how much is a dub of weed how much is a dub of weed

A Friendly Breakdown of How Much is A Dub of Weed


Have you ever wondered about the price of a dub of weed and how much you should be paying? The cost to purchase a single dub of weed can vary significantly based on various factors, including the quality and the quantity of the weed itself, the type of weed you’re buying, and even your location and local availability.

In line with this thought, today, we’re looking at what you need to know when buying or weighing a dub of weed, including what exactly this is in the cannabis community and how much the average cost will be in the cannabis market where weed is legalized.

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What is a Dub of Weed? 

First of all, we need to define what a dub of weed is. Generally speaking, people assume that a dub of weed refers to a specific amount of cannabis; however, this isn’t necessarily true. Instead, in slang terms, a “dub” refers to $20, so if you are wondering what does a dub of weed cost, it is referring to $20 worth of dried buds in the cannabis world. 

The exact price you’ll end up paying for the weed may not be $20 on the dot, though, and there are many factors that can influence how much you will pay. Discounts may sometimes be applied to the sale, or in other cases, the extra tax charge after purchasing can increase the price of a dub of weed significantly.

Why is Dub Used to Describe $20 of Weed? 

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The term “dub” might seem a strange word, but there is actually a relatively simple reason behind this phrase. In the 1940s, the slang term “dub” was used in place of “double ten” (20), and this later evolved in the cannabis industry during the 2010s to be used in the context of weed. 

The term “dub” can also be used in a wide array of other contexts; for example, a dub in a car used to mean a “double dim,” which was a 20-inch rim for the vehicle’s wheels (although this has changed in more recent years in line with increasing wheel sizes).

How Much Weed Do I Get For a Dub?

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The exact amount of dried buds you will get for a $20 dub can vary significantly based on a wide range of factors, which is well worth remembering. Typically, a dub bag of weed will provide between one and two grams of dried cannabis flowers, but there can be very significant fluctuations between regions, sellers, and even based on the type of flower you’re buying. In line with this thought, you might find that you get anywhere between 0.5 grams and 3 grams of cannabis flower for your money.

With this in mind, we recommend asking the seller exactly how much dried bud you will receive for your dub payment rather than just paying for a dub of weed and hoping you get a fair amount. 

How Many Buds Will I Get in a Dub of Weed?

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Since a dub sack of weed will usually be around 1 to 2 grams of cannabis flower, you will usually receive around one or two buds in a dub of cannabis. However, every cannabis bud is different, and this can vary significantly based on factors such as the quality and growth of the flower.

For example, if you are purchasing large-sized buds, you might find that you are more likely to get a single bud for your dub of weed; contrastingly, if the cannabis plant was very small when the buds were harvested, or if you are in a region where cannabis is more affordable, you’ll be more likely to get two or three buds in a $20 dub. So, yes these most common weed measurements do play a role here.

Another factor to consider here is the quality of the bud itself. Airy buds are very soft and thin, and if you end up purchasing these, you’ll likely get more buds in your $20 dub than if you were to buy a tightly-packed, dense bud. Of course, most people prefer a denser cannabis bud, so remember: more buds doesn’t necessarily mean you’re getting a better deal.

What’s the Cost of Weed?

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A dub of weed refers to $20 worth of cannabis buds. However, depending on who you buy from and your area, this doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll actually end up paying $20. 

Some dispensaries and sellers will offer special discounts on the price of a dub of weed, such as a so-called $15 dub. In this context, the seller will offer a discount on the dried buds, so that you receive $20 worth of dried buds for $15. In other words, these sorts of deals typically represent a 25% off scenario.

The Average Cost of a Dub of Weed Across the US

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The average cost of a dub of weed across the US should typically fall at $20, although the value for money in terms of grams per dollar will vary significantly. In terms of the average cost per gram, usually, a dub of weed will cost around $15-20 per gram.

Looking on a by-weight basis, usually, the cost of an ounce of high-quality and average-quality marijuana is around $300-350 and $200-300, respectively. As such, on average in most states, a $20 dub of weed will work out at around 1.7 grams for high-quality products and 2.3 grams for average-quality cannabis.

Where is a Dub of Weed the Most Expensive in the US?

how much is a dub of weed in the US

The cost per gram of weed in the US can vary significantly by state. Plus, there can even be significant fluctuations between the cost of high-quality and average-quality marijuana within states.

For both high-quality and average-quality cannabis plant buds, the District of Colombia is generally the highest price by state. According to the Oxford Treatment Center, the price for an ounce of high-quality marijuana is almost $600, which takes the weight of a single dub of high-quality weed to just under a gram.

Where is a Dub of Weed the Least Expensive in the US?

If you’re looking for a cost-effective dub of weed, several states have significantly lower prices on average. The average cost of an ounce of weed in Oregon (where recreational marijuana is legal over the age of 21 years) is $211 for high-quality cannabis and $187 for average-quality weed.

In line with this, a $20 dab of high-quality weed in Oregon would net you around three grams of dried buds - three times the amount you’d get in the District of Colombia.

The price of high-quality legal marijuana is also relatively low in both Colorado and Washington, where a $20 dub would buy around 2.3 to 2.5 grams of weed.

How Weed Type Influences the Cost Per Gram of a Dub

As we’ve seen above, the type of cannabis ordered has a significant influence on the amount of weed you’ll receive as part of a $20 dub. 

However, it’s not just quality alone that influences the price you’ll pay; in fact, in some regions, the average price of medium-quality cannabis can be roughly equal to, or even less than, the cost of high-quality cannabis. For example, such is the case in Alaska, where an ounce of average-quality cannabis costs $305, compared to $298 for high-quality products. Still, in most cases, the cost of high-quality and average-quality cannabis typically differ by around $50 to $100.

How Tax Impacts the Price of a Dub of Cannabis

There’s also a significant difference in the amount of weed you’ll get in a $20 dub based on the type of cannabis. Generally, cannabis for medical purposes is more affordable than recreational cannabis, the latter of which can often be charged at a higher price, and these products are typically also taxed based on state law. 

The rate of tax can also vary heavily and may have a significant impact on the final cost of a dub of weed; for example, while the Maryland General Assembly is only planning to tax cannabis sales at 9%, according to the Tax Foundation and Missouri only charges 6% excise tax, Virginia is putting a 21% tax on cannabis products, and Washington goes as high as 37% excise tax on the retail price. 

Furthermore, some states charge a flat rate per ounce of cannabis, such as a $50/oz tax on mature flowers in Alaska. This can massive hike the price of a $20 dub (assuming the tax is not included in the price of the dub), significantly impacting how much weed you receive accordingly.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve been looking to purchase a dub of weed but have been feeling a little unsure of where to begin, there’s a lot you could potentially consider. Indeed, a dub of weed is worth $20 typically, but the amount of weed and the price per gram you end up paying can vary greatly depending from state to state. 

As such, we strongly recommend that you consider the cost of cannabis in your local area carefully to inform your decision. Looking at reputed online sellers and cannabis dispensaries in your region is often one of the best ways to do a little local market research to see what sort of price per gram or half a gram is being charged in your area.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a dub of weed in a scale?

A "dub" is a term used in cannabis culture to refer to a specific quantity of marijuana. It typically refers to a small bag or container containing around 1 gram of weed. However, with ongoing cannabis reform, it's important to note that the terminology and quantities may vary depending on the location and context.

What is a dub in smoking?

A "dub" in smoking refers to buying weed in a specific amount, typically around $20 worth. It is a term commonly used in the cannabis community to describe a small quantity to smoke cannabis.

How many grams is a dub bag of weed?

A "dub bag" of weed typically weighs around 2 grams.

Is a dub a dime?

No, a dub is not a dime. In drug culture, a "dub" typically refers to a $20 worth of drugs, while a "dime" refers to a $10 worth of drugs.



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