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Afghan Hemp Rolling Papers King Size Slim

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  • Afghan Hemp Rolling Papers - 32 Leaves King size Made In POC
  • These are perfect for OG and new smokers alike.
  • Thin and Slow Burning.

More Details About Afghan Rolling Papers

Introducing Afghan Hemp Rolling Papers – pure hemp from Eastern Afghanistan. They're organic, vegan, non-GMO, and unbleached for a clean, enjoyable smoke. These ultra-thin cones are easy to fill and deliver a slow, fantastic burn.

Afghan Hemp extracts top fibers from dried hemp stems, known as bast. These fibers guarantee the cleanest, slowest burn in rolling papers. Afghanistan's subarctic mountain climate, featuring dry, cold winters and limited arable land (only 15%), defines the fiber's origin. Paktia, in eastern Afghanistan, sources the hemp fibers, which are hand-collected, turned into pulp slurry, and naturally transformed into Afghan Hemp papers. This journey births our rolling paper and cone products.

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