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Royal Blunts Hemparillo Hemp Wraps 4 Pack

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  • Royal Blunts Hemparilo - 100 % Organic Hemp
  • Vegan and GMO Free
  • Tobacco Free and Nicotine Free
  • 4 Wraps Per Pouch Product of Mexico
  • Rillo Size

More Details About Royal Blunts

Royal is the #1 provider of high quality roll your own smoking accessories. Our hemp is european sourced and always packs a punch with our exotic flavors. 

Experience the best with the XXL Hemp Wraps. They're simple to use and burn nicely. Each pack is sealed and holds 2 moist wraps that won't make your fingers messy.

These wraps are tobacco-free and easy to shape. They offer a slow, even burn for a great smoke. Enjoy the subtle flavor without any weird aftertaste.

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