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Blazy Susan Rose Wraps 2 Pack

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  • Blazy Susan Rose Wraps: Elevate your herb experience with these unique wraps.
  • Rose Extract Infusion: Crafted from wood-based papers with a touch of rose essence.
  • Slow Burning and Vegan: Enjoy a leisurely burn while sticking to your vegan lifestyle.
  • Easy Adhesion: Fuse the wraps seamlessly by applying moisture, no gum line required.
  • A Floral Bouquet: Treat yourself to the delightful experience of Rose Wraps today!

More Details About Blazy Susan Rose Wraps

Experience the luxury of Blazy Susan's latest creation – Rose Wraps for your premium herb.
Crafted from wood-based papers enriched with delicate rose extracts, these floral wraps will make your herb sessions truly enchanting.Their Slow Burning, Vegan wraps fuse seamlessly without the need for a gum line; simply apply moisture to the desired area after rolling. Treat yourself to a bouquet of delight today!