Pre Rolled Blunt Cones
Pre Rolled Blunt Cones
Pre Rolled Blunt Cones

Cyclone CLEAR Cotton Cones

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  • Cyclone Clear Cones are made from pure cotton cellulose
  • Made From Natural Cotton
  • No Tobacco.
  • Easy to pack and fill
  • Contains 2 Cones.
  • A unique and different smoking experience!

More Details About Cyclone Cones

Lead the way in pre-rolled, flavored tobacco wraps. The cone-style trend for cigar wraps has become super popular because of their unique burning style. But making such a shape can be tricky and messy for most.

Cyclones pre-rolled "Cyclone" wraps make it easy for users. The funnel shape lets you put your tobacco in without any spills. Plus, they come with a built-in paper filter tip and packing tools to make using Cyclones¬ģ even better!

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