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Endo 4 Pack (2 Cones 2 Wraps ) With 2 Corn Husk Filters

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  • Endo Hemp Wraps - 100 % Organic Hemp
  • Vegan GMO Free Tobacco Free
  • 2 Wraps Per Pouch
  • 2 Cones Per Pouch
  • 2 Corn Filters
  • Product of Germany
  • Endo Wraps are fragrant with great taste.
  • The cornhusk filter provides a cool and clean draw. 

More Details About Endo Wraps

Endo products are produced from organic materials. Our product features no tobacco contents. Once you prepare your smoke with our wraps you will understand why Endo is the for the professional smoker.

Endo Hemp Wraps have minimal to zero harmful chemicals for smokers' health. Endo uses German organic hemp, an ideal smoke-filtering material. The fibrous hemp guides smoke, giving you a cool inhale, not hot ash. Its tight weave blocks un-smokeable bits, ensuring each inhale is clean till the end. 

A superb substitute for cigar papers, blunt papers, and rolling papers.Lowers the chance of early death and related illnesses.


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