Starry Night XL stash jar
starry night black stash jar

Starry Night XL Stash Jar

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  • Starry Night XL Stash Jar
  • Stylish Design with Clear Glass Lid and Matte Black Outing
  • Planets and Stars Motif for Nighttime Aesthetic
  • Ideal for Bookshelves, Tables, and Backpacks
  • Spacious 6-inch High Design
  • Can Hold Up to 3 Ounces of Flower
  • Aroma-Masking for Fresh Storage
  • Thick Glass Construction
  • Stainless-Steel Hinge for Durability and Functionality
  • Perfect Blend of Style and Sturdiness

More Details About Starry Night Stash Jar

Starry Night XL Stash Jar with a clear glass lid and matte black outing looks very stylish. The shapes of planets and stars give an impression of night. This jar looks great on a bookshelf or a table and fits nicely into a backpack.

This 6in" high XL stash jar offers enough space and can easily hold to 1 ounces of your flower. 

Starry Night stash container is made of thick glass and is highly durable. The glass jar is attached to the top lid with a stainless-steel hinge. It makes this jar highly functional, sturdy, and stylish.