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The Ultimate Guide to the Best Weed Strains in 2024


There is something alluring about the beautiful colors and unique smells that come from well-cured cannabis flowers. These beautiful buds showcase all the time, effort, and thought put into a good quality harvest.

One of these factors is the careful development and breeding of novel marijuana strains.

Some provide a decedent flavor experience, while others may have promising medical implications. Browsing cannabis strains can be tedious work, especially if you aren’t sure where to look. But f you’re curious about what some best weed strains are, we’ve got you covered!

 In our 2024 cannabis strain guide, we will explore the essentials of the most popular and best strains today, giving you valuable insight into this year’s trends in the cannabis industry.

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All strains have something unique to offer

Once familiar with cannabis flowers and products, one of the most exciting things to explore is the rich and diverse strains. Each strain of cannabis holds its unique chemical profile, or chemovar, that dictates the taste, smell, and even the effects of consuming it.

While one strain like Blueberry may have more sweet and fruity flavors, it may feel milder in psychoactive effects, whereas a strain like GMO Cookies will induce more sedative and dreamy effects. 

Over time, it seems that there is almost an excess of names for the same few genetic varieties. Thankfully, we can break it down into a few common categories based on continued research on cannabis. 

For those seeking to explore this diversity firsthand, Mary Jane's Garden offers a curated selection of premium seeds, ensuring that you have access to the finest genetics for your cannabis cultivation journey.

What makes the best weed strains

Best bud strains, different strains, sativa strains,

Genetics aside, additional factors play critical roles in the quality of your local shop’s flowers. Depending on growing and curing conditions, it is possible that one strain of the same name may grow utterly different than another by the same name. This could result from two separate seeds or phenotypes from the same parent cannabis plants. It could also be a matter of nutrients, stress, or other environmental variables like humidity and temperature. 

However, with proper growing techniques, there are four factors to consider when identifying top-shelf strains. 


Strains with a dense covering of trichomes over the surface of the flowers and leaves are a sign that a strain will have more significant percentages of resin in the final product.

These are buds with a thick covering of frosty, sticky glandular hairs coating the leaves and stems. Not only will these strains make incredible flowers, but they are also the best candidates for hash and extract production. 

Cannabinoid Ratios

Within each resin gland is a blend of many different phytochemicals. The most common of these compounds are cannabinoids, the active ingredients in most cannabis and hemp products.

Both CBD and THC fall into this category. Still, there are between 80-100 types of cannabinoids that can be found in trichomes and often occur in macro and micro concentrations between 0.1-25 THC percentage. Strains high in specific cannabinoids offer more tailored effects. 


Aside from the cannabinoids, there are roughly 300+ non-cannabinoid chemicals found naturally in cannabis resin. This can include aromatic compounds like terpenes and esters, also found in many fruits and conifers in nature. These volatile compounds give cannabis its signature scents. High quality cannabis typically tests around 2% or more in terpene concentrations. 

Grow attributes 

Though these characteristics may not be so apparent to you or your budtender, growers often seek out strains that have strong growth attributes. The quality of root structures, fan leaves, and overall hardiness of a cannabis plant plays a vital role in a growers ability to produce robust buds.

Strains with weak roots or affinity for nutrient deficiencies will lead to smaller flowers and less flavor and potency.

For example, Key Lime Pie is a perfect strain but sometimes has poor root growth in coco or soil blends. Growers who use hydroponics may be able to grow this strain successfully, but it is less common due to its genetic limitations. 

The most popular strains to seek out

Looking for something new to light up this year? Here is a list of fire strains you must try in 2024. And If want to explore these tantalizing options, consider checking out the premium seeds available at Beaver Seeds

We have also added a list of the classic strains that are still getting a lot of attention right now, highlighting various effects and flavors. 

New strains and hybrids

different strains, sativa plants,
  • Blue Lobster

This weed strain has been winning awards across the East and West Coast in 2023, it is likely we will see this strain take over with its high potency and rich berry flavor. Chris Lynch of Cipher Genetics bred it by crossing Eye Candy x Apples and Bananas. 

  • Tea Time

Bred by LA’s Wizard Trees, Tea Time is a strong hybrid strain that is great for any time of day. It offers an herbal, spicy, and tropical flavor, with hints of creamy sorbet and top notes of diesel fuel. 

  • Pablo’s Revenge

Tiki Madman crossed Animal Mints x Sherb Cake to create this award-winning indica hybrid strains. Taking home multiple awards in Michigan during 2023, this minty, cakey strain hits incredibly hard, testing at 25% THC. 

  • Triple Burger

Skunkhouse Genetics crossed GMO x Double Burger to create this savory, strong strain of Triple Burger. This strain has a skunky and industrial aroma to it, offering strong sedative and chronic pain relief effects. 

  • Watermelon Gelato

A sweet take on an indica classic, this Zkittlez x Gelato cross is both euphoric and tantalizingly fruity. This strain is uplifting and relaxing without any couch-lock effects. Though Gelato has been a standard over the last 10 years, this new twist will stand out as an updated alternative.

  • Wedding Cheese Cake

wedding cheese cake

For all the cheese-strain lovers out there, the Wedding Cake strain is a perfect update on the classic UK Cheese strain. This is a feel-good strain, great for managing stress relief and calming your nerves. 

  • Hawaiian Snocone

A collaboration between Tiki Madman and Big Al’s Exotics birthed an amazingly fruity hybrid, Hawaiian Snocone. This strain was developed in the cross-breeding of Z x Lemon Cherry Gelato with Peach Ringz x Lemon Gushers. Its complex genetics shine through with a stinky-sweet tropical funk. 

The tried and true cannabis classics

  • Gorilla Glue #4 

Gorilla Glue

Best overall for balanced effects, this international award-winning strain continues to be the best indica strains option across the board. It is strong both in effects and flavor. 

  • White Widow

White widow weed strain

Ideal for daytime use, this strain is a Brazilian and South Indian landrace hybrid. White Widow is energizing and uplifting - great for stimulating conversations and creativity. 

  • Northern Lights

Nother lights weed strain

It is all about relaxation with the Northern Lights. This Afghani and Thai Indica dominant strain soothe both the mind and body. It has a pungently sweet and spicy flavor that many consumers love. 

  • Granddaddy Purple (GDP)

Granddaddy purple weed strain

GDP is an excellent example of a medium-potency indica. Its rich flavor and gorgeous purple hue make it a very enjoyable strain for beginners. Some report feeling increased appetite and dizziness on this strain, so it is typically best to use GDP when looking for deep relaxation. 

  • Durban Poison

A South African sativa, Durban Poison is a sweet and energizing strain recognized globally for its energizing effect. Testing around 19% THC, it is slightly more potent than other sativa dominant strain varieties. This makes Durban Poison an excellent choice for socializing and tapping into your creativity. 

  • Acapulco Gold 

A rare landrace sativa strain, Acapulco Gold has been slowly making a comeback as growers begin seeking old-school genetics for healthy and robust cross-breeding. Originating in Mexico, this strain has a unique burnt-toffee aroma and energizing effects. 

Top trends in cannabis cultivation

Cultivation trends are also shifting with the times. While many commercial operations have attempted to hop on the bandwagon of popular strains over the last few years, many are now realizing that this oversaturation is beginning to impact the quality of strains.

Many growers are now cross-breeding the most loved strains in their catalog and reintroducing healthy flowers into the market. 

Techniques in long-term genetic storage have also become more accessible to small and large-scale cultivators. This has enabled growers to now launch cuttings from the 2014-2015 era of cannabis. This both freshen up the current variety of strains and can help keep old strains alive and well in between the trends. 

A resurgence of landrace strains has been a common trend over the last year in response to the market's lack of quality genetics. This has supported the ever-growing boom for hash and rosin products. 

Designer strains to smoke or grow in 2024

Designer strains, exotic weed strains of 2024

Curious about new strains created by legacy cannabis cultivators? We wanted to finish this comprehensive guide to 2024 exotic weed strains with this list of predicted strains rising in popularity this year. Whether you want to grow some exclusive genetics or roll up some top-shelf flowers, these are the brands and strains you should be keeping on your radar for premium seeds and buds. 

This cross of Chem Scout x Chem 91 results in a rich, sour strain with a hint of hops and sweet musk. IC Collective is famous for producing the most irresistible Chem strains on the West Coast. They have also experimented recently with Chem 91 bag seeds circa 2016 to create Fox River Chem. IC are the masters of OG flavor.

As the leader in the exotic cannabis market, Green Fire Genetics is releasing a plethora of incredible cannabis in 2024.

This women-owned, third-generation farm devotes all of its hard work towards creating award-winning strains known for their outstanding flavor. This year, they have a roster of super sweet and gassy strains, including Rainbow Pie, Frosted Lemonade, and Purple Papaya Fruit. These multi-strain crossed hybrids will impress with their looks and aromatics alone. But don’t get it twisted, Green Fire is one of the more potent strains you will find.  

Known for its artisan extracts, 710 Labs has begun offering premium quality loose flowers in select locations. Their newest strain, Super Freak, is sure to turn heads.  This Colorado-grown strain has a gassy top note similar to Runtz, with a hint of jealousy flavor. This humulene-rich strain is sure to be great for unwinding.

This cannabis seed and breeding company will take the West Coast by storm in 2024 with its incredibly frosty and complex cultivars. They have crossed Mellowz 8 with Gastropop 5 to create a new strain, Double Up - sure to please any OG Kush fans.

Final Takeaway:

Regarding potent and unique strains, Green Fire, Super Freak, and Double Up are three top contenders in the cannabis market.

Each strain offers distinct flavors and effects, making them worth additions to any dispensary or personal collection. Keep an eye out for these strains and experience their power for yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions

What strain of weed is the most fun?

Determining the "most fun" strain of weed can vary based on individual preferences. Still, some popular strains known for their enjoyable effects include Blue Dream, Sour Diesel, Granddaddy Purple, Pineapple Express, and Girl Scout Cookies. Each strain offers a unique experience, ranging from uplifting and energetic to relaxing and euphoric.

Is indica or sativa better?

Sativa strain can be used during the day to improve mood and energy. They are said to raise and cause greater cerebral/high energy. Indica strains may be used to relieve stress and to relieve sleeplessness. Many people can describe Indica's calming properties as "better-time strains."

What is the most wanted strain?

This unique mix is made from Baked Alaska with chocolate mint in a feminine form.

What is the most popular strain of weed?

Blue Dream is amongst the most common weed strains. These hybrid varieties have won millions of hearts because of their relaxing and elevating properties. This mellow, full-body relaxation strain blends blueberry indica and hazel sativa.

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