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Crop Kingz Hemp Wraps 2 Pack

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  • Crop Kingz Hemp Wraps - 100 % Organic Hemp Vegan GMO Free Tobacco Free
  • All Natural Slow Burn Has a Self Sealing Gum Strip
  • No Wetting OR Licking Required!
  • 2 Premium Hemp Wraps Per Pouch Product of USA

More Details About Crop Kingz Hemp Wraps

Crop Kingz premium organic wraps are made in America and feature a self-sealing glue strip. Their specially formulated glue strips are easy to use, super sticky & made of non-toxic Arabic gum. Crop Kingz top-shelf wraps won't crack or dry out. 

 There's no need to lick or wet the strip; this self-sealing gum is exceptionally adhesive, eliminating the need for traditional saliva sealing methods. Say goodbye to the hassle of moistening your wraps, and embrace the convenience of Crop Kingz's Peel & Seal