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Clipper Lighter With Hand Sewn Silicone Case

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  • Clipper Lighter POP with Hand Sewn Case
  • Refillable Built in Packing Stick
  • Perfect for gift giving.
  • Fixed Flame
  • Clipper Branded Lighters are Child Resistant

More About Clipper Lighters

Clipper Lighters are refillable, durable, and come with a built in packing tool! Clipper lighters will achieve 3000 lights per fill. 

It's those little things that can truly make a significant impact. Clipper lighters are meticulously crafted to excel in performance, ensuring they remain reliable throughout a lifetime of use*. When you choose to reuse Clipper lighters, you're making a positive contribution towards minimizing plastic waste. 

Clipper stands out as one of today's safest lighter brands. Safety was the top priority in every aspect, from materials and fuel to how the lighter works.

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