King Palm REAL LEAF Rolls W/Packing Stick Boveda Pack. 5 Pack Natural Flavor Read Description

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  • Original King Palm Wraps - Hand Rolled
  • 100% Natural Palm Leaf Wraps 
  • 100% Natural corn husk filter
  • Humidity control pack
  • Packing stick and resealable pouch.
  • 5 Pack

More Details About King Palm

Every one of King Palm handmade leaf wraps come pre-rolled for ultimate ease and accessibility. When smoked, these incredible palm leaves produce a slow, smooth-burning result that only King Palm organic wraps can provide. These products don’t contain any tobacco, harsh chemicals, or glue, and with these all-natural ingredients, a cleaner smoke is just a light away. King Palm pre-rolled cones are simply as close to nature as it gets.

If you are trying these cones for the first time please take into consideration that these are real dried leafs and are not like a typical wrap or cone. 

Gently handle and pack your leafs for the best experience. Do not place this product in your purse, pocket, bag etc. Don't forget to squeeze the corn husk filter for max flavor and clean draw! Please enjoy your experience!

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