Different types of bongs, types of bongs percolator Different types of bongs, types of bongs percolator

Your Ultimate Guide To All Different Types of Bongs: Which Style is Right for You?

Bongs have become a symbol of cannabis culture and are ever popular with many users. So many different types of bongs, often referred to as water pipes, are starting to emerge on the market especially with increasing legalization. Wait, did you know that bongs are believed to date back 400 BC? Yep, ancient civilizations were already enjoying its benefits.

Nowadays, it varies from the traditional beaker style to the more artistic build-a-bong models, and there is something for everyone out there. However, with the cannabis market presenting you with so many different types of bongs in so many materials and shapes, how do you get to know the perfect bong for yourself?

Here, we will discuss the different bong types and their unique features to help you make the right choice. By the end of it, you’ll be panting, puffing, and fully aware of what sort of new smoking apparatus to add to your arsenal!

So grab a bowl and let us take you on the search for your dream bong.

Different Types of Bongs

Quick Takeaways for Different Types of Bongs:

  • There are Five types of Bong materials: Glass Bongs, Silicone, Ceramic bongs, Acrylic Bongs, and Metal bongs.

  • Multiple Bong Shapes like a Beaker bong, Straight Tube bongs, Round base bongs, and Multi-chamber bongs.

  • Bongs come in multiple shapes and sizes.

  • Advanced designs like Dab Rigs deliver potent, flavorful vapor efficiently,

  • Build-A-Bongs help customize your smoking experience, and Gravity Bongs provide intense, powerful hits.

Different types of bongs Based on Their Materials

The material used in making it is very important in determining the efficiency, longevity, and overall experience that one will have while hitting a bong.

And of course, the pros and cons of each type of material make it suitable to specific preferences and ways of life. Here's an in-depth look at the most common materials used in bong construction:

Glass bongs

Image showcasing Glass bongs

You've probably come across the glass bong. This material is loved by many but what makes it so special?

Well, glass bongs deliver a range of benefits and do come with a set of cons too. Let's look deeply into it. 

Superior Flavor

One reason why Glass bong is the most preferred bong material is because of the fact that it does not alter the taste of the smoke in any way.

Glass is also non-porous which means that it does not retain any smell or tartar from your smoking accessories. This leads to a very fresh and clear taste with every puff that you take.

Smooth Hits

Glass bongs are often equipped with accessories such as percolators and diffusers to cool and filter smoke. These components fragment the smoke into smaller bubbles, enhancing the surface area for cooling. The result? A softer, gentler hit that is kinder to your throat and lungs.

Artistic Variety

Another benefit of using a glass bong is the fact that there are so many different styles to choose from. Artists can create beautiful and unique pieces of art or simple and sleek forms of glass when they blow glass.

Durability (With Care)

If well taken care of, a glass bong can serve a very long time and thus is a good investment considering its smooth smoking experience.

High-Quality Glass Bongs are Easy to Clean

To clean a glass bong is very easy. Thick Glass is non-porous and this means that you can easily wipe clean the residue and build up with the right cleaning solutions.

Why Glass Bong May Not Be So Good


Even the toughest glass bongs are still prone to breaking if they are dropped or mishandled in some way. This is probably the biggest downside. However, the toughest borosilicate glass is not invulnerable to damage, so, yes you should be cautious when using your glass bong.

Gets Dirty Quickly

Glass bongs are more prone to getting dirty than the other types. Over time, debris and buildup from daily usage can wear down your bong's appearance. Regular cleaning is a must.


Stained glass bongs are quite costly as opposed to the other types of bongs. The patterns, quality of materials, and time taken to make a good glass bong are usually expensive.

Portability Issues

It can't be denied, that glass bongs are not the most portable smoking devices either. If you are a person who likes to smoke weed while on the move, then a glass bong might not be the most convenient option for you.

Borosilicate glass 

Borosilicate Glass

Superior Durability

Borosilicate glass bongs are super strong due to their high thermal shock resistance. It has high thermal shock resistance and can withstand high temperatures and flames from lighters and torches without cracking or breaking. This durability means that your bong will be able to withstand constant use without breaking easily.

Long-Lasting Quality

Another important characteristic of borosilicate glass is its ability to withstand corrosion. This means that your bong will continue to look new and clean without the glass getting ruined or fogging up which is quite a problem with glass bongs otherwise.

Also, the borosilicate glass does not alter the taste of your smoke in any way, thus providing you with a pure and unaltered taste.

Easy to Clean

Borosilicate glass has a smooth surface that does not hold dirt and is relatively easy to clean. Build-up and residue are easily and efficiently cleaned away when using the right cleaning products.

Thickness Options

Borosilicate glass bongs are available in different thicknesses. However, 3mm is more popular, but it is usually regarded as less durable. Choosing a bong with at least 5mm thickness greatly improves its longevity and resistance to cracks and breaks.

The Cons of Using a Borosilicate Glass Bong


Bongs made of high-quality borosilicate glass tend to be more expensive than regular ones. These bongs are expensive because the materials used in making them are of high quality and yes even the workmanship is excellent. This can be a disadvantage for beginners or for those with a tight budget but many users consider it to be a worthy investment.

Regular Maintenance

Borosilicate glass bongs need to be cleaned frequently to keep them clean and functional. Despite the fact that the surface is relatively easy to clean, failing to do so may result in residue accumulation, which will not only change the taste of the smoke but also affect the overall performance of the bong.

Acrylic Bongs(Plastic)

Image showcasing Acryclic Bongs


One BIG reason why people choose acrylic bongs is because they are relatively cheap and here is why they’re easy on the wallet:

  • Cheaper to Make: Plastic, also known as acrylic, is more affordable than glass or ceramic (of course!). Acrylic bongs are easier and cheaper to produce than glass ones, hence they are cheaper to manufacture as well. This obviously implies relatively low prices for the consumers.

  • Ideal for Budget-Conscious Users: For novice smokers or those on a limited budget, an acrylic bong is perfect for you. This makes acrylic bongs a popular choice among students, casual users, and anyone who wants to spend less money.

  • Variety and Availability: Acrylic bongs are cheap to manufacture hence you can easily find them in different shapes and colors. This means that you can easily get an acrylic bong that meets your aesthetic or vibe.

Durability and Portability

While affordability is a major draw, acrylic bongs also offer some practical benefits. Acrylic is stronger than glass and does not easily break. However, unlike heat-resistant materials, acrylic is heat-sensitive, which can be a disadvantage. This makes acrylic bongs a strong choice, especially for those who may be more likely to knock their bong over or drop it.

Also, because of their lightweight, acrylic bongs are very easy to carry around. It is highly portable, and this makes it a perfect companion to use while on the move.

The Disadvantages of an Acrylic Bong

Plasticky Aftertaste

One major disadvantage of acrylic bongs is that they often have a plastic taste. Yep, it's true, unlike glass or ceramic, acrylic can give your smoke a plastic taste at times. Not only that, there is plenty of research showing that acrylic materials can release microplastics.

Heat Sensitivity

Acrylic is not as heat resistant as glass or borosilicate glass. High temperatures like those of a lighter or a torch can cause the acrylic to give off an unpleasant smell and taste. This heat sensitivity can also be a disadvantage as it may lead to melting or warping if not well taken care of.

Aesthetic and Perception

  • Although they are available in different colors and patterns, acrylic bongs may not be as stylish or as artistic as many glass bongs. For some users, it can be a drawback if aesthetics are an important factor when choosing their smoking accessories.

  • Although acrylic bongs are relatively cheaper, this can make them look cheap and of low quality in comparison to other bongs in the market. Although this is not always the case in terms of the actual performance, it can play a role in attitudes, particularly among more experienced smokers.

Silicone Bongs

Image showcasing Silicone Bongs

It is obvious that maintaining a silicone bong is straightforward and hassle-free. Here's why:

 Durable & easy to clean 

Silicone is a durable, elastic material, which is resistant to mechanical stress. Whereas glass is likely to crack or break when dropped or bumped, silicone is quite rugged and resilient and will not crack or break. This definitely makes silicone bongs ideal for anyone who is looking in the market for a durable smoking accessory.

 Breakage-resistant, perfect if you are clumsy 

If you are a clumsy person or have a habit of dropping things, then a silicone bong is just the right choice for you. This makes it non-prone to breakage, which implies that you will not have to go through the costs of replacement or cleaning up broken glass. This makes silicone bongs an easy-to-use and convenient piece of equipment for daily smoking.

Simple Cleaning Process

Silicone bongs are not porous that is they do not hold or retain stains or smells. This makes cleaning them very easy. Most of the silicone bongs can be easily disassembled and washed with warm water and soap. For a thorough cleaning, they can be boiled or put in the dishwasher.

The Drawbacks of a Silicone Bong Material

 Subtle difference in taste 

Some users have noted a slight change in taste when using a silicone bong compared to a glass or ceramic one. As for the taste, silicone is usually tasteless and odorless, but there might be a subtle change that may affect sensitive individuals. This taste difference is usually very small but can be a factor for those who care most about the untampered taste of the tobacco.

Metal bongs

Image showcasing Metal Bongs

High Durability

Bongs made from metal, especially aluminum, are very tough and long-lasting. They are sturdy and can withstand a lot of wear and tear, falls, and other forms of rough use without developing cracks or getting broken.

Resistant to Damage

Compared to glass or ceramic bongs, metal bongs are very sturdy and can easily withstand normal usage. This makes them perfect for use when traveling, outdoor activities or any situation in which a normal bong is likely to get damaged.

 The Drawbacks of Using a Metal Bong

Heat Conductivity

Metal bongs are more conductive than glass or silicone bongs and can get very hot during use. This can also lead to a change in taste (metallic aftertaste) and may influence the whole smoking experience if not controlled properly.

More Common in Europe > North America

The use of metal bongs is more prevalent in Europe as compared to North America. This regional preference can be explained by cultural differences, availability, and historical patterns of use. In North America, glass and silicone bongs are usually preferred. The choice of glass is specifically preferred due to the need for a pure taste without interference and the look of the glass. Though metal bongs exist, they are not as popular as those made in Europe.

Ceramic Bong Materials

Ceramic Bongs

Artistic Designs

As you already know, Ceramic bongs usually stand out for their aesthetics. They are usually designed with various patterns and colors and are therefore aesthetically beautiful. Ceramics can be shaped and painted by artists and craftsmen in a number of forms and designs, from traditional and sophisticated to funky and outrageous. So, yes, this one is perfect for you if you are looking for funky bong designs.

Smooth Hits and Cooling Effect

Ceramic bongs are renowned for providing a smooth and enjoyable smoking experience. Ceramic is also an insulator, which means that it cools down the smoke as it goes through the bong. This cooling effect makes the hit smoother and less harsh on the throat and lungs, making for a better smoking experience.

Why Hybrid Bongs Can Be a Good Idea

Hybrid bongs are a combination of the sturdiness of metal with the heat tolerance and efficiency of other materials such as ceramic or aluminum to come up with a strong and efficient rig.

Hybrid bongs have a different look from the usual glass or ceramic ones, and this is due to the fact that they are designed with a more contemporary look. The user has the ability to make a number of changes to the design in order to come up with a unique work of art that particularly represents them.

Consisting of a compact design and easy to carry around, they are perfect for traveling and other outdoor activities, enabling you to smoke smoothly at any time and any place. Combining the best of the old and the new, hybrid bongs are the perfect reflection of the future of smoking accessories. Therefore, if you are interested in enhancing your smoking experience, you should consider getting hybrid bongs.

Quick Considerations Before Choosing From Different Types of Bong Materials (Best & Worst)

factors to keep in mind before choosing from Different types of bongs

Now that you know, the type of material for all your different types of bongs can really make a difference to your smoking experience. Here's a breakdown of key factors to consider when choosing your bong material.


  • Best: Silicone - Nearly indestructible, perfect for clumsy users!

  • Worst: Glass - Classic but fragile, especially if not borosilicate glass.

Ease of Cleaning:

  • Best: Silicone - Dishwasher safe or easy cleaning with soap and water.

  • Worst: Acrylic - Scratches can trap resin, making thorough cleaning difficult.


  • Best: Glass (for clarity and artistic designs) & Ceramic (for intricate designs)

  • Worst: Acrylic - although aesthetic for some users they usually come in simpler styles.

Taste Alteration & Flavor Purity:

  • Best: Glass - Offers the purest flavor profile for your herbs.

  • Worst: Acrylic and Metal songs: Can sometimes impart a slight plastic or metallic taste.


  • Best: Acrylic - Generally the most affordable option.

  • Worst: Tie- Ceramic (especially for handcrafted pieces) & Glass (for premium designs)

Different Types of Bongs Based on Their Shapes

Beaker Bongs

Image showcasing a Beaker Bong

Classic Beaker bongs, named after the lab beaker, are one of the most popular smoking tools because of their stability, practicability, and demand.

Due to the wide base which is designed to resemble a lab beaker, these bongs are more stable and less likely to be knocked over as compared to the straight-tube bongs. This also provides for a larger chamber for water which aids in cooling and filtering the smoke leading to bigger and smoother rips. The weighted base of beaker bongs enables taller setups that elongate the smoke path to cool the smoke more.

This design is particularly helpful for those who want a more sturdy and reliable smoking apparatus, particularly in areas where the device may be easily knocked over. Beaker bongs are among the most popular types available on the market, as they are suitable for both novices and experienced users owing to their convenience and simplicity.

And of course, due to their timeless design and popularity, they are available in different sizes, designs, and costs to match one’s choice. Also, beaker bongs are great for ash catchers because the wider base can hold the extra weight without toppling over, thus making the bong cleaner by catching ash and other particles. Most beaker bongs have diffused downstems that contain small slits or holes that help in breaking the smoke into small bubbles, thus increasing the surface area for cooling and filtration to give smoother hits.

Another common feature is the ice notches, which enable the users to place ice cubes in the neck of the bong to cool down the smoke before it enters the lungs, thus giving a better hit.

Round Base bongs

Round Base Bongs

Round bongs with an egg-shaped base come with a water pipe and provide a special smoking experience due to the large water capacity and better taste. The larger water chambers enable more smoke to be filtered and cooled. This ensures that the hits are bigger and more flavorful. Though not exactly spherical, the egg-shaped design allows for a greater compartment for water and smoke, enhancing the filtration system.

The flat base is also a good design feature because these bongs do not easily fall over as compared to other bongs. Due to the larger water chamber and a steady base, round base bongs are preferred by many smokers who value flavor and stability. It not only improves the smoking experience by providing cooler and smoother inhales but also guarantees the stability of the bong during usage, making it suitable for occasional and frequent users alike.

Classic Straight tube Bong/Cylinder bongs

Straight tube bongs

Cylinder or classic straight-tube bongs, also known as cylinder bongs, are among the most popular types of bongs due to their ease of use and effectiveness. These bongs have a straight design from the bowl to the mouthpiece, meaning there is very little resistance and the smoke passes straight to the user.

In straight tube bongs, the smaller water chamber means less filtration, which is an advantage because it allows for a pure and unaltered taste from the smoke. This design is rather effective, offering a fast and strong effect with little or no interference.

The straight tube design also produces the classic purring sound and huge bubbles, making the experience even better, as there is less water drag and every hit feels solid and satisfying. Due to this simplicity and efficiency, straight tube bongs are ideal for those who prefer a straightforward, functional piece that produces clean, flavorful smoke with each pull.

Multi-chamber bongs 

Image Showcasing a Multi Chamber Bong

Recycler bongs, or multi-chamber bongs, take the smoking experience to another level by having more than one chamber filled with water. This new design enables the smoke to pass through several compartments, all of which are filled with water, for better filtration and cooling.

This makes for a much cooler and smoother hit than single-chamber bongs. The smoke then moves to the next chamber where impurities are removed and the temperature of the smoke is reduced to make it less harsh. This multiple filtration process means that every puff is not only smoother but also less irritating to the throat and lungs. The unique design of multi-chamber bongs gives it an elegant look and also makes it very efficient in producing cool and smooth hits for the smoker.

Modular bongs 

Modular Bong

Modular bongs are popular in the world of smoking accessories because they allow for a high degree of customization and versatility. These bongs enable the users to combine various parts including the base, percolator, and ash catcher in a way that suits them.

This customization includes changing the size, filtration, and how the smoke is diffused to ensure that all your smoking sessions are unique and as effective as desired. The main chamber of modular bongs is cleaner due to the additional filtration parts which not only improves the performance but also the look of the bong.

Another major benefit of modular bongs is their ability to be easily disassembled for cleaning. Since they can be disassembled, each part can be washed separately, thus keeping your bong in good shape. This modularity not only improves the efficiency and aesthetics of the bong but also makes it easier to clean, making it a functional and stylish option for smokers who appreciate personalization and regular cleaning.

Percolator Bong

Bong that comes with multiple percolators

Percolator bongs are highly regarded for their ability to enhance the smoking experience through advanced filtration. The key feature of these bongs is the percolator, which breaks the smoke into tiny bubbles as it passes through. This process increases the surface area of the smoke, allowing it to cool down more effectively and deliver smoother hits.

The increased surface area also means that contaminants in the smoke are more easily filtered away, resulting in a cleaner, purer smoking experience. As the smoke travels through the percolator, impurities are trapped, and the smoke is cooled, providing a more enjoyable and less harsh hit.

This combination of enhanced filtration and cooling makes percolator bongs a popular choice for those seeking a refined and smooth smoking session.

 Different types of percolator bongs

Percolator bongs are ideal for those who not only want to take cooler and smoother hits but also better filtration. Let’s dive into the specifics of the most popular types of percolators: There are tree, UFO, matrix, showerhead percs, and honeycomb bongs.

Tree Percolator bongs

Tree Percolator

Tree percolators are a traditional and widely used type of percolator in percolator bongs. It has several appendages (ranging from 4 to 12) with small openings at the tips. When the smoke flows through these slits it is divided into small bubbles which in turn increase the surface area for heat transfer thus cooling the smoke.

However, tree percolators are hard to clean and if made from cheap glass, they can easily get cracked. Still, their good filtration and the fact that they burn smoothly make them popular. 

Showerhead Percolators

ShowerHead Percolator

Showerhead percolators look like the head of a shower with many holes or slits around a central tube. When the smoke goes through, it gets spread out into small bubbles, similar to water through a shower head. This design allows for proper filtering and a clean and smooth draw with each hit. Showerhead percolators are known to be simple and efficient, which means that they are ideal for any smoker.

Honeycomb Perc

HoneyComb Percolator

Honeycomb percolators are very special and very effective because they are made up of flat discs with a lot of small holes. This makes it possible to have several honeycomb percolators in one bong to enhance the filtration and cooling of the smoke. The smoke is forced through the holes, creating hundreds of small bubbles that increase the surface area for cooling and filtering.

Inline Percolator Bongs 

Inline Percolator

Inline percolator bongs are a beautiful combination of style and efficiency, which is why they are one of the best options when it comes to smoking accessories. The main structure of these bongs is a horizontal chamber that may also contain a series of small holes that look like tree percolator. This combination offers an efficient and innovative method for cooling and filtering smoke.

The inline percolator achieves this by forcing smoke through the horizontal tube where it has to pass through the slits to produce small bubbles. This process enhances the surface area of the smoke, thereby enhancing the cooling and filtration systems.

Moreover, inline percolator bongs may contain features from cyclone bongs or spiral percs, making the smoking experience more aesthetically pleasing as the smoke moves in circular patterns through the chambers.

Matrix bongs 

Matrix Bongs

Matrix bongs are famous for their excellent smoke dispersion and cooling system due to the unique 360° meshing. This complex structure has a tubular shape with horizontal and vertical slits evenly distributed across the outer surface of the chamber.

The 360° meshing system ensures that the smoke is dispersed evenly from all angles while passing through the percolator. This ensures that there is a large surface area for smoke filtration and cooling of the water. Consequently, the smoke is divided into numerous small bubbles that cool and filter it before it enters your lungs. This is because matrix bongs offer a lot of diffusion thus every hit is very smooth and tasty with very little harshness.

This high level of filtration not only enhances the taste but also minimizes the contaminants, thus providing a smoother experience.

More Different types of bongs



Bubblers are similar to hand pipes, and easily portable.

It is also similar to a bong because it has a water chamber. Typically, they are small in size, which can allow users to take them with them wherever they go while offering a competent filtered smoking session.



Zongs come in a unique zig-zag design, the course of the smoke is lengthened and thus, the air it comes across has more time to cool it. The aversion of hitting the lid itself helps to cool the smoke down if it can also hold ice. Nevertheless, one drawback mainly arises due to their shape as they may become too unstable, and their height may cause them to fall over.

Gravity Bongs

Grav, Gravity Bong

As will be seen in the gravity bong, the draw is caused by the falling water into the chamber. There are two main types: Common forms of chic bongs are bucket-style gravity bongs and waterfall bongs. In a waterfall bong, water falls through a hole and thus produces a sucking action to portray the smoke in the chamber. Each of the two types delivers a highly satisfying and powerful smoke, fit for a satisfying smoking session.

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Mini bongs

Mini Bongs

Mini bong is one that sometimes stands below 8 inches in height, and they have the advantages of being portable and convenient to use. Due to its compact design, it's easy to handle and carry from one place to another, thus it will suit smokers who wish to smoke while using a water filter.

 Dab rigs

Dab Rigs

Since dab rigs are meant for use with concentrates such as wax or oil, they are made to work most effectively with these materials. They commonly use quartz buckets or bangers, which can cope with heat of varying levels required in the vaporization of concentrates.

Dab rigs are widely known for their effectiveness and the massive rips for which the device is known, making dabs popular among concentrate lovers.

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Must-Have Accessories for Your Bong

When it comes to the specifics of your bong session improvement, accessories play a significant role. Let’s dive into the essential accessory every bong user should consider.


Female and Male Bowls

First up, it is important to distinguish between female and male bowls. Female bowls screw over the joint of the bong, while male bowls screw into the joint. This will help you understand the kind of bowl that will fit your bong depending with the joint type that it has.

Magnetic bowls 

Magnetic bowls are such a blessing when it comes to convenience. They also make it easier to remove without having to fear being burnt in the process. This makes cleaning and refilling your bowl very easy.

Different Sizes, Forms, and Depths of Chambers

Bowls are available in different shapes, sizes, and chamber depths. The right bowl for you depends on your smoking habits.

Bigger Bowls

Suitable for social situations, larger bowls result in less repacking, thus allowing the session to continue for a longer time.

Smaller Bowls

Ideal for personal use, small bowls give the right portion size for a single person and offer fresh smokes each time.


The down stem is the forgotten part of the bong, and yet it plays a crucial role. It links your bowl to the water chamber, letting the smoke travel downwards into the water. This is because the water filters and cools the smoke, providing that smooth and pure hit that everyone enjoys.

Wide Measurements

There are many different lengths and diameters of downstems available, so it’s crucial to select one that will suit your bong. Here’s what you need to consider:

Measure Your Bong

You will have to measure from the joint to the bottom of the water chamber to check whether the downstrem will be in the water or not. If it is too short, it may not cover the required length; if it is too long, it may be difficult to manage.

Check the Joint Size

Ensure that the downstem has the same joint size as your bong. The most popular diameters are 14mm and 18mm, so check what your bong requires.

Consider Diffusion Options

Some downstems have built-in diffusers or percolators to further filter the smoke as it travels through the chamber by breaking it into smaller bubbles.

Ash catchers 

Ash catchers are a great accessory to have in your rig. They serve the purpose of preventing ash and debris from falling into the water chamber of the bong. This not only helps in keeping the bong cleaner for a longer period but also makes the entire process of cleaning quite easy. Also, an ash catcher enhances filtration as it provides an extra layer of smoke diffusion for smoother hits.


You must have a good grinder for smoking herbs. This also helps to achieve an even burn, which is crucial for the taste and potency of your smoking session. Despite the fact that the majority of grinders are made of plastic, metal and wooden grinders are much more durable and effective, as well as provide a more effective crush.


Screens are little, unassuming items that have a large impact. They stop ash from blocking your downstem or getting into the bong chamber, which ensures smooth draw and cleaner hits.

Screens also help prevent ash from accumulating in your bong thus decreasing the need for thorough cleaning of your bong which is time-consuming.

Cleaning Tools

You can use special brushes for bongs to clean all the little corners and isopropyl alcohol to clean residual marijuana buildup. If you do not clean it often, residue stains the taste of your hits and the general performance of your bong.

Care and Maintenance of Different Types of bongs 

Bong maintenance is important to ensure that it lasts long and remains effective to use. Here are some tips to keep your bong in top shape.

When and Why to Clean

Soon after taking a few shots, you will notice that the surface is no longer white and there are stains left behind. This is where you should clean your bong. Cleaning helps to avoid the accumulation of tar and resin on the bowl which may alter the taste and quality of the smoke produced.

Avoiding Harsh Chemicals

It is important to use the right cleaning solutions. Household cleaners can be harsh and may cling to the surface and may alter the taste of the smoking experience. Rather, opt for isopropyl alcohol with coarse salt. This combination efficiently dissolves the resin and cleans the surface thoroughly. It is also possible to purchase cleaning solutions for bongs to ensure thorough and safe cleaning of the product.

Preventing Damage

The storage of your bong is as crucial as its cleaning. To avoid tipping over and to avoid accidentally breaking it, make sure to place your bong in a safe area and keep it away from children and pets. For added protection especially if you are carrying it around or storing it for a long time you should consider using a padded case. This also acts as an added shield against drops and knocks, ensuring that your bong is well protected.

Checklist before buying from Different Types of Bongs

The process of buying a bong is quite important as one has to choose the right one. Below is a detailed guide to assist you in choosing the right bong to suit your requirements.

Within Your Budget

Having a budget in mind is useful as it sets boundaries and avoids spending more than necessary. Just because a bong is expensive doesn’t mean it will be better, but spending a little more will usually get you a bong that is more long-lasting and has more features.

Suits Your Aesthetic and Smoking Style

Now that you are aware, from the simple and modern to the complex and detailed, there is a bong for every style. Also, think about how you prefer to smoke. For short hits, a basic and user-friendly bong might be what you need. For those who prefer smoother and cooler rips, bongs with percolators or ice notches should be considered.

Crafted with Quality Materials from a Trusted Brand

The type of material used in the construction of your bong is important because it affects its longevity and efficiency. Borosilicate glass, for instance, is a high-quality glass that is often used due to its heat resistance and durability. Make sure that you are buying from a company that is well-known for its quality products. This not only ensures quality but also most of the time comes with a warranty or customer service.

Convenient, Hygienic, and Simple to Clean and Maintain

A bong should make your smoking experience better, not worse. Choose a design that is simple, neat, and can be easily cared for. A bong with many compartments can filter smoke effectively but requires frequent cleaning. Think about how often you want to clean it and select the appropriate one. There are bongs that have parts that can be easily detached from the main structure to facilitate cleaning.

Are Durable and Will Last for Many Years

Lastly, think long-term. A good bong is something that you should be able to use for years without it getting ruined. Look for signs of good construction and see what other users have to say about how long their bong has lasted. A durable bong will help you save money in the long run since you will not have to buy new bongs or repair them often.

With these tips in mind, you will be able to get the best bong that not only matches your style and budget but also one that is durable, easy to use, and of good quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different classifications of bongs?

Bongs can be categorized based on their material, such as glass, silicone, ceramic, and acrylic, as well as their shapes, including straight tube, beaker-shaped, and percolator bongs, among others.

What is a mini bong called?

A mini bong is often referred to as a "miniature bong" or simply a "mini bong." A bubbler is close to this category too.

What type of bong is a percolator?

A percolator bong features a built-in filtration system in its chamber that cools and filters the smoke for a smoother hit.

Are percolator bongs better?

Whether percolator bongs are better depends on personal preference. They offer smoother hits due to water filtration and can cool down the smoke, providing a more pleasant experience. However, they may require more maintenance and can be more expensive.




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