Afghan Hemp cones king size
Afghan Hemp cones

Afghan Hemp King Size Cones

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  • Afghan Hemp King Size cones
  • Pure hemp from Eastern Afghanistan
  • Organic, vegan, non-GMO, unbleached
  • Clean and fun smoking experience
  • Ultra-thin cones, easy to fill
  • Slow and fantastic burn

More Details About Afghan Hemp

Introducing Afghan Hemp King Size cones – pure hemp from Eastern Afghanistan. Organic, vegan, non-GMO, unbleached for clean, fun smoking. Ultra-thin cones, easy fill. Enjoy a slow, fantastic burn.

Afghan Hemp harnesses the best fibers from dried hemp stems, known as bast. These fibers ensure the cleanest and slowest burn in rolling papers. Afghanistan's subarctic mountain climate, with its dry, cold winters and limited arable land (just 15%), shapes the origin of these fibers. Sourced from Paktia in eastern Afghanistan, the hemp fibers are hand-collected, broken down into a pulp slurry, and transformed into Afghan Hemp papers using a natural process. This journey creates our rolling paper and cone products.