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Blazy Susan Pink Deluxe Rolling Kit

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  • Blazy Susan Pink Deluxe Rolling Kit - King Size Slim
  • 32 King Size Papers included
  • Comes with filter tips
  • Features a built-in mini rolling tray
  • Ideal for on-the-go rolling
  • Perfect for situations without a suitable rolling surface
  • Convenient for collecting leftover materials into your jar or grinder
  • Vegan and GMO Free

More Details About Blazy Susan Pink Deluxe Rolling Kit

Introducing the Deluxe Rolling Kit – your ultimate, on-the-go smoking companion! This kit includes 32 King Size Papers, filter tip paper, and a built-in mini rolling tray. It's perfect for when you need to roll up without an ideal surface. Plus, the tray makes it easy to collect any leftovers back into your jar or grinder.