pre rolled cone
Pre rolled rice cone

Vibes Cones 6 Cones

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  • Vibes Rice Cones - 6 Rice Cones
  • 1 1/4 size
  • Made in France Catch a Vibe
  • A Premium Ultra Thin Rice Cone for a finer grind

More Details About Vibes Rice Cones

If you prefer slow-burning cones, you need Vibes Cones. Rice paper burns slower than hemp, making your sessions last longer. Plus, our special airflow design ensures consistent draws every time.

We designed Vibes Rolling Papers to give you the best smoking experience. We cultivate our premium papers in France and then cut and package them in the Dominican Republic. This ensures that each rolling paper or cone provides consistent flavor and a slow burn. You can choose from natural hemp, rice, or ultra-thin options for your smoking pleasure.