vibes cubano cone
Vibes cubano hemp cones

Vibes Cubano Cone (1 XL Cone)

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  • Vibes Cubano Cone Holds 8 of Flower! 
  • A King Size Experience
  • Organic And GMO Free made from hemp

More Details About Vibes Cubano Cone

The Cubano Cone is built for big moments, capable of holding over 8 grams of dry herb. Whether you're at a festival or on a camping trip, these cones are perfect for large gatherings. You can choose from Ultra Thin, Rice, or Hemp paper options, and rest assured, they contain no added calcium carbonate. With an all-natural sealing gum from the Acacia tree, the Cubano Cones maintain their structural integrity throughout your sessions, so your giant cone of dry herb won't disappoint.

We designed Vibes Rolling Papers to give you the best smoking experience. We cultivate our premium papers in France and then cut and package them in the Dominican Republic. This ensures that each rolling paper or cone provides consistent flavor and a slow burn. You can choose from natural hemp, rice, or ultra-thin options for your smoking pleasure.

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