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king palm leaf cones 3 pack
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King Palm Leaf Cones 3 Pack Flavored Palm Cones

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  • King Palm Wraps Leaf Cones - 3 Pack
  • Red Apple Dog Walkers – 70mm
  • Cantaloupe Melon 1 ¼ Size – 84mm
  • Dragon Fruit King Size – 109mm

More Details About King Palm

Every one of King Palm handmade leaf wraps come pre-rolled for ultimate ease and accessibility. These incredible palm leaves produce a slow, smooth-burning result that only King Palm organic wraps can provide. . King Palm pre-rolled cones are simply as close to nature as it gets. 

Assured Freshness Courtesy of Boveda
The preservation of freshness hinges on maintaining relative humidity. Within each set of three pouches lies a Boveda humidity pack. 

Innovative Pairings of Flavored Blunt Cones
Embark on a journey through the latest smoking sensations with our novel, all-natural flavored blunt cones, complemented by terpene-enhanced Squeeze & Pop corn husk filters:

Embracing the Organic, the Natural, and the Tobacco-Free
Our products are a testament to satisfaction, owing to the meticulous craftsmanship invested in each creation. Catering to contemporary consumer demands, our offerings stand as tobacco-free marvels, meticulously forged from organic, sustainably sourced materials and enriched with terpenes. Rest assured, our products consistently deliver excellence.


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