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OME Natural PALM LEAF Rolls W/Packing Stick. 3 Pack Read Description

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  • Original OME Natural Palm Leaf Rolls - Hand Rolled
  • 100% Natural Palm Leaf Wraps with
  • 100% natural corn husk filter, packing stick and re sealable pouch. Extremely Slow Burn.
  • Holds 1g of flower

More Details About OME Natural Palm Leaf Rolls

Welcome to the OME Leaf Palms Family, where everything is just natural. We offer 12 amazing flavors, from a sweet & tangy taste to a soothing mellow experience, finished off with our Corn-Husk filters. OME Leaf Palms offers it all with our natural prerolls/wraps.

If you are trying these cones for the first time please take into consideration that these are real dried leafs and are not like a typical wrap or cone. They are susceptible to breaking when being handled improperly or fill too harshly. Gently handle and pack your leafs for the best experience. Do not place this product in your purse, pocket, bag etc.

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