the best way to smoke weed 2024 the best way to smoke weed 2024

How to Weed: The best way to smoke weed in 2024


You see, in 2024, we're all about staying ahead of the curve – especially when it comes to enjoying the green goodness.

So, just think about it.

It's a sunny afternoon, you're with your pals, and someone pulls out a bag of the finest herb. But wait, what's the best way to smoke weed in 2024, you ask?

Especially if this is your first time smoking weed, you've just stumbled upon the coolest, craziest, and most cannabis-tactic spot ever!

The best way to smoke weed in 2024

Choose your Best way to smoke weed from here

Gravity bong

Image showcasing Gravity Bong as one of the best methods to smoke marijuana

Have you ever tried a gravity bong, or as we enthusiasts like to call it, the "GB"?

Let me tell you, it's one of the best ways to smoke marijuana and get an intense buzz real quick. Here's how it works: you submerge a bottle or container filled with water, light up the bowl, and as the water drains out, it creates this vacuum effect that pulls the marijuana smoke into the chamber.

Once it's filled, you remove the bowl, take a hit, and boom! That potent cannabis smoke delivers a powerful high like no other. Now, I gotta say, it's not for everyone. The hit can be pretty intense, so approach it with caution and moderation. But if you're looking for an elevated smoking experience, the gravity bong is where it's at. Trust me on this one!


Image showcasing regular bongs to smoke cannabis

Bongs, or water pipes as they're sometimes called, have been a go-to for cannabis enthusiasts for years. And let me tell you, with all the awesome design and tech advancements, bongs just keep getting cooler and more efficient.

So here's the deal: a classic bong has a bowl, stem, and chamber filled with water. When you take a quick hit in, the smoke gets filtered through the water, giving you a smoother, cleaner taste. It's like magic!

But wait, there's more to smoke weed correctly! You can even add ice to your bong for an extra chill experience. I mean, who doesn't love cooler and smoother hits, right? Plus, bongs come in all shapes and sizes, so you can find one that suits your style and smoking preferences. It's like finding the perfect pair of sneakers, but for your smoking adventures.

Here's the best part: using a bong can give you a more laid-back smoking experience. The water helps your lungs to filter smoke out some of the harsh stuff, making it a great choice for those who want a mellow vibe. And if you have sensitive lungs or throat irritation, bongs are a total game-changer.

So yeah, bong is a pretty awesome smoking method that involve inhaling smoke smoothly.

Volcano Vaporizer

Image showcasing a conscious smoker choosing volvano vaporizer over smoking joints

Have you heard about the Volcano Vaporizer? It's seriously changed the game when it comes to consuming cannabis. Instead of burning the herb, this bad boy heats it up at a lower temperature, releasing potent vapors without any combustion.

And let me tell you, the result is amazing. You get a cleaner and more efficient high, with minimal weed smoke and odor. It's seriously one of the best ways to smoke weed. Plus, the Volcano Vaporizer comes in two styles: classic and digital, each with their own unique benefits and features.

If you're a medical cannabis patient, you're gonna love this device. It allows for a more controlled and precise THC dosage, so you can get exactly what you need. Oh, and did I mention that the vapor produced is free of harmful toxins? It's a healthier option for those who care about their respiratory health.

So, if you're looking for a top-notch way to enjoy your cannabis, you gotta check out the Volcano Vaporizer. Trust me, you won't be disappointed.

The Joint Rolling Culture

Image showcasing Joint as the best method to Smoke weed

Now, let's talk about the traditional method of weed smoking – rolling a joint. It may seem simple enough, but there is actually a whole culture and art behind it.

Rolling a perfect joint takes practice and skill. Some people even consider it to be an enjoyable ritual before they smoke pot. And let's be real, there's just something satisfying about holding a well-rolled joint.

But it's not just about the end result when smoking weed. Rolling a joint is not only a social activity but a great way to spend time with friends, sharing and enjoying the experience together. It's also an opportunity to express creativity and showcase unique and artistic joint designs, making the moment even more special.

And let's not forget about the various techniques and methods used to roll a joint – from the classic "pinch and roll" to more advanced techniques like the "Dutch Tulip." Every stoner has their own preferred method, making it a personal and intimate experience.

So, while there may be newer and more efficient ways to smoking marijuana, the traditional joint will always hold a special place in stoner culture. Whether you're at a concert or just hanging out with friends, a well-rolled joint is always a welcome addition to any smoking session. So next time you're in the mood for some weed, don't forget about the classic joint – it's more than just a way to get high; it's a cultural experience.

One hitter – Oh My!

Image showcasing best way for smoking cannabis

Aside from joints and vaporizers, there are also various other ways to enjoy cannabis. Some stoners prefer a one-hitter or dugout for a quick and discreet hit on the go. Others swear by their trusty bong for a smooth and powerful smoking experience.

Each method has its own unique benefits and appeal, making it a matter of preference for the individual. But one thing is for sure, no matter how you choose to consume your weed, there's a tool, vape pen or device out there that will suit your needs and enhance your experience.

The one-hitter, also known as a bat or taster, is perfect for those looking for a quick and easy way to smoke their herb.

Tincture-Alternative Ways to Consume Cannabis

Image showcasing smoking methods for better lung health

For those who prefer not to smoke or vape, there are also alternative ways to consume cannabis that are becoming increasingly popular.

Tinctures, which are alcohol-based extracts of cannabis oil , can be taken sublingually (under the tongue) for a quick and efficient high. They come in various doses and flavors, making them a versatile and discreet option for consuming cannabis.

And let's not forget about topicals – cannabis-infused lotions, creams, and oils that can be applied directly to the skin for localized pain relief and relaxation. These products do not produce a psychoactive high, making them a great option for those looking for the medicinal benefits of cannabis without the mind-altering psychoactive effects either.

Blunt wraps

image showcasing cigarette blunt wrap

If you're like me and enjoy a more social, slow-burning, and flavor-filled session, then you're going to love blunt wraps. Honestly, it's one of my absolute favorite ways to consume cannabis. There's something special about the ritual of rolling an entire blunt, from choosing the perfect wrap to grinding up your favorite strain and delicately packing it in.

Not to mention the rich, slow burn and the full-bodied flavor that you just don't get with other methods. Trust me, once you've tried a well-rolled blunt, it's hard to go back to anything else. Plus, you can also add flavored tips or concentrates for an extra kick of flavor and potency.


If you ask me, one of the best ways to truly experience cannabis is through a well-prepared edible. It's an entirely unique encounter as compared to other methods. The slow onset, the intense high, the lasting effects – it's all just so different and, in my opinion, so much better. You see, when you consume cannabis in edible form, you're not just smoking weed, you're savoring it.

The way the flavors intertwine with the effects is nothing short of a gastronomical journey. Whether it's a cannabis-infused brownie or a subtly sweet gummy, the experience is always rewarding. So, if you haven't tried edibles yet, this is our guide on how to make weed gummies at home, I'd highly recommend it.

The Timeless Pipe

Let me tell you about another one of my preferred ways to enjoy cannabis, the good old-fashioned pipe. Traditional yet timeless, the pipe is one of the most convenient and efficient ways to consume weed. It is a very accessible route to smoke cannabis. Generally speaking, the pipe is an electronic device that carries the marijuana into a bowl that holds up its contents. There's something truly special about packing a bowl and smoking from a pipe. It's the perfect balance of simplicity and sophistication.

The aesthetic and feel of a well-crafted glass pipe being in your hand, the remarkable control over your hits, and the smooth, flavorful smoke that it produces – it's all an integral part of the pipe-smoking experience. And let's not forget, cleaning a pipe is a breeze compared to other methods. If you ask me, there's no beating the classic pipe when it comes to a truly intimate, personal session with your favorite strain. It's a different kind of connection, a different kind of high. So if you haven't tried smoking from a pipe yet, trust me, you're missing out on one of the best ways to smoke weed.

Dab Rigs – A Unique Experience

For a truly remarkable experience, I would be totally amiss if I didn't recommend dab rigs. Yes, I know they can look a bit intimidating – almost like some kind of chemistry experiment – but trust me, once you get the hang of it, you're in for a treat. Dabbing, in my view, is one of the best ways to smoke weed, hands down. It's a bit more technical, sure, but the potency and the purity of the flavors are unmatched. Imagine the richest, cleanest, smoothest hit you've ever taken, and then multiply it. That's what a good dab rig can offer you. If you've got a love for the finer things and don't mind a bit of a learning curve, dab rigs could be a game-changer for you. It's a whole new level of appreciation for cannabis, and I can't recommend it enough!

The Bottom Line

So there you have it, my friends. A quick rundown on two of the best ways to smoke weed - pipes and vaporizers. Each method brings its own unique experience, but one thing's for sure, both are a cut above the rest.

Whether you're looking for a classic and intimate connection with your herb or a cleaner and smoother high, these methods have got you covered. So go ahead and give them a try - who knows, you may just find a new favorite way to enjoy your cannabis!

And remember, always consume responsibly and in accordance with local laws.

Happy smoking!


What is the healthiest way to consume marijuana?

The healthiest way to consume marijuana is not by smoking but by using under tongue tinctures, an edible, or gummies.

What type of marijuana product lasts the longest?

Concentrates have a higher potency and can last longer than traditional flower products.

Can you smoke marijuana without getting high?

Yes, CBD-dominant strains of marijuana can be smoked without producing the psychoactive 'high' feeling typically associated with THC.

Are there any alternatives to smoking cannabis?

Yes, some alternatives include vaporization, edibles, tinctures, and topicals. Each method of consumption has its own benefits and drawbacks, so it is important to find what works best for you. Additionally, there are non-psychoactive forms of cannabis such as CBD oils and topicals that can also provide medicinal benefits without the intoxicating effects.






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