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SKUNK Hemp Wraps Terp Enhanced Hemp Wraps 2 Per Pack

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  • Skunk Brand Hemp Wraps - 100 % Organic Hemp
  • Vegan
  • GMO Free
  • Tobacco Free
  • 2 Wraps Per Pouch
  • Terp Infused

More Details About SKUNK Brand Hemp Wraps 2 Per Pack

Elevate your enjoyment of herbal blends by infusing them with the captivating essence of Skunk Terp Enhanced Hemp Wraps. These juicy, naturally flavorful wraps from Skunk Brands are unmatched in their ability to enrich your favorite herbs.

Experience a revitalizing transformation for your cherished herbs with Skunk Brands Terp Enhanced Hemp Wraps. Crafted from toasted hemp sourced from nature, these wraps hold no trace of tobacco; a fact that's hard to discern from the mellowness and delectable smoke they offer. When compared to tobacco, these Hemp Wraps provide an even more exceptional smoking experience, taking "blunts to the next level!"

Enclosed within each resealable foil zip pack are two toasted hemp wraps, expertly imbued with your preferred terpene flavor. Whether you opt for Cherry Pie, Grape Soda, Mango Smoothie, or Lemon Cake, each flavor is an exquisite delight, rivalling the others in both taste and appeal.

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