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How to Hit a Bong: The Ultimate Beginners Guide


A bong is a smoking device that cools and filters the smoke before it’s inhaled. It is one of the most popular ways to smoke weed.

We use the word "bong" to refer to a device used to smoke substances from the water pipe. The word "bong" comes from the Thai word "baung,” which means a cylindrical wooden tube, pipe, or container cut from bamboo, and especially a large bamboo tube used as a fishing net.

A bong is typically made of glass and has two chambers connected by a stem that holds water. The upper chamber holds dry herbs, while the lower chamber holds water. When you inhale from the mouthpiece on top of the bong, smoke travels down through the water in the lower chamber and bubbles up through the water in the upper chamber. A user inhales all the smoke, and the exhale would be considered a bong hit.

At this point, some users hold the smoke for a few seconds, exhaling. Some users add ice in their bong water as a method to cool their smoke. While this may be an excellent method, avoid putting any other liquid in your bong bowl. Smoking can be dangerous if users are not careful. You don't want anything dirtying your rig.

The most common form of bongs is the straight tube and the beaker bongs. A straight tube bong is shaped like a cylinder with one open end and one closed end. The user fills the lower part of the cylinder with water and smokes through the upper part.

A beaker-shaped bong is similar to a straight tube but has an added percolator for filtration and cooling of the smoke. This is the most traditional bong smoking experience. A beaker bong is made of glass and resembles a flask. It has an elongated neck with a bulbous bottom. The channel has two holes, one for the water supply and the other for the inhaling tube.

Some people prefer bong hits and bong rips over smoking joints, and that's ok! This is one of the most popular ways to consume marijuana. Hopefully, this article can guide you in starting smoking using bongs.

The Different Materials Used To Make Bongs

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A traditional glass bong consists of three sections: the mouthpiece, the body, and the bowl.

Glass is one of the best materials to consider for a bong. Glass provides the cleanest bong hit and best-tasting smoke. Glass can be highly durable if you take proper care of your bong. Over time glass can become susceptible to breaking. Just pack the bowl, and you'll be good to go.

metal bong



A metal bong can be made from different materials, such as aluminum or steel. The material will determine the weight of the bong and how it will react to fire and heat. We don’t recommend metal because of the inability to see through it. The taste you may receive from a bong hit with metal is not pleasing and may not be the smoothest smoke.

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Acrylic is a moderately durable material that can resist scratches and cracks. Acrylic is the most popular type of water pipe in the market. They are usually less expensive than glass. Acrylic bongs do not have a significant amount of durability compared to glass. Acrylic is also more challenging to clean than glass pipes because they have many tiny nooks and crannies that can be hard to reach with a brush or pipe cleaner.

silicone bowl


Silicone bongs are usually shaped like traditional rigs. Silicone is softer and less likely to break when dropped. It also doesn't break down from exposure to sunlight. Silicone comes in a variety of designs, with some being more discreet than others.

ceramic bong


Ceramic bongs are famous because they are easy to clean and use various smoking materials such as weed, tobacco, and concentrates.

A ceramic bong has many advantages over other materials like metal and acrylic. It is durable and has clean, smooth smoke. It also does not produce any toxins when it breaks, which can be harmful to humans. Fill a bowl with your favorite cannabis experience on the the best ways to smoke weed

The Five Most Common Bongs

  1. Beaker Base: A beaker base bong is a cylindrical, beaker-shaped base. It is also known as a “beaker bong” or “scientific glass bong.” Beaker bases are made with scientific glass, thicker and more durable than regular glass. They can also be made with acrylic or Pyrex. The shape of the base provides stability for the water in the tube and helps keep it from spilling out when you set it down on its side.
  2. Percolator A percolator bong is a water rig that has a tube with holes. The tube is connected to the bowl, and it filters the smoke, making it less harsh. It also cools down the smoke before it reaches your mouth, making for a smoother hit. A percolator bong uses a water chamber and stem to hold the bowl and filter. This allows for more significant amounts of smoke to be pulled in at one time, resulting in a more intense high.
  3. Round Base A round base bong is a water rig with a round base. This bong is often used in groups because it doesn't take up as much space as other rigs. A round base bong is a type of bong with a circular base. The round shape of the bottom makes it easier to move around and store. The round base helps keep the bong stable so it can't be knocked over easily.
  4. Straight Tube A straight tube bong is a water rig with a straight tube. It is the most common type of bong in the world. The water is stored in a chamber at the bottom of the tube. The smoke travels through the stem and into the chamber to filter the water. The straight tube bong has a simple design, and it is straightforward to use. It can be easily cleaned and maintained.
  5. Multi-Chamber A multi-chamber bong is a type of bong that has more than one smoke chamber. A percolator usually separates these chambers. The percolator filters the smoke through all the chambers before the user inhales it.


How To Hit Each Type of Bong

How To Hit A Beaker Base

A beaker base is a tall rig that has a beaker-shaped base. It has a tube connected to the mouthpiece and a tube that goes from the bottom of the water chamber to the hole in its side.

To hit a beaker base, you need to pack a bowl with your favorite strain of cannabis. Then you have to fill up the water chamber with water and place your thumb over the hole on top of it. Now, you can inhale from your mouthpiece and enjoy your smoke!

How To Hit A Percolator

A percolator is a type of bong with a lower tube with holes. The water and smoke go through the water to filter out the impurities and then goes up through the tube.

Stuff a nug of your favorite cannabis in a bowl. The way you hit a percolator is to inhale a deep breath, put your lips over the mouthpiece, and then suck in as much air as possible. Then you release your breath and inhale at the same time. With this technique, practice makes perfect. Most people like to gently inhale when they start smoking. These types of hits might not be for you as a newbie.

How To Hit A Round Base

The first step is to make sure the round base sits on a flat surface. Next, you will want to hold the bong with one hand and use the other hand to cover the hole at the bottom. This will keep all of your smoke inside of the bong and not out into your surroundings. Pack and light your cannabis.

The next step is to take a deep breath in through your mouth, then release it through your nose. Then, you will want to place your lips over the top of the opening of the bong and seal them shut tight. You can now open up that hole at the bottom by pulling it up slightly so that air can come in from underneath it. When you inhale this time, make sure you do so slowly through your nose so that it fills up with smoke before

How To Hit A Straight Tube

Hitting a straight tube is a skill. And like any other skill, it can be learned and mastered with practice and patience.

The first step is to get the water in the bong. Fill the bowl with water up to about an inch from the top of the bong’s chamber. Load your cannabis in the bowl. Now put your mouth over the mouthpiece and take a deep breath in through your nose while simultaneously sucking on the mouthpiece, pulling air into your lungs.

Now that you have taken a deep breath lift off of the mouthpiece and release your lungs slowly while taking in air through your mouth (but not too quickly). This will keep the pressure from collapsing your lungs and help you breathe easier. Remember, you can inhale slowly when smoking bongs. It's ok to take your time on the first couple of pulls. You might inhale slowly and exhale less smoke.

How To Hit a Multi Chambered

A multi-chambered bong has more than one chamber. It has two chambers, three chambers, four chambers, etc. The most common type is the three-chambered rig.

The first chamber of a multi-chambered bong is where the smoke and water mix, and the second chamber is where the smoke will cool down before being inhaled from the mouthpiece.

The process of smoking from a multi-chambered bong can be overwhelming for those new to the practice. The first step is to fill your rig with water and ice, which will cool down the smoke before it reaches your mouth. Next, you'll want to pack the bowl with your desired weed or tobacco product. Once this is done, light the bowl and take a few puffs until you see that all the material has been lit and burning evenly. Now that your bowl is ready, you can place it on top of the down stem and seal it in place by placing one finger over the hole at its base. When you're ready to take a bong rip, cover-up both holes on top of your bong (the ones where smoke exits). Now that you have taken a deep breath remove the bowl and release your lungs slowly while taking in air through your mouth (but not too quickly).

Conclusion: Now You Finally Know How To Hit A Bong!

Now that you know how to hit a bong let's wrap this up. There are many different rigs on the market, but it cannot be easy to know which one is best for you. Use our tips to help you achieve the highly sought-after bong high. Hopefully, this article helped you make an informed decision on which type is best for you to choose and which materials you should avoid when making your purchase. There are many ways to hit a bong, hopefully with the tips we have mentioned above!

Remember always to use clean water! The water can get stale quickly. Empty it frequently filled with nothing other than water. Check out the Ultimate Guide To How To Clean A Bong for techniques on cleaning rinse your rigs and ways to avoid tar and tar build-up. Remember, always smoke the best weed, pack a good bowl, and don't focus on huge bong rip or bong hits. It's ok to inhale and enjoy the experience gently. You only need a small portion that you don't have to grind in a grinder to hit.

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