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Do You Have Moldy Weed? Here’s How to Tell and What to Do About It


Moldy weed is something that no cannabis consumer wants to encounter. Unfortunately, it’s not an uncommon problem. In this blog post, we will be discussing what moldy weed looks like, how to tell if your weed is moldy, how to store your weed properly and what you should do if you find mold on your buds.

What do moldy weed look and smell like?

mold on weed

Moldy weed has a distinct appearance that is easy to recognize. It tends to be gray or green in color and will often have white spots that look like powder. The buds may even become slimy and feel wet when touched (bud rot), although some appearances can be less obvious. It is almost certain the weed has mold if there is an odor of rotting leaves or a musty smell.

If a questionable bud is discovered, it should not be consumed as moldy weed can lead to adverse health problems. It's best to inspect any cannabis before use to ensure safety.

Mold spores can still be present even when the visibly moldy patches have been scrubbed away, making smoking a terrible idea.

To prevent mold from appearing in the first place, store your weed in an airtight container with a desiccant packet to help regulate relative humidity.

8 Visual Signs Of Mold Weed

what does moldy weed look like

1. Discoloration

One of the most obvious signs that your weed is moldy is discoloration. If your weed is normally a bright green color and you start to see brown or yellow patches, it could be a sign of mold.

2. Loss of color

In addition to discoloration, you may also notice that your weed is losing its color overall. If your weed starts to look dull and faded, it could be a sign that it is moldy.

3. Change in texture

Another sign that your weed is moldy is a change in texture. If your weed feels slimy or mushy, it is likely that it has been infected with mold.

5. White powder on the surface

If you see white powder on the surface of your weed, it could be a sign of mold. This powder is actually spores from the mold and can cause respiratory problems if inhaled.

6. Clumps of white powder on the surface

If you see clumps of white powder on the surface of your weed, it could be a sign of mildew. This is a type of fungus that can grow on plants, and can be harmful if inhaled.

7. Brown spots on the leaves

If you see brown spots on the leaves of your weed, it could be a sign of rust. Rust is a type of fungus that can infect plants and can cause respiratory problems if inhaled.

8. Yellow spots on the leaves

If you see yellow spots on the leaves of your weed, it could be a sign of powdery mildew. Powdery mildew is a type of fungus that can infect plants and can cause respiratory problems if inhaled

What does moldy weed smell like?

what does moldy weed smell like

Moldy weed has a unique, musty smell that can be rather off-putting. Experienced smokers might describe the scent as being vaguely similar to wet socks, while others may detect a damp woodiness or damp soil.

The presence of mold can also bring a sharp, ammonia-like odor – almost like cat pee – which serves as an excellent warning sign to throw away the affected bud if it's been sitting around for too long.

If allowed to continue, the scent of moldy weed will become increasingly pungent, off-putting, and unpleasant, making it unfit for consumption.

Some may also detect an acrid note coming from the plant, possibly reminiscent of ammonia or vinegar.

The specifically tell-tale sign that your weed has gone bad is when it carries an overall sweet-sour smell, reminiscent of overripe fruits — with some even reporting that it starts to smell like cheese.

It is definitely recommended to keep weed stored in clean, sealed containers far away from humidity and moisture as these can bring on mold pretty quickly.

How does smoking weed with mold affect your health?

smoking moldy weed

Smoking weed with mold growth is an alarming issue now more than ever as legal regulations of cannabis products become more stringent. Not only does moldy weed cause users to inhale toxins, but it can also lead to serious medical conditions such as allergic reactions, pneumonia, lung infection and numerous other respiratory problems from the destabilized toxins which can cause inflammation and further respiratory issues.

Smoking weed with mold can also impact a user's mental state due to the potential neurotoxins which might lead to an altered mental state if sometimes ingested over time.

While there are not many long-term studies completed yet on this subject, it is still important that users remain aware when partaking in cannabis activities and ensure they’re safely consuming products. Overall consider it unsafe to smoke moldy weed especially those with weakened immune systems.

Can you tell if you have smoked moldy weed?

smoking moldy weed

Many cannabis users are concerned with the possibility of smoking mouldy weed and any potential health risks that could accompany it. The truth is, it can be hard to tell if you have smoked mouldy weed as the effects could easily be confused with a typically unpleasant experience from consuming normal cannabis.

Generally, when smoking completely dried-out cannabis, you should not experience any burning sensation in your mouth or throat, along with coughing fits.

While more extreme reactions such as breathing issues or dizziness should definitely not be ignored, some milder symptoms such as a headache or nausea could potentially be attributed to smoking moldy weed.

If these symptoms occur after partaking in the herb and persist for longer than expected, however, it is advised to try examining closer for signs of mold such as white spots on cannabis buds before trying again.

How much moldy marijuana do you need to smoke to be adversely affected?

effects of smoking moldy weed

While there is no definitive answer to how much moldy marijuana you need to smoke before it negatively affects you, the reality remains that even a small amount can have damaging consequences.

Smoking moldy cannabis could mean inhaling millions of microscopic particles of fungi, which in turn can lead to a range of health issues from mild discomfort like sinus pain to very serious and acute respiratory distress.

Sufferers may experience difficulty breathing, chest tightness, coughing, wheezing and infectious diseases such as pulmonary aspergillosis (a fungal infection of the lungs). It is best to smoke only cannabis that has been sufficiently cured and stored in an appropriate manner in order to minimize the risk of these effects.

Will Moldy Weed Get You High?

will smoking moldy weed get you high

The thought of smoking moldy marijuana might make you pause; is it a bad idea? Can you still get high or will you put yourself in danger if you consume it?

Unfortunately, there isn't a clear-cut answer to these questions.

Depending on the extent to which the marijuana has deteriorated and the type of mold present, consumption could lead to various adverse health effects.

While some people choose to roll the dice, smoking moldy weed tends to be incredibly unpleasant and not worth the risk.

How to prevent mold when storing weed

storing weed in jars

Storing weed can be a tricky task, as many factors can cause it to spoil before use. One of the most common hazards is mold. To prevent disaster, all marijuana users should take the proper steps when they store cannabis and make sure all areas where storage will occur are moisture-free.

First, ensure that the container being used is completely dry and non-porous. Additionally, add in a few desiccants such as silica gel to keep the humidity levels under control over time. When the weed is inside its container label it with the date of purchase so that you know how long you have had it and when it should be consumed by.

Finally, store it in a cool dark place out of direct sunlight and more importantly away from any sources of moisture such as bathrooms or basements. Keep an eye on your stash every couple of weeks so you know if any mold starts to form before it causes too much damage! Proper storage is key to ensuring that your product stays fresh. Mason jars are great airtight containers when combined with humidity packs to control the relative humidity. Proper storage will prevent mold and keep your buds mold free until you are ready to consume.

How to detect moldy weed when you're growing it?

mold on cannabis

Growing your own cannabis is an exciting and rewarding experience, but you should always be on the lookout for mold or bacteria. Unfortunately, moldy weed can easily creep into your crop if environmental conditions are humid or wet. To ensure that your plants remain healthy and free of any detrimental fungi, the key is to perform regular inspections of your plants.

Start by examining the plant's leaves for any discoloration or fuzzy patches, which could indicate mildew growth. It is also important to look out for wilting leaves and a white powdery substance as these are common signs that there may be insect pests or other spores damaging the crop.

If you think that there may be contamination, it is important to eliminate it quickly by cutting back the affected parts of the plant - this will help to prevent the further spread of the problem to healthy parts of your crop.

5 Quick Signs Of Mold While Growing

signs of mold on weed

1. Check for visible mold.

The most obvious way to tell if your weed is moldy is to check for visible mold. Mold can appear as white, black, or greenish-blue spots on the surface of the weed. If you see any mold, it's best to throw out the weed as it can be difficult to remove all of the mold and it could make you sick if you smoke it.

2. Check for a musty smell.

Moldy bud will often have a musty smell that is similar to the smell of dampness or mildew. If your weed smells musty, it's likely that it has mold on it and you should throw it away.

3. Check for small bugs.

Another way to tell if your marijuana plants are moldy is to check for small bugs. Mold often attracts small insects such as mites or aphids. If you see small bugs on your weed, it's best to throw it away as the bugs could be carrying diseases that could make you sick if you smoke moldy weed.

4. Check for discoloration.

A Moldy cannabis plant often has a discolored appearance due to the presence of mold spores. If your weed looks discolored, it's likely that it has mold on it and you should throw it away.

5. Check for a slimy texture.

Moldy marijuana often has a slimy texture due to the presence of mold spores. If your weed feels slimy, it's likely that it has mold on it and you should throw it away

All Things Considered

If you think you have moldy weed, take precautions and don’t breathe it in. Before using your cannabis, make sure to thoroughly inspect it so that you can protect yourself and keep yourself healthy.

If you do notice it has become infected with mold, discard it right away! If you're storing your cannabis long-term, store it correctly to maximize its lifespan. Keeping your buds in a cool, dark place with low humidity levels can help to preserve them for a longer period of time.

Finally, always remember to use common sense and make informed decisions when it comes to consuming marijuana.

Do the research before you buy or consume any cannabis product, and know what is available on the market to make sure that you are getting the safest possible product for consumption.




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