Organic raw X lemon tree cone
raw lemon tree pre rolled cone

RAW X LemonTree Cone (1 Per Tube) Limited Collab. Terpene Infused

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  • RAW X LemonTree Cone (1 Per Tube) 
  • Terpene Infused
  • King Size
  • Natural Gum
  • RAW Unbleached Paper

More Details About Raw X LemonTree

Raw cones are super easy to roll even if you do not know who to hand-roll. These natural, unbleached, and organic king-size cones offer a perfect healthy smoking experience.

The Raw lemon tree cones burn smooth to produce clean-tasting smoke that feels light and pure. You will appreciate their lemon fragrance and taste. With each puff, you will get a different kind of experience.

RAW creates top-notch, eco-friendly items to enhance your smoking. RAW uses natural plants, no burn additives, and presses them super thin. Raw black comes from a special artisan blend, making it ultra-thin and unbleached. Remember, RAW stuff is for grown-ups who smoke.

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