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Where To Buy Cannabis Seeds Online? Flight's Top 10 Choices


If you are here, you’re probably wondering where to buy feminized cannabis seeds and which seed bank is really worth your time and energy. Of course, with so many seed banks in the market, choosing the right one can be overwhelming. When you buy marijuana seeds online, it's crucial to check local laws and understand the 2018 Farm Bill, which legalized hemp seeds.

But worry not, we have some real cream of crops for you!

At Flight, we have done the homework for you and narrowed down the list of our top 10 seed banks that stand out in 2024. Vendors like MJ seeds and others are highly rated and trending among cannabis enthusiasts. So, keep reading to discover the most reputable seed banks to buy top-notch marijuana seeds with fast shipping and germination guarantees.

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Quick List: Where to Buy Feminized Cannabis Seed?

Buy From The Best Online Seed Banks: Flight's Top Picks

photo of cannabis seeds

Rocket Seeds

rocket seeds bank

Rocket Seeds is one of the leading seed distributors globally, where you can buy weed seeds of high-quality cannabis with global shipping. Rocket Seeds offers a large number of marijuana seeds that cater to many different tastes, this ensures that anybody in the world can easily order online and receive the best weed seeds available.

Rocket Seeds supplies 600 seeds from six of the most renowned seed companies in the world, which includes Beaver Seeds. Also, they offer a range of seed types including CBD, fast-growing, feminized, and auto-flowering seeds resulting in a high germination rate for a successful cultivation.


  • Wide selection of approximately 600 seeds

  • High germination rate ensuring successful cultivation

  • Worldwide shipping, making seeds accessible globally

  • 24/7 online support for customer inquiries and assistance


  • Does not offer rare seed strains compared to some other seed vendors

  • Limited information on sustainability practices

But, Rocket Seeds surely stands out for its round-the-clock online support, ensuring that customers receive assistance whenever they need it. This level of customer service is particularly beneficial for novice growers who may require guidance throughout their growing process.

Flight's Recommended Strains to Try From Rocket Seeds

- CBD Kush: Ideal for those seeking therapeutic benefits without intense psychoactive effects.

- Fast-growing Northern Lights: A great option for quick harvests and ease of growth.

- Feminized White Widow: Known for its high resin production and potent effects.

- Auto-flowering Blueberry: Popular for its sweet flavor and ease of cultivation.

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MJ Seeds Canada

mj seeds canada

MJ Seeds Canada is a company that was founded in 2009. MJ Seeds Canada has a rather impressive list of products where customers can find regular, popular marijuana strains, and feminized and auto-flowering cannabis seeds.

Popular for its cheap pricing, the company offers its services to both individual and commercial clients seeking quality seed products. When buying cannabis seeds from MJ Seeds Canada, customers can expect safety and convenience, with secure protocols and discreet packaging. Additionally, the company frequently provides promotional offers and updates on promos, making it an attractive option for both new and experienced growers. To this end, they have created an extensive list of different marijuana strains to help growers, especially those who are new in the business, to get the right one that will give them the best results.


  • A large number of cannabis varieties: feminized and auto-flowing hybrids

  • High germination success rate


  • They can be expensive compared to some other seed banks that are available in the market.

Nonetheless, MJ Seeds Canada has comprehensive product information and tutorials that focus on the cultivation process for beginners. This will provide a guarantee that novice growers will also be able to make successful harvests with their first plants, thus making the learning process smooth and more fun.

Flight's Recommended Strains from MJ Seeds

  • Feminized Blue Dream: Known for its balanced effects and ease of growth.

  • Auto-flowering AK-47: Popular for its potent effects and fast flowering time.

  • White Widow: A classic strain celebrated for its high resin production and powerful effects.

  • CBD Harlequin: Perfect for those seeking therapeutic benefits without strong psychoactive effects.

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SunWest Genetics

sun west genetics seed bank

This marijuana seeds shop presents a large selection of high-quality marijuana seeds for sale in the USA, making it easy for growers to get the best genetics available. With our collaboration with some of the most respected breeders and cultivators, Sunwest Genetics guarantees top-notch and new genetics in every seed, including high THC content, landrace cultivars, feminized or autoflowering varieties, and high CBD strain seeds.

SunWest ensures that the marijuana seeds are not infected with plant diseases and pollutants and they offer a germination guarantee, which shows their concern in offering high quality and satisfactory products.


  • Weed seeds for sale with the largest catalog of over 500 different seeds

  • Delivery guarantee with some of the most discreet delivery methods out there

  • Germination guarantee to provide only quality seeds

  • Acceptable payments include Bitcoin and other credit cards like Visa and MasterCard.

  • The other option is to place orders through a quick phone call itself.


  • Limited discounts and promotional offers

Some of the reasons that make Sunwest Genetics to emerge as a preferred company for sourcing genetic tests include its convenient order process where customers can place orders directly through phone. This feature comes in handy for customers who like to be assisted personally when it comes to purchasing goods.

Also, Sunwest Genetics has received good feedback on customer service, and it has a rating of 4. 5 out of 5.

Flight's Recommended Stratins from SunWest Genetics

  • Critical Mass: Known for its heavy yields and potent effects.

  • Pineapple Express: Popular for its sweet flavor and uplifting high.

  • Lavender: A favorite for its relaxing effects and aromatic profile.

  • Cherry Pie: Loved for its balanced effects and delicious taste.

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Mary Jane's Garden

mary janes garden

Mary Jane’s Garden has been in business for over eight years and is well known for its selection of quality seeds for sale online including Black Ice strain, Lowryder, Cheese, Northern Lights, and Skunk. Similar to Herbies Seeds, which offers a variety of high-quality cannabis seeds such as autoflowering, Cup-winning, quick-growing, feminized, high-THC/CBD, and photoperiod options, Mary Jane’s Garden also provides a diverse range of seeds.

The seed bank has different categories of seeds such as the normal, female, auto-flowering seeds, and seeds that are high in CBD marijuana for medical use. Mary Jane’s Garden boasts of having high germination rates and also sells seeds that can be used in indoor and outdoor grows. Every seed goes through a rigorous process of selection and is even checked for defects such as deformity or even damage before the final product is taken to the market for sale.


  • Many potent and diverse cannabis strains of the highest quality

  • Various seed types: These categories are regular, feminized, autoflowering, and high CBD.

  • Some of the seeds are intended for indoor use while others are suitable for outdoor planting.

  • Easy payment options and concealed delivery


  • While it is still relatively affordable, the prices are somewhat higher than those of other seed banks.

But you must know this, Mary Jane’s Garden is famous for free seeds and such promotions as ‘Buy one, get one free’. The free seeds, discounts, and other promotions are some of the main aspects that customers appreciate about the seed bank since they enable them to purchase seeds at a cheaper price and test different varieties.

In the case of Mary Jane’s Garden, customers’ information is safe and secure from third parties owing to private payment methods and concealed delivery services. The germination rates are high, and the company does not compromise on the quality of seeds to be used as a result of the customer satisfaction policy. The support team is friendly and helpful and can be contacted regarding any questions or concerns that the customers might have regarding the proper use of the seeds and the selection of the proper strains.

Flight's Recommended Strains from Mary Jane's Garden

  • White Widow: It is a potent strain, highly valued for its high resin production.

  • Lowryder: Well known for its compactness and the relatively short time it takes for the plant to flower.

  • Cheese: Appreciated for its taste and potency, which is well known among the lovers of this plant.

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Beaver Seeds

beaver seed bank

Beaver Seeds is a very popular and reputable seed bank that has been operating online since 2009 and is located in Vancouver, British Columbia. As a store that has been in the business since 2012, Beaver Seeds offers quality cannabis seeds at a cheap price in a variety of strains, including regular, feminized, and high CBD seeds for medical marijuana.

It ensures good germination rates and a strong marijuana plant that will produce flowers. Beaver Seeds recognizes that it has some of the best genetics and production values and takes the time to check over every seed for quality.

They can deliver it anywhere in the United States and internationally, which is an added advantage to anyone who wants to use their products.


  • Cannabis seeds and seeds of high quality to meet every pocket.

  • Wide selection of seed types: genotyped as regular, feminized, autoflowering, and high CBD

  • High germination rates

  • Credit card payments and Bitcoin are among the most popular options for their customers.


  • Fewer varieties compared to some of the other seed banks

  • No explicit guarantees are mentioned

Beaver Seeds is a company that has a reputation for selling seeds that are not available in other stores, and they are constantly adding new products to their catalog. This includes new additions such as Peanut Butter Souffle, Cherry Punch, and Fatso, making them a one-stop-shop for growers who are keen on experimenting with their cultivation.

Customer Service

Customer service has been rated well with a score of 4/5 for beaver seeds. 5 out of 5. They provide a wide selection of payment options, some of which include Bitcoin for users who prefer to remain anonymous.

Even though it has its headquarters in Canada, it offers discrete delivery for all its products across the globe to ensure customers receive their orders safely and with little inconvenience.

Flight's Recommended Seeds from Beaver Seeds

  • Candy Jack: Celebrated for its sweet taste and potent cerebral effects.

  • Rock Candy: Known for its dense buds and strong, relaxing effects.

  • Peanut Butter Souffle: A unique and flavorful strain recently added to their lineup.

  • Cherry Punch: Offers a fruity flavor with a balanced high.

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Crop King Seeds

crop kingz seed bank

Founded in 2005, Crop King Seeds is a company that focused on the development of marijuana seeds for almost twenty years and offers the best marijuana seeds.

Crop King Seeds boasts a wide range that boasts of over 500 different strains of marijuana seeds, including auto-flowering, feminized, regular, and high CBD seeds.

Regardless of whether its purpose is for business or medical purposes, Crop King Seeds provides top-notch genetics that germinate well and delivers good yields and potency for first-time and professional growers alike.

This is an easy-to-use online service that helps people order suitable strains for their needs, with friendly support, if necessary.


  • The site offers a vast database of over 500 different marijuana strains.

  • Assorted seed packs available

  • Germination guarantee


  • Very few promotional offers

  • Free shipping applies only to orders that cost $200 and more.

Crop King Seeds boasts of stable genetics and the constant update of its strains; this ensures that the clients are always trying out unique and exotic varieties. The various packs of seeds offer customers an opportunity to sample their favorite strains within a single order, ideal for growers interested in a variety of plants. While Crop King Seeds promotions are limited in quantity, they are available for smart shoppers.

Flight's Recommended Seeds from Crop King Seeds

  • White Truffle Strain: Renowned for its refreshing properties and sweet taste of creamy peanut butter

  • Blue Cookies: It is a strong marijuana that has a sweet berry smell to it.

  • Northern Lights: Well known for its ability to induce relaxation and its rapid growth.

  • Amnesia Haze: Well known for its feel-good and energetic euphoria.

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Sonoma Seeds

sonoma seed bank

It is a West Coast-based seed company that provides some of the finest marijuana varieties to consumers across the world. Currently, Sonoma Seeds has more than 500 seed strains that are of premium quality and they also offer premium seeds for beginners as well as for veterans.

On the delivery front, they ship internationally, and on top of this, they deliver free products to clients if they order products worth more than $300.

Concerning quality, Sonoma Seeds does not compromise, and this is evident through its policy to ensure all its products pass through a strict selection for the best genetics.


  • Organic seeds with the classification of over 500 high-quality cannabis seeds.

  • 80% germination rate guarantee

  • Stealth shipping to ensure the delivered products do not attract too much attention

  • Some offers include free shipping on orders above $300.

  • Multiple payment options available


  • The charges for credit card users to buy the products are 10% of the total cost of the products.

  • Fewer special features that some related online seed banks offer

We chose this company because they respond to the customer’s inquiries and share positive growth experiences through their social media accounts. This not only creates a sense of community but also helps growers showcase their talent and good-looking and healthy nug cannabis plants to a broader demography.

Also, despite being in the industry for a shorter period, Sonoma Seeds has been recognized for its exceptional customer service with a score of 4 out of 5. 75 out of 5.

Flight's Recommended Seeds from Sonoma Seeds

  • Hawaiian Gold: As one can guess, it is associated with tropical flavor and its use leads to stimulation and uplifting of moods.

  • Northern Lights: Best known as a plant that helps people calm down and requires little to no gardening skills to grow.

  • White Widow: A traditional indica variety, very resinous with powerful effect full review.

  • Blueberry OG: Known and loved due to the touch of berry scent and its potent effect.

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The Seed Connect

the seed connect

The Seed Connect is an American marijuana seed bank which is based in Tempe, Arizona, and is one of the biggest Marijuana seed banks present in the United States.

They provide an appealing combination of seeds that are grown at their accredited ranch, these seeds are sourced from other renowned breeders and seed companies all over the world.

Seed Connect also allows customers to purchase products online and also in their outlet in Tempe, where people can get a variety of products and recommendations on the thousands of marijuana strains available.


  • A wide range of supply of top quality Marijuana/A cannabis strains

  • Seeds produced through elite genotype breeding from renowned seed producers across the globe

  • Ongoing Commercial and Premium customer support to help customers achieve their goals with complementary services


  • Retail location restrictions could be a problem in responding to customers

However, they also offer a professional team of staff and consultants who are fully equipped to answer all the questions that one might have regarding cannabis, as well as the best strains to cultivate depending on specific requirements. These points imply care for the customer and another facet of supplementary services that are focused on improving the buying process.

Flight's Recommended Seeds From The Seed Connect

  • Blue Dream: A great hybrid strain that can be expected to induce an uplifting mental buzz along with the body's high.

  • Godfather OG Kush: Highly valued for relaxing properties and pronounced in the scent of pinene.

  • Girl Scout Cookies: This one is well known for its powerful effect and the taste of the sweet notes of sweets.

  • Sour Diesel: characterized by stimulating properties and a distinct, carcinogenic smell similar to diesel exhaust.

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Seed Supreme

seed supreme

Seed Supreme Seedbank is your one-stop source for seeds with extraordinary value and excellent quality for your marijuana plants. From most THC-rich seeds, original landrace strains, feminized or auto-flowering types, or simply top-shelf hybrids, Seed Supreme holds it all.

According to the list of such growers and breeders from the Netherlands, Spain, and Colorado, and by having a myriad of seeds in stock, the site offers the choicest one to anyone interested in ganja growing.

Just like many other seed banks, Seed Supreme also offers international shipping that includes the USA, which means quality cannabis seeds can be shipped anywhere in the world.


  • Germination guarantee

  • High-quality, budget-friendly seeds

  • Fast shipping times

  • Excellent customer service

  • Order a seed and be guaranteed to get a free one


  • Limited product information available

  • A factor that could be improved is that customer service response time is relatively slow.

Flight's Recommended Seeds From Seed Supreme

  • Gorilla Glue (GG #4) Feminized: It is famed for its potent impacts and its ability to produce sticky resins.

  • Girl Scout Cookies: Famously known for its pleasant smell and strong Stoner effect.

  • Zkittlez: Well-known for its sweet taste with hints of fruit and the ability to help users achieve a state of calmness.

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Royal Queen Seeds

royal seeds queen

Royal Queen Seeds has the primary aim of educating growers globally about cannabis and its cultivation process while encouraging responsibility and sustainability.

RQS was established in the Netherlands in 1994, and the company has since provided customers with a wide range of carefully selected seeds, both popular strains and new releases.


  • 4. 7/5 positive reviews based on the survey of more than 37,000 users

  • Wider selection of the award-winning seeds

  • Directory that can be used to source for the products

  • Organically grown seeds


  • Some limitations that may be put in place include restrictions in the shipment of goods to some areas.

However, one interesting fact is that Royal Queen Seeds has a customer satisfaction score of 4. 7 out of 5, and has amassed more than 37,000 positive feedbacks. We found them to be helpful as their support team is highly informed and willing to help with any questions a buyer may have. As for germination rates, the company has high standards and is also committed to ensuring that the products are of the highest quality.

Flight's Recommended Seeds from Royal queen seeds

  • Shining Silver Haze: A sativa dominant strain that provides the consumers with uplifting and mental high sensations.

  • OG Kush: Popular for its ability to help in reducing stress and anxiety, lavender has a distinct scent of fresh pine.

  • Gelato: A new generation of genetics with a sweet taste and an optimal balance between the uplifting and calming effects.

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Final Thoughts:

Choosing the right seed bank is crucial for anyone looking to grow their own marijuana plants. Each of the seed banks mentioned above has its own unique qualities and offerings, making them all viable options for any cannabis enthusiast.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced grower, it's important to do your research and choose a reputable seed bank that offers high-quality seeds and reliable customer service.

With the right seed bank, you can embark on your journey of cultivating your own cannabis plants and experience the joy and satisfaction of growing your own medicine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are feminized seeds worth it?

Yes, feminized seeds are worth it for growers looking for a more efficient cultivation process. They eliminate the guesswork of identifying and separating male plants, ensuring that nearly every seed grows into a flowering female plant.

Is it legal to buy cannabis seeds USA?

The legality of purchasing cannabis seeds in the USA varies by state. It's important to check the specific laws in your state regarding cannabis cultivation and possession before making any purchases.

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