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OCB Rolling Papers Slim King Size

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  • OCB Rolling Papers - 50 Leave King Size
  • Made In France
  • Ultra Thin, with a slow burn.
  • These papers have a premium feel. Ultra thin and a very slow burns. Great to use with raw filters

More Details About OCB Rolling Papers

Manufactured to achieve maximum thinness and the slowest burn, OCB Premium papers deliver an unmatched experience. Crafted from natural flax plant fibers, these papers are so thin that they approach transparency.

No more unraveling rollups - OCB papers feature the gum that always sticks - 100% Natural Arabic Gum that is both vegetarian and GMO-Free. 

OCB Premium stands as the most iconic paper availible. This ultra-thin favorite is renowned for its wide popularity. Crafted from responsibly managed wood fibers, it ensures a slow burn and a user-friendly experience, catering to rollers of all skill levels.

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