis oil, types of dabs

Second, there is Cannabis Oil. Distillate, or cannabis oil as it is sometimes referred to, refers to a thick, viscous liquid. Due to the fact that it is very runny, it does not work perfectly as a dab wax material.

But it is often used in vape carts and works wonders for making edibles like weed gummies, weed brownies, etc. Oils are also a suitable matrix for the extraction of specific cannabinoids.

Sugar Wax dabs

Sugar wax, wax concentrate, concentrated forms of cannabis

If you need a dab that offers the best flavor without causing difficulties, “Sugar Wax” could be an ideal choice to try. This concentrated form is named because of its wet sugar-like texture, which breaks apart.

Sugar wax manufacture involves whipping the extract during demulsification, which yields a sugary consistency full of taste and smells.


Budder, different types of wax dabs

Budder is a creamy concentrate that is produced during purging after shaking up the extract. This creates a texture like butter, giving it its name. As a signature of their high terpene content, budder comes with an intense flavor profile.

You have to keep in mind that a typical value of THC is 90%, while the purity stands at about 99%. The production process is, however, labor-intensive because it repeatedly has to undergo whipping during the preparation stage. The final product is a yellowish or cream-coloured material with the same texture as butter. On the other hand, due to work and tremendous strength, budder is more expensive than most concentrations.


Crumble, cannabis concentrates

Crumble is a form of dry extract that can quickly lose shape even when the user touches it. It typically comes in yellow, although a dark dab of marijuana wax is not that rare either. It is more difficult to work with, for it falls apart so easily. The positive point is that you can obtain high potency at an affordable cost.

It might amaze you to know that crumble is made similarly as shatter until some level. However, it takes longer to remain in a vacuum oven in the end. This is the reason it comes out as being so dry and crumbly. Nevertheless, the exiguous moisture content allows it to be effectively resistant to mold infestation. dried plant material


The favorite wax in the dabbing sphere for a large number of cannabis enthusiasts is HoneyComb. This kind of wax is known for its special texture and looks like a honeycomb. What makes HoneyComb stand out is the high concentration of terpenes, resulting in a unique flavor.

Some of the organic compounds in cannabis include terpenes that provide aroma and improve the overall thrill. When using HoneyComb, you can enjoy a unique and intense dabbing experience that will leave you craving for more.

Rick Simpson Oil

What is Rick Simpson Oil, RSO, cannabis concentrate

RSO, or Rick Simpson Oil, is a cannabis extract meant to be taken orally or topically. RSO is taken in small amounts, but it’s solid. The suggested initial dosage is the size of a short-grain dry rice half corn. About 30-40 doses of this size are contained in one 0.5mL syringe.

RSO is an abbreviation for Rick Simpson Oil, a high concentration of tetrahydrocannabinol THC. Despite being thick and syrupy in consistency and presenting a blackish coloration that is quite reminiscent of sticky tar, RSO commonly comes packaged inside plastic syringes for what seems like only practical reasons.

Although the RSO can be potentially smoked or burned and inhaled by vapors via dab, it is not its purpose of use and could even have dangerous implications sometimes. Since RSO may have been synthesized using solvents, the organic residues would be inflammable.

Live Resin

Live resin is a cannabis concentrate made from a fresh, immediately frozen cannabis plant and subjected to the extraction process that helps maintain the cannabinoids, terpenes, and other cannabis plant material.

The outcome is a potent gold isolate with lots of flavor and a sharp scent. For this reason, live resin is considered a high-end concentrate by canna connoisseurs.

Dabbing live resin is easy. Just like any other concentrate, you will need to heat the nail in your dab rig and allow some time for cooling. Then, put a small amount of live resin on the nail. It evaporates, and then you can inhale the vapor.

Bubble hash AKA Ice Wax or Water Hash

Bubble hash is not a solventless extract that’s made with ice water. Put cannabis plant material in ice water and churn, which hardens it, causing trichomes to break off. The resultant liquid is further pushed through multiple bags made of mesh to eliminate the plant materials.

Bubble hash is rated on its quality, or ‘meltability’- complete melt or a six-star hash being the best and named so due to complete melting away. Its color can vary between very light blond and even much darker brown.

The Bottom Line

There are many different types of wax dabs out there, each with its unique flavor profile and potency. Whether you prefer a more solid concentrate or a runnier one that’s easier to handle, there is something for everyone.

If you’re new to dabbing, it’s essential to do some research before making your first purchase. Always start slow and go easy on the dosage until you understand how your body reacts to concentrates. With time and experimentation, you’ll find the perfect concentrate for your dabbing needs! Keep exploring the diverse world of cannabis concentrates and discover new flavors, effects, and benefits.

Happy dabbing!

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of dab wax is best?

Rosins are a popular soluble solvent extract used in scavengers. Cannabis bud is placed in the center of the heat plate and pressed under extremely high temperatures.

What is the difference between the different types of dabs?

Currently, the concentrations of dabs are identified based on consistency. Typically, the harder daps, the smaller their amount of terpenes are. Concentrates with gooey and saucy consistencies tend to carry the most terpene content. If this concentrate were too dry it would cause difficulty cigarette consumption.

What are the cleanest dabs?

Budders/Batter Budders are generally considered the most desirable form of concentrate. Budder is another powerful dabbing type that is very pure and extremely safe. Choosing the budder is important because its amber hue is incredibly beautiful.

What is the full meaning of dab?

DAB is a radio frequency coding method that transmits digital stereo signals over traditional radio channels. ABAB means digital audio broadcasting. DAB audio has better sound quality than FMs.

What is dabbing vs smoking Cannabis?

Unlike tobacco, dabbing is more like heating rather than combustion or burnt. So smoking can be reduced.






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