Str8 12" Water Bubbler Beaker W/ Ice Catcher

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  • Str8 12" Water Bubbler Beaker Bongs Stands at 12 inches in height
  • Comes with a 14mm male bowl
  • Includes downstem
  • Features an ice catcher beaker to chill your smoke
  • Crafted from sturdy 5mm thick glass
  • Each one is handblown from borosilicate glass for that personal touch

More Details About The Str8 Water Bubbler Beaker Bong

Introducing the Str8 12" Water Bubbler Beaker W/ Ice Catcher – the ultimate smoking device for an unmatched experience! Crafted from durable, rust-free borosilicate glass, it combines toughness with an appealing look.

Thanks to its patented design, you won't have to worry about water splashing onto your face as you enjoy your smoke. Just pure, smooth flavor, whether you're taking a hit yourself or sharing the experience with friends. Get ready for a classy and enjoyable smoking session with the Str8 Bubbler Beaker!