Image showcasing Smell proof Weed Stash Box ideas Image showcasing Smell proof Weed Stash Box ideas

Top 5 Super Easy Smell proof Weed Stash Box ideas


Yes, it’s no secret that your green cash and weed stash, both go hand in hand.

Both coexist as roommates to your trusty denim pockets.

But, hold up a second!

Why does your cash get the royal treatment with the designated wallet while the stash is living on the wild side, cozying up in plastic?

Today, let’s not just ponder upon this disparity. Let’s also do something about it. 

In this guide, I’ll provide you with some genius ideas for how you can make your very own Weed stash box because your stash deserves a proper home. From cardboard, to metallic to even a magnetic stash box, you will learn how to be creative with your stash and make it smell proof

What is a Weed Stash box? 

A stash box, in simple words, is a storage box designed specifically to store cannabis or cannabis-related items. 

You may want to use it if you are planning to surprise your smoker friend with a stash box gift set or if you, yourself are a big-time smoker who now wants to assemble and organize things a bit.

Usually, smokers use a weed or hash stash box to store their smoking supplies like Tobacco, rolling papers, lighters, vaporizers and other related stuff. They may want to use it simply for having a protective case for their beloved stash or to have a convenient weed box storage container while they are on the move. 

How Can I Make a Weed Stash box smell proof?

You can’t always afford to buy a stash box that is fancy and expensive especially when you are saving up for weed itself!

So, “how do I make a smell proof stash box of my own”, you ask.

It’s simple. You just need to look around and grab a few objects you use on a daily basis. You may find some containers like plastic food containers, an empty coffee can, a shoe box, a Tumblr waterproof weed box storage container, a homemade magnetic stash box and more. 

Let’s discuss in detail how you can go about filling your weed stash and convert it into a box. 

Coffee Jar as Weed stash box 

In this DIY stash box ideas series, empty coffee cans can be a good idea to transform them into your weed or hash stash box without breaking the bank. 

They may sound and look cheap, but, guess what?

Only if you think so. You can always be creative, especially if you are high.

DIY stash jar ideas with coffee jars

Materials Needed

  • An empty coffee can or Jar (of course) with a secure lid
  • Craft supplies like paint or stickers.
  • Felt or foam for cushioning (optional)

Steps to make your Weed Stash box with coffee Jar

First, you’ll need to clean the coffee can thoroughly because I bet you don’t want any lingering coffee scent.

Second, Get creative and decorate it! Use some paint, stickers, or whatever tickles your artistic fancy. This will also make you proud of the stash box you will eventually create. 

Just in case you're concerned about delicate items like glass pipes, consider lining the inside of the can with soft felt or foam to keep them safe.

Remember, the magic is in personalizing your stash box. You can store rolled joints, rolling papers, stash, even lighters inside it. 

DIY creative stash box ideas with a coffee jar

How to make it Smell Proof? 

Now, about that smell issue, here's the scoop. 

To keep the scent contained, you can try adding scent-absorbing materials to your stash box. 

For example, activated charcoal, coffee grounds or beans, or even a bit of loose tea should be a way to get rid of weed smell.


homemade stash containers

Airtight Storage Containers as your new Weed stash Box

I bet you step into any modern kitchen these days, and you're bound to come across these handy airtight storage containers. 

They've really  become an absolute necessity, and for good reason too! These boxes or containers are like the superheroes of kitchen storage. 

Weatherproof? Check. Airproof? Absolutely. Believe me, that’s just the beginning.

Materials Needed 

In case you still can’t find one single airtight container these are the things you will need. 

  • Container Base: This could be a glass jar, a metal tin, or a durable silicone based container.
  • Airtight Seal: To control the smell look for materials that provide an airtight seal such as rubber gaskets, silicone seals, or vacuum-seal lids.
  • Activated Charcoal 
  • Decorative Supplies (Optional)

Steps to make your Weed stash box with an Airtight container

First, you need to select a container that aligns with your stash quantity and style. And of course, It should be clean and dry. You should clean it with soap and water just to be safe. 

Second, attach the airtight sealing item to the lid of your chosen container. As already mentioned earlier, this could be a rubber gasket, a silicone seal, or a vacuum-seal lid. For a better odor control, you may also want to put in some activated charcoal that will help absorb the smell.

Now, gently run your fingers along the edges just so you make sure there are no leaks or gaps that might let odors escape. Remember, the key to make your weed stash box smell proof is to choose the right lid.

Next up is some creativity because what’s the point of making something without adding some personal touch to it. You can now decorate the container using paints, stickers or labels, maybe, write your initials if nothing else. 

I will strongly suggest you to periodically check the airtight seal to ensure it's still holding strong. Seals can wear out over time, and you want to maintain your container's odor-blocking effectiveness.

Now you can boost your high for the best smoking experience alongside your brand new stash box!

A Shoe Box 

Hold up. 

Before you dismiss that shoe box as just another cardboard container, let's dive into a little important thing; shoe boxes are seriously underrated. 

Yes they are the perfect home to your favorite kicks but if you have some extra space they have got the potential to transform into your new, massive and unique storage boxes for weed.

In this huge stash box container you can keep your pre-rolled cones in case you don’t know how to roll a joint, lighters, Stash, or other weed accessories. 

DIY stash box designs with Shoe box

Materials Needed

  •  A shoe box in good condition 
  • Airtight Seal Materials: Rubber gaskets, silicone seals, or vacuum-seal lids to ensure your stash remains odor-proof.
  • Decorative Supplies (Optional). If you're feeling creative, gather paints, stickers, labels, or other decorative elements.

Steps on how to make Weed stash box with a shoe box

First and foremost, you need to select a box that fits your stash size. Don’t forget to check it for any debris. 

Once you’ve checked it inside and out, you must also clean the box thoroughly to eliminate any potential scents.

Now, again for an airtight sealing you have to choose some sealing materials like silicone, weed smell proof bags and so on. To check if there are no gaps or leaks, close the lid firmly, pressing down to activate the airtight seal. 

Once you’re all done with the above, it’s time to Inject a touch of personality into your shoe box stash solution. You can use stickers, old magazines for cool images, glitter, beads or old jewelry. Since this is a big box, you can line the box with fabric, use sandpaper, paint the exterior and more. 

Here comes the most important concern;  how to get rid of weed smell? 

You can consider adding scent-absorbing materials like activated charcoal, coffee grounds, or herbal sachets that can work wonders in absorbing smell and masking weed smell. 

Making DIY stash box smell proof

So there you have it,  a shoe box that has gone through some remarkable transformation. It's not just a container; it's your very own weed stash box haven.

DIY Wooden Stash Box 

When thinking about weed stash box ideas or stash box designs in general, there is one contender that always takes the lead; the classic wooden box! 

You know what? A wooden box is more than just another storage solution, it can be a fortress for your stash and, of course, a testament to your creativity. 

Materials Needed

  • A wooden box. Now, this could be an old jewelry box, or just any piece of wood box casually kept in some corner of your house.
  • Sandpaper
  • Activated charcoal
  • Fine mesh fabric or cloth
  • Decorative supplies, because, why not?

Steps on how to make a homemade stash box with a wooden box

drug diy stash box with old jewelry box


First, of course, you need to choose the perfect wooden box. It completely depends on you whether you want some rustic charm or a sleek elegant look, perhaps, something in between. Eventually, it will be a reflection of your own style.

Next,  you might need some sandpaper to work on some rough edges, splinters or imperfections. Once you’re done with this you can go ahead and paint some cool stash box designs inspired by your favorite youtubers or Pinterest. 

To get rid of weed smell you must use activated charcoal. This could come in granules or small bags. This investment is necessary for you to avoid any odor mishaps. You will also need a thin, breathable fabric to hold the activated charcoal. Simply, put the pouch inside your all new weed stash box

drug diy stash box ideas


However, you must remember that over time the charcoal may lose its effectiveness and will need to be replaced and recharged. 

DIY Smell Proof Magnetic Stash box for weed 

I completely get your desire for innovation when looking for stash box designs. Magnetic stash boxes are like the superheroes of all weed box storage containers. 

But, aren’t they too ideal? 

 drug diy stash box making magnetic stash box


Sure, this one might sound like an ambitious project but it’s totally doable. A little more time, energy and investment than the previous diy stash box ideas but if you are willing to put up your sleeves and start off, this will be the best handmade gift to yourself or your friends. 

Materials Needed

  • Small Metal Container - This would be the foundation for your new magnetic and smell-proof stash box.
  • Strong Neodymium Magnets
  • Activated Charcoal
  • Fabric or Foam Insert for odor control
  • Adhesive to secure the magnets and other components.
  • Decorative Supplies like spray Paint, stickers, glitter, old magazines etc.


Steps to make your homemade magnetic weed stash box

First, you need to select a metal container that suits your stash size and preferences

Second, you need to prepare the magnets. Place the neodymium magnets on the outside of the container's lid wherever you find the appropriate opening and closing of the box.  Space them evenly, depending on the magnetic strength you desire.

Now, you obviously don’t want to lose the magnets. Thus, use adhesive to secure the neodymium magnets onto the container's lid.

To get rid of weed smell from the stash box, you may want to place a small amount of activated charcoal within the container. You may also want to line the interior of the magnetic box with a soft fabric or foam insert. 

This offers a cushion for your stash while also helping to contain odors.

Next up, be creative! Apply your creative touch to the exterior of the container. Paint, stickers, or other decorative elements can make your stash box uniquely yours.

Your 420 Weed Stash Box is ready!

With all the above ideas, whether you are making one for yourself or need a stash box gift set for a friend, one thing is sure. 

Your smoking sesh will only get better and longer with a cool handmade weed stash box. A little investment is needed but you’re not just getting a box. You are getting smoking-filled adventures. 

So, cheers to happy sessions and a stash that’s as cool as you are!


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some unique Weed stash box ideas?

Magnetic containers, disguised objects like books or soda cans.

2. What materials can be used to make a DIY stash box?

Wood, metal, plastic, or even repurposed items such as containers or tins.

3. How can I hide the smell of marijuana from my stash box?

Use airtight containers, fabric bags with activated charcoal, or odor-proof stash boxes.

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