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CAMO Hemp Wraps

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  • Camo Wraps are Made From Chamomile and Mate Plants
  • GMO Free
  • Slow Burning, Self Rolling
  • Tobacco Free & Nicotine Free 5 Wraps Per Pouch,
  • Resealable Pack Product of Brazil Smooth smoke with a clean sweet draw.
  • Very Aromatic¬†
  • Moist and easy to work with.
  • Easy to roll and perfect with filters.

Camo Hemp Wraps by Afghan Hemp

Afghan Hemp leaf wraps uses the bast of the dried hemp stems. The bast contains the most desirable fibers that allow for the cleanest & slowest burn in rolling papers. Camo Wraps are some of the best wraps on the market. The natural hemp wraps create some of the best smoking experiences.

The these organic blunt wraps do not contain tobacco leaves or tobacco products. Check out our premium selection of blunt wraps as well. Need a light? We got your covered! Check out all other products!


camo hemp wraps

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