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The Ultimate Guide to Cannabis Concentrates: What is Shatter?


Dear marijuana lovers out there, get ready for an incredible trip in the magical realm of marijuana extracts. Today, We will study one of the most coveted and adored dabs in the market - shatter. With that said, please make sure you have strapped yourself in, get a nice flavor of your favorite type, and let’s hit the road.

A closer look at the wonder of shatter requires us to travel back in time. Visualize yourself within the 1990s era, when the slow evolution of cannabis extract was taking place. While searching for answers, their passionate cultivators and scientists discovered an astonishing technique that would alter everything.

As we may remember, shatter, a cannabis concentrate, is associated with those ingenious people who invented BHO, or butane hash oil extraction. The concentrated resin is collected after this procedure, whereby butane has been utilized as a solvent in stripping off the valuable cannabinoids and terpenes from the cannabis plant. With the introduction of BHO extraction, different types of concentrate were born, including beautiful shatter.

Its name, “shatter”, alludes to these distinctive features. Shatter earned its name because of its shattery nature, as it has a translucent, glass-like consistency that would readily break if handled. However, it was not long until this potent, flavorful, and effective form of marijuana gained much recognition from cannabis lovers around the world. Time to break out the trusted dab rig and get ready for a trip.

What is shatter?

what is shatter

We’ve had a glimpse of Shatter’s fascinating history, and now let us look at the amazing qualities that have made it this popular. Shatter cannabis concentrates which are exceptional because of their extreme purity and THC potency. Shake is extremely potent because of the extraction process where it can contain close to 80% THC thus suitable for experts looking for strong, long lasting highs.

Shatter, however, does not only refer to the power of other cannabis extracts but it is also known for flavor, taste, and smell as a result of the cannabis plant’s terpenes. There are various kinds of flavors ranging from fruity and citrusy ones to earthy and piney undertones, which are associated with every individual shatter type, making it possible for the user to feel and get a delightful sense while consuming the concentrate and have a pleasant experience by enjoying.

Shatter is also multipurpose as either recreational or medicinal cannabis enthusiasts use it. This concentrated form of cannabis can be vapored, or dabs, or it could be added to edibles, which makes it easier for the individuals to get a specific dose they need without experiencing different psychoactive effects.

The process of Making Shatter

Okay, so extraction is a very careful and detailed method used in making shatter. It is a very sensitive exercise that requires special equipment and should be undertaken by qualified personnel after a court order in legal areas.

Starting Material

Selecting quality cannabis flower or trim is the initial part of producing shatter. Trichomes are found in these plant materials which are the cannabinoids and terpenes that give the desired effects and flavor. It is important for the cannabis used to be well dried and cured in order for an effective extraction process.

Extraction Method

However, BHO extraction or butane hash oil extraction is the most prevalent method employed in producing shatter or other THC concentrates. In this approach, the cannabis is mixed with supercritical CO2. This oil is then dried and evaporates the butane, hence producing a high quality pure oil.


Performing the BHO extraction needs advanced tools like a closed-loop extraction system, vacuum oven, and vacuum pump. The butane is held in a closed-loop system, which eliminates any possibility of danger. The vacuum oven and pump help in purging the last of the solvent left out of the extracted oil.

Extraction Process

Closed loop extraction system packs the plant material in a column or a tube. Butane is introduced into the system where it passes through a column and dissolves the trichomes’ contents. The collected liquid butane contains compounds desirable to the process.

Purging Process

Following this process, liquid butane or hydrocarbon solvents are evaporated using heat and a vacuum system. Extracted oil is then spread on a silicone mat or baking paper for drying within a vacuum oven. Butane has to be burnt off at a particular temperature and pressure, with the rest left to evaporate at intervals. The procedure may run for several hours to allow for proper elimination of all solvents and result in quality materials.

Shatter Consistency

“Shatter” is the last product formed; hence its name. For the same, temperature and pressure are controlled during purge in order to maintain consistency. The extracted oil is controlled in such a way as to turn it into a coagulate that crystallizes, forms translucency.

Testing and Quality Control

Renowned producers undergo thorough testing to ensure the finished commodity remains safe and effective. Heavy metal content, analysis of shatter for residual solvents, pesticides, and cannabinoids are included. Shattering helps guarantee that this product will meet industry guidelines, so consumers can have peace of mind, since they know they’ll get the same level of performance every time they use it.

How is Shatter Consumed: Dabbing, Edibles, Vaping, Smoking

Some of the favorite consumption methods by enthusiasts for those who consume shatter include butts and nails, blunts, joints, vaporizers, and bongs. It is worth trying the mentioned options of consumptions regardless of whether you are a sophisticated connoisseur or a curious beginner as this will provide an additional sense to your weed experience. Let's dive into the various ways you can enjoy this potent concentrate: dabbing, edibles, vaping, and smoking.


Dabbing is one of the simplest and effective ways of consuming shatter. It includes heating using a dab rig comprised of the glass water pipe, nail or banger (usually quartz or titanium), the torch, and the dab tool. First, heat the nails or bangers up to about 315 to 600 °F. You heat the dab, and with the aid of dab tool put a little bit on the nail or banger, immediately evaporating it producing a strong rich vapour. Breath in slowly and savor the velvety, heady vapor shatters offers up.


Shatter infused edibles are recommended for those who desire a more concealed and lasting experience. The shatter may also be mixed with various homemade of commercial food products, including cookies, brownies, gummy candies or simply drinks. Nevertheless, one should pay particular attention to dosage while infusing shatter into edibles so as not to consume excessively. Shatter when administered leads to delays in the commencement of effects that may extend up to several hours as the substance gets metabolised by the liver. Therefore, be patient and start with small amount so that effect manifests before you consume more. Otherwise, even if you try to quit, there is a high risk of severe withdrawal symptoms.


It is worth noting that vaping has been popular today because of convenience and convenience. One may ingest shatter via a vape pen, or with a specialized handheld vaporizer dedicated to concentrate use. They heat up the shatter much slower than a dab does, giving a creamy vapor that one inhales. The vaping shatter provides a much cleaner and controlled experience minus the burning which is involved when you smoke. Moreover, there are adjustable temperature settings available on most vape pens which cater for individual preferences.


Smoking shatter is another alternative for individuals who choose the conventional course of action. Nevertheless, one should bear in mind that smoking of shatter implicates having a separate tool, like a dab rig or an extension of glass water pipe. In this case, you place the nail or banger under a torch and heat it to a point where it becomes bright red before pouring the shatter onto the heated surface for instant vaporization. This yields a strong vapour, which is then passed through the pipe, producing intense effects immediately.

However, it is important to note that whether you decide to swallow or vaporize shatter responsibilty is a must. Begin with little amounts, especially if you are a first timer, and then adjust according to your sensations. Moreover, make sure you buy shatter from credible businesses so as it is high-quality and safe.

5 potential benefits of using Shatter

Potency and Quick Onset

Shatter has very high potency, it is suitable only for experienced users who want quick powerful marijuana effects. Therefore, as compared to normal marijuana flower, shatter is usually more potent due to high concentrations of cannabinoids such as THC and CBD. This potency offers a speedier onset that gives prompt relief when people want easy pain, stress and anxiety reduction.

Versatility in Consumption Methods

Shatter offers one of the major benefits with diverse ways of administering. You may smoke it, vape it or dab it; regardless of your preference, getting shatters is an easy step to take. Shatter works especially well for those with a love for smoking rituals by putting it into a joint pipe or bong. These specialized vaporizers are useful to smokers who prefer vaping; also, their counterparts who love to dab will appreciate the full flavors and potentiality of shatters with dab rigs. Through this they are able to adjust how much they consume and in what manner which meets their preference as well.

Enhanced Flavor Profile

Shatter provides an unusual taste profile, the intensity of which is stronger than ordinary flowered marijuana. Shatter is created during the extraction procedure in order to maintain the smell of a specific plant’s terpenes that give it a special taste. Consequently, shatter presents strong and rich aroma that is characterized by variety of different profiles allowing people to have deeper encounter with weed flavoring.

Efficient and Cost-Effective

Shatter’s effectiveness demands lower amount of it being taken as opposed to flower usage. The efficiency is especially important, as it will allow medical marijuana patients seek for long term relief that does not require continuous dosing. Moreover, though shatter is expensive like most concentrates, its impact and lastingness make it worth the price compared to flower over time.

Precise Dosage Control

Shatter allows for more precise dosage control; thus, it is beneficial towards certain people. It comes in a concentrated form therefore making it necessary for users to take particular doses at all times if they need the same effects each time. The provision of this degree of control may prove especially useful in ensuring that medical marijuana users are correctly dosed in order to efficiently treat their symptoms.

How long does shatter stay in your system?

Shatters’ psychoactive compound, THC is fastly absorbed into the blood when consumed. The impacts on the body are usually noticed in just about five minutes and may linger for a few hours. Nonetheless, THC metabolites are present in the body for a much longer period than their initial presence would indicate.

Cannabis Shatter is cleaned out of the system in just a period of several days or a week for infrequent users. Conversely, average or multiple substance users might present positive results after several weeks. However, it is necessary to remind that these metabolites are detected by the test; therefore, if there are testing requirements, consider this.

How to Choose Quality Shatter: Factors to Consider and Warning Signs

There are a number of factors that you should take into account when selecting quality shatter. Considering those factors will help you buy a product that is what you expect and which gives you satisfaction. Moreover, knowing of red flags could make you not take substandard or harmful shatter. Here are some essential points to consider:


Good quality shatter must appear like clear or transparent glass. It is supposed to look like gold or like an amber, indicating that the crude oil has been sufficiently purging with low contaminations.


Shatter should have a fragile, snappable texture when manipulated. It shouldn’t be too sticky or crumbly because that might suggest inadequate production methods or incorrect storage conditions.


Quality shatter should have a strong and good smell. Its smell should be unique and distinct from the other strains, making it easy to identify it when using. Avoid buying shatter that emanates a faint, repulsive smell because it can be a signal of inferior quality, or a poorly manufactured end-product.


Shatter quality should not have residual solvents, pesticides or other contaminants. Ensure you purchase products that are tested by a reliable third party so as to determine if the shatter is safe to use.


Check how they package their shatter. Well sealed and correctly marked with all required particulars of strain, THC/CBD concentration or whatever tests that were made. Shun substandard products and those which lack necessary details or provide faulty information.

Reputation and Brand

Do some research regarding a company’s shatter reputation and reputation. Go for reliable companies with a reputation for making top quality cannabis goods and get good consumer feedback. Thus may boost your confidence towards product’s quality and reliability.


Price may be an indicative aspect, but this is not everything one should take into account. Very cheap as well as quite pricey shatter should indicate a poor quality and inadequate processing of the product. However, price should be considered together with other factors as well.

Warning Signs:

  • Dark or black color: Poor quality should be shattered and appears black.

  • Harsh or unpleasant taste: The impure or contaminated shatter usually has an unpleasant and rough after-taste.

  • Excessive residue: If you use substandard shatter, it could result in a lot of residue being left on your dabbing apparatus or vaporizer.

  • Lack of transparency: Refuse to buy from products whose origin is concealed, or those who do not state how they were manufactured and tested in laboratories.

    Considering such factors and warning signs helps you select good-quality shatter that is satisfying. When choosing cannabis products, you should constantly focus on your health and safety needs.

How to know you or loved one is addicted to Shatter?

Ingesting shatter may cause physical and psychoactive effects:

Physical Symptoms:

  • Reddening as well as blood shot or glass eyes, and dilation of pupils.

  • Unexpected loss of weight, decreased appetite.

  • Inability to sleep, sleep apnea or excessively sleeping.

  • Tremors of the hands, instable walking, or discoordinated movements.

  • Unexplained and persistent coughing.

Psychological Signs:

  • Eccentric behavior and extreme shifts of the mood, from jolly happiness and elation to deep sadness and worries.

  • Increased irritability, agitation, or paranoia.

  • These include being unable to concentrate, facing memory challenges and reduced ability to stay motivated.

  • Having deep interest in being supplied with and consuming crack.

How is shatter different from wax?

Shatter refers to white material with a glass like appearance that is usually transparent and shatters into little pieces easily. Wax, on the other hand, has honey-like/buttery consistency. It is thick, transparent and easy to apply using a dab pen. However, the varying appearances of shatter and wax are not the only distinct features between them. Their differences are, however, also determined by the extraction process. This technique involves extraction of cannabinoids and terpenes from cannabis using a solvent such as butane or CO2 in order to produce shatter. It is through this process that they are able to concentrate on an impurity free product, which has a strong smell and powerful effect.

However, wax is extracted in a slightly different procedure. During the purging process, the extractor uses whipping or agitating motion that incorporates air, resulting in a waxy form of the marijuana concentrates. Also, the production process has an influence on the finished goods’ texture as well as the strength of end products.

The second difference between shatter and wax has to do with the THC content. SHATTER has a very high content of THC that mostly goes beyond 80%. It therefore, becomes a favorite pick by experienced individuals who desire high-intensity and immediate outcomes. In contrast, wax usually contains THC levels of between 60% and 80%. It’s also important to note that such percentages may change depending on particular strains and extraction techniques applied.

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