raw black rolling papers
raw rolling papers

Raw Black Papers King Size

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  • Raw Papers Black Kingsize - 100% Organic
  • 32 Leaves
  • Natural Gum
  • King Size
  • Tobacco and Nicotine Free

More About Raw Papers Black King Size

Made for those who enjoy longer smoking sessions, RAW Black Kingsize is tailored for the most discerning smokers.

RAW Black's extreme thinness enhances your terpene flavors, offering a new level of top-tier smoking pleasure for the modern generation. Think of it like a high-performance Ferrari that demands only the best fuel!

RAW creates top-notch, eco-friendly items to enhance your smoking. RAW uses natural plants, no burn additives, and presses them super thin. Raw black comes from a special artisan blend, making it ultra-thin and unbleached. Remember, RAW stuff is for grown-ups who smoke.

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