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What is 420 Friendly? What You Need to Know About 4/20 Cannabis


When it comes to cannabis consumption, knowing about the different terms and events that are shared in the community is important - and today, we’re looking at the term “420 friendly” to help you understand a little more about this particular concept.

Hopefully, this will help you decide whether you want to celebrate 420 friendly, too.

What is 420 friendly, 420 friendly means

What is the Meaning of 420 Friendly?

420 Friendly can seem like a somewhat peculiar term for those not in the cannabis community, but the actual meaning of this phrase might surprise you. Indeed, it’s easy to assume that this might relate to a particular type of cannabis or the like, but that’s not actually the case.

In fact, the term “420 friendly” is instead a type of code that’s used to refer to the 20th of April, a date when the cannabis community comes together and marijuana smokers celebrate.

Admittedly, it should be noted here that the term “420 friendly” isn’t necessarily a particularly good code anymore, as many people know of its use, and information is readily available about the event. As such, what started out as a secret code has evolved over the years, but it’s a nice piece of history to remember nonetheless. 

As part of this, the term has also evolved to not only refer to the celebrations on April 20th, but it can also be used to define an area, organization, or community that is welcoming and accepting of cannabis users. For example, the term “420” is widely used now to describe cannabis-friendly events and activities internationally. 

What is the Reason for the 4/20 Date?

the meaning of the date 420

420 Friendly is celebrated on the 20th of April every year, and the reason for this date can vary somewhat depending on the origin story you believe most.

Indeed, the exact history of this event of consuming marijuana is somewhat unclear, and there is debate within the cannabis community as to why it originated - with several possible theories explaining this. Don’t worry - we’ll look into the many potential origins of 420 Friendly in greater detail shortly.

What is the Goal of 420 Friendly?

the goal of 420 friendly

The goal of 420 Friendly is relatively simple: it aims to promote a better understanding and acceptance of marijuana culture and cannabis use, while simultaneously denoting a cannabis-friendly space where users are welcomed and accepted.

Overall, much of the focus of the term and the event is to celebrate the peaceful protests and sacrifices made by many cannabis supporters to eventually achieve legalization. 

Of course, cannabis has not yet been fully legalize, and there are still several states and countries around the world where cannabis use is not legal. As such, in countries whered consuming cannabis is not allowed, the peaceful protest connotations of 420 Friendly may hold greater meaning.

What are The Origins of the Term “4/20 Friendly”

the orgins of the term 420

The origins of marijuana use of the term “420 Friendly” have somewhat been lost to time, and it’s not entirely clear why this phrase is used in relation to the cannabis-friendly community (and the celebrations on the 20th of April). However, some of the most widely recognized potential origins for the term include the following.

The Waldos

Perhaps the most widely accepted origin for the term “420 Friendly” lies in the story of The Waldos, a group of high-school students from the 1970s who would meet up at 4:20 pm after school to smoke weed. Over time, they began to utilize the code “420” to refer to their meetups to smoke cannabis, leading to the development of the term as a code word. At the time, the code was fully unique to the group, meaning that it held no meaning to anyone else listening in.

There is also another theory that the term may have referred to a plan formulated by the group to seek out an abandoned cannabis crop, with 4:20 pm being the meeting time for the group to attempt to find this lost yield.

Over time, with the group never actually finding the supposed crop of cannabis, the term later then evolved to simply refer to their meet-up time for cannabis consumption. 

Over time, at least one of the Waldos then went on to popularize the term after joining The Grateful Dead as a roadie, which led to the term being incorporated into fans’ terminology. Over time, the phrase subsequently grew further and further, until it became a widely used reference in the cannabis community.

Cannabis Action Network

While the term “420 Friendly” may have originated in the 1970s with The Waldos, it was likely the Cannabis Action Network that actually arranged this into an annual event. The Cannabis Action Network launched in 1989 and is widely credited for assigning the 20th of April date to the celebration.

Science Fiction

A reference to cannabis use appears in HP Lovecraft’s science fiction work, In The Walls of Eryx, where the main character comes across hallucinogenic plants that leave him experiencing a bizarre array of symptoms. Later, after the character begins to regain his senses, he glances at the clock, noticing that it reads “4:20.”

It’s somewhat debatable how much of a role this term played in the establishment of the 420 Friendly term. Indeed, while it is a strange coincidence, the reference seems too insignificant to be the main reason for the acceptance of the term.

Where Can I Find 420 Friendly Events? 

image of 420 events

These days, with the increasing acceptance and legalization of cannabis for medicinal and recreational marijuana purposes, 420 cannabis festivals and events are found in an increasing number of countries and locations. As such, if you are looking to consume cannabis or to celebrate on the 20th of April or if you’re simply looking for a legalized cannabis event outside of this day, there are plenty of options to consider.

Some of the biggest 420 Friendly events in the world include the following:

  • Empoweed (Mexico): The pun might be surprisingly easy to miss, but the goal of the Empoweed event in Mexico is simple: to help bring together the Mexican cannabis industry under the banner of a single event, which typically runs in October. The main goals of the event include educating consumers on the properties of cannabis, while also providing a means for cannabis industry businesses to reach new customers.

  • ExpoCannabis (Uruguay): After the legalization of cannabis use in Uruguay in 2013, which makes it the first country in the world to have fully legalized cannabis, it’s perhaps no surprise that 420 Friendly events soon followed - and ExpoCannabis is one of the largest. The event aims to combine an industry convention with a large and supportive social event, making it a highly anticipated event annually (held in December each year) with countless excellent speakers and visitors.

  • The Great Midwest Marijuana Festival (Wisconsin): As the longest-running cannabis legalization rally in the United States, there’s no doubt that the Great Midwest Marijuana Festival has made a clear name for itself in the cannabis community. The event first ran in the 1970s following the arrests of cannabis legalization activists at the time, the event is now at a new high, with vendors, music, speakers, and even a kick-off party for those taking part.

  • Cultiva (Austria): Focusing primarily on hemp rather than other forms of cannabis, the Cultiva event in Austria is run in November, and offers a welcoming and supportive space for hemp vendors and buyers to come together. Interestingly, rather than just being a simple trade show, the Cultiva event actually takes things a step further with a giant pool party - definitely setting it apart as one of the most unique 420-friendly events in the world.

These are just a few of the many cannabis-friendly events hosted internationally. Fortunately, for cannabis consumers a quick search for “420 Friendly events” will often yield plenty of results, making it easier than ever for individuals looking to celebrate the occasion to find somewhere to do so.

Always Consider Local Cannabis Legislation Before Engaging in 420-Friendly Events

legal cannabis for 420

While the origins of 420 Friendly aren’t always entirely clear, it’s undeniable that this particular event on the 20th of April is a major day for many within the cannabis community. Indeed, this event offers cannabis users the opportunity to share their passion for legal cannabis products with others in the community; in addition, many people use this day as an opportunity to try and combat the negative stigma attached to cannabis consumption, which still persists in many regions despite the increasingly widespread legalization of cannabis consumption for medicinal and/or recreational purposes.

Of course, if you’re planning to engage in the 4/20 Friendly celebrations, make sure you consider local legislation to ensure you stay on the right side of the law. Indeed, while many states have now legalized cannabis for adult use only, the exact rules still vary from state to state; for example, while around 25 states have permitted cannabis use for recreational purposes, this is not a universal truth. In addition, if cannabis use is legal in your area, it is essential to buy from licensed, genuine sellers to ensure you are getting a safe and high-quality product.

So, with the 20th of April rapidly approaching, stay safe and have a good time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does "420 friendly" mean?

When someone is described as 420-friendly, it implies they are open to smoking pot, possibly even sharing it with you. Alternatively, it suggests that they wouldn't mind if you smoke marijuana. In the context of a home, having 420-friendly individuals means that the residents are comfortable with, or even enthusiastic about, using cannabis, potentially as a way to enhance social gatherings with friends.

What is 710 friendly?

710 friendly is a phrase used by cannabis oil concentrate connoisseurs to show their broader concern with weed oils as well as the oil of the plant.

What does 420 mean in slang?

420, 4:20, or 4/20 is the Cannabis culture slang word meaning marijuana consumption and hashish consumption. This refers also to the cannabis festivals that occur each year on April 20 (4/20 US or Canada date forms).




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