Penis Envy Mushrooms, how to grow penis envy mushrooms, albino penis envy mushrooms Penis Envy Mushrooms, how to grow penis envy mushrooms, albino penis envy mushrooms

Penis Envy Mushrooms: All You Need To Know About Their Unique Characteristics & Effects!


Among the plethora of psychedelic shrooms, one species has attracted substantial attention among researchers and psychonauts alike – the mysterious Penis Envy mushrooms.

Now, before we go ahead and get too carried away here, let’s make it clear that the mushrooms in question are not of a weird fetish nature. With an exciting and humorous name, these magic mushrooms have become known for their high potency and uniqueness.

But what are Penis Envy mushrooms really, and how do they differ from other psilocybin-containing fungi?

Stick around to find out!

Penis envy mushrooms, Penis Envy Mushroom, Magic Mushroom, albino penis envy mushrooms

Penis Envy Mushroom: History and Cultural Significance

Belonging to the Psilocybin cubensis species, this strain has intrigued researchers, psychonauts, and cultural anthropologists who wish to understand its exquisite aura and possible implications in human psychology.

For a deeper understanding of the cultural import attached to the Penis Envy mushroom, we must retrace our steps back into ancient Mesoamerica. In this regard, indigenous cultures like the Aztecs and Mayans viewed mushrooms as sacred beings to boost the high and could open doors to greater heights of consciousness and spiritual understanding

In this framework, the Penis Envy mushroom becomes a powerful signifier of fecundity, metamorphosis and two-in-oneness.

Besides, the cultural significance of the Penis Envy mushroom is not limited to its native origins. These mushrooms were thrust into the limelight in the mid-twentieth century by psychedelic counterculture due to their association with enlarged consciousness and reflection.

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What are Penis Envy Mushrooms?

What are Penis Envy Mushrooms, penis envy mushroom, magic mushrooms, Penis envy magic mushrooms

Taking penis envy mushrooms brings about a trip characterized by perceptual changes, cognitive modes of thinking, and mystical experiences.

Throughout the years, people have used psychedelics as part of religious or ceremonial practices. However, a penis envy mushroom's therapeutic role has been investigated by scholars in recent times.

Although they might have some benefits, one should keep in mind that psychedelic mushrooms are strong substances and can generate powerful experiences for both good and bad.

How Do Penis Envy Mushrooms Look?

These potent mushrooms have a distinct appearance compared to other fungi. Their caps are usually bare and often dome-shaped because they look like phallus- therefore, the name.

Penis Envy Mushrooms tend to have different colors, from an extremely pale white to a deep yellow shade with occasional shades of blue or purple.

What are the Types of Penis Envy Mushrooms?

Penis Envy Variety, penis envy variant, types of penis envy mushrooms, penis envy mushroom strain, psilocybin mushrooms

1. Albino Penis Envy shrooms

We start with the Albino Penis Envy. This pint-sized creature may be slightly less robust than its counterparts; however, its size is deceptive. Because of its deep blue-hued lid, it is almost like a mini work in the fungi’s nation. That’s the kind of mushroom that Picasso would be proud of!

2. Penis Envy Uncut Magic mushrooms

Second is the Penis Envy Uncut. No, no, not a mushroom edition of an adult magazine. This is actually an albino hybrid with an adhesive mushroom cap. That's quite a commitment to each other, wouldn’t you say? All these mushrooms are about having each other’s back – literally!

3. Penis Envy Number 6

This hybrid is a real spore-producing workhorse. That’s like a mushroom workaholic. You might want to consider this mushroom if you’re looking for one who works hard. It's all about quantity and quality!

4. Trans Penis Envy

Then there is the Trans Envy. Now, do not get deceived by the name. This mushroom is not suffering any form of gender identity crisis. It is just a hybrid with slimmer stalks and more faint action than the rest of its kind. Therefore, this might be the one for you if you prefer a more relaxed mushroom trip.

5. South African Transkei Strain

Frequently linked to Penis Envy strains, this variety presents its profile of gentler effects and hails from another region altogether. Being a seasoned mycologist or only beginning to explore the amazing world of psychedelic mushrooms, it is mind-boggling how many penis envy varieties are already there!

Legal Status Worldwide: Exploring the Psychedelic Mushroom Maze

Legal status of psilocybin containing Mushrooms, legal status of penis envy, penis envy mushrooms legal status

From conservative countries to those that apply a more liberal approach, the legal status of psilocybin-containing Mushrooms and their psychedelic siblings is an intriguing subject spanning across continents.

We can begin our journey in the United States, Canada, and Australia, where these psychedelic fungi are classified as Schedule I drugs. Hence, this classification puts them in the same category as substances, including heroin and MDMA, which represent a high potential for abuse with no medical uses accepted.

It is a legal position that leaves many enthusiasts waiting for change as they see the curative benefits of growing penis-envy mushrooms.

We travel even farther and find nations such as Brazil or Vietnam, where mushrooms with psychedelic properties are not controlled. It is legal to possess and use these mind-bending treasures in such countries. Think about walking along the Brazilian rainforest, knowing you can walk away with your psychedelic ideas without worrying because they are legal. It is a psychedelic sanctuary for people seeking to hide from the law.

We move on to the Netherlands, a country with an advanced attitude towards drug policy. In this case, the "magic truffles" are sold in small shops nationwide. These truffles, which have just the same active ingredients that are present in Penis Envy Mushrooms, offer a legal option for people craving to get an experience transformation.

Check out our blog to know if Edibles are legal in your country and understand the laws surrounding cannabis edibles.

Where do Penis Envy Mushrooms Grow?

Where do Penis Envy Mushrooms grow

These unique fungi mainly grow in subtropics and announce their presence with dung-abundant pastures or fields filled with rotting matter. Such magic of Psilocybe Cubensis, including the enigmatic Penis Envy, is brought to life in such unlikely settings.

Cultivating Penis Envy Mushrooms may seem a tad more complex than other variants of Psilocybe Cubensis, but the benefits that come with it are definitely worth all this work. The key to a good harvest is where the environment for these mushrooms to thrive makes it ideal.

Another essential aspect of growing Penis Envy Mushrooms is temperature control. Fungi of this type thrive between 75-85°F (24-29 C). While temperature fluctuations may interfere with these organisms' growth, it’s best to strive for consistency concerning this aspect.

As for the substrate, Penis Envy Mushrooms feed on grains or composted manures. This is because this nutritious environment provides fuel for their growth and development. Grasses or composted manures should be sterilized appropriately to avoid contamination and promote healthy colonization of mycelium.

It should be noted that both the unusual shape and thick stem of Penis Envy Mushrooms need a little bit more effort during cultivation. Moisture is harder to absorb by the mushrooms due to a thick stem, as maintaining high humidity levels becomes even more necessary. Further, their shape could cause them to become less stable as they mature; therefore, supporting or using trays with edges helps maintain balance.

We would suggest, before cultivating mushrooms or consuming these intriguing fungi, always consult local laws and experts.

Cultivation Process: How To Grow Penis Envy Mushrooms?

How to grow penis Envy Mushrooms, Albino penis envy mushroom, how to grow albino penis envy mushrooms

You will begin your cultivation by collecting the required materials. Mushroom cultivation needs a sterile environment with clean work surfaces, sterilized tools, and superior substrate.

Penis Envy Mushrooms grow in a mix of nutrient-rich substances, including vermiculite, brown rice flour, and powdered gypsum. Precision is essential in maintaining asepsis because contamination could jeopardize growth.

Once your materials are ready, it's time to inoculate the substrate with spores. It can be obtained from trusted online vendors or through the taking of spore prints by using an advanced mushroom. Gently spread the spores over the substrate to an even layer. During this phase, patience is critical because mycelium colonization of the substrate can take several weeks.

Optimal appropriate environmental conditions must be maintained for your Penis Envy Mushrooms to grow. These fungi thrive in between 70-75 °F (21°C -24 ) with relative humidity of approximately 90%. A humidifier and a thermometer can help you control these conditions according to your needs.

Recall, mushrooms are like fragile lives that need your nurture and attention.

During your mushrooms' growth, offering them proper ventilation and lighting is necessary. The exchange of fresh air can be done through fanning or a small fan to imitate a breeze that is not strong.

Although Penis Envy Mushrooms require indirect lighting, getting them some natural or artificial sunlight during the day will help in their growth and development.

Your mature mushrooms are harvested with excitement and an element of satisfaction. After the caps are fully opened and the veil underneath them has separated, it is time to pick those from the substrate tenderly.

For the long-term sustainability of the mushroom patch, you should allow some shrooms to remain where they can drop more penis envy spores and potentially lead to further growth.

Now that you have plenty of Penis Envy Mushrooms harvested, it is time to take a special trip. Make sure to use these powerful psychedelics responsibly, preparing a safe and welcoming setting for your experience.

If you decide to consume it with or without reliable friends, expect a wander through your mind’s labyrinthine corridors that will open hidden spaces.

Finally, by creating your own Penis Envy Mushrooms batch, you get a chance to experience the magic of nature and enter an alternate dimension of consciousness.

How Strong are Penis Envy mushrooms?

how strong are penis envy mushrooms, how strong are albino penis envy mushrooms

These bizarre fungi are not for the faint of heart, but if used in moderation, these unique parasites provide a trip like no other.

The initial thing that you will see from Penis Envy mushrooms is their cost. These babies don't come cheap. Why? As they are significantly more challenging to cultivate than other strains.

These mushrooms are armed with a potent mix of psychedelic compounds, which work effectively to provide speedier and stronger trips. If you are looking for intense psychedelic experiences, Penis Envy should be your ultimate goal.

However, do not let their name deceive you. Penis Envy psilocybin mushrooms are available in different types, as we already discussed, and each type has some unique characteristics and psychedelic effects.

Albino penis envy and penis envy uncut are two of the most popular varieties, each contributing a unique taste to your psychedelic experience.

As far as ingesting these potent magic mushrooms goes, one should be careful. Because of their increased potency, taking no more than 70 percent of the usual dosage for other mushroom strains is usually advised. This guarantees a safe and pleasurable journey that will not clutter your mind.

What makes Penis Envy Strain different from other strains?

albino penis envy mushrooms,

Cultivation process

One very obvious difference between the original Penis Envy strain and other shroom strains is how challenging they are to grow. These mushrooms require specialized care and specific environmental conditions to thrive. They take around 30% longer to colonize the substrate and have a lower pin rate than other Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms.

Because they're so difficult to cultivate and even harder to find, Penis Envy mushrooms tend to be expensive. Reproducing and creating another generation is often the biggest challenge, setting them apart from other shroom strains that reproduce consistently.

Physical Differences

Each mushroom is special and unique, but let's talk about Penis Envy shrooms for a sec. These bad boys are thick, full, and meaty.

Not only are they the iconic penis-shaped mushroom, but they're also shorter and denser than your average shroom when fully grown. Since they pack more meat inside, it's best to go easy and have a low dose than usual.

Chemical Differences

If you ask if Penis Envy shrooms are stronger than ordinary shroom strains? Then, the answer is a BIG yes. Penis envy mushrooms stand out from the rest of the psilocybin mushroom strain.

Penis Envy shrooms are like pure magic compared to regular shrooms. The psilocin and psilocybin ratios are spaced out, making the trip kick in faster and more intense within minutes.

And here's the best part - the quicker trip doesn't cut short the whole experience. You'll still be soaring high for hours on end with a Penis Envy mushroom.

Despite being such a high-maintenance shroom, Penis Envy mushrooms are considerably worth the hassle. These mushrooms have stronger highs, more powerful hallucinations, and an intense euphoric side effect that make them so desirable in the psychedelic world.

Effects and benefits of consuming Penis Envy Mushrooms

Effects of Consuming Penis Envy Mushrooms

The effects of Penis Envy mushrooms are as distinct and unique as the people that use them, boasting a rainbow spectrum of sensations and phenomena which is nothing short of astounding.

In some individuals, these effects are strong and create peace and knowledge. To others, they are suffocating or threatening.

When an individual ingests the hallucinogenic mushrooms, psilocybin attaches to one type of serotonin receptor known as 5-HT2A that is on the surface front part of nerve cells. This is because serotonin helps regulate mood, cognitive reasoning process, heightened emotionality, and sleeping patterns.

As such, the activity of psilocybin on serotonin results in coordination within different brain parts. As a result, the consciousness and perception are altered.

Potential risks and precautions when consuming Penis Envy Mushrooms

Penis Envy Mushrooms effects, how strong are penis envy mushrooms,

Psilocybin can initiate lasting perturbing transformations of perceptions, feelings, and moods. It can also result in short-lived hallucinogens, auditory hallucinations, visual flashbacks, and brief alterations of thought or emotion.

For this reason, it causes an individual to be anxious and paranoid.

At other times, an individual can experience a flashback much later after the effect of that substance is worn out. These flashbacks can also be induced by stress, fatigue, or simply a change in the immediate surroundings. Nowadays, this rare condition is diagnosed as a hallucinogen-persisting perception disorder by physicians.

There is also a danger of accidental use of lethal types while taking mushrooms. A person should visit an emergency room immediately if they have symptoms of mushroom poisoning, such as:

  • muscle spasms

  • confusion

  • delirium

  • paranoia

  • anxiety

  • excitement


To wrap it up, Penis Envy Mushrooms are unique species of psilocybin mushrooms offering an incredible psychedelic trip. Due to their unusual appearance and increased impact strength, they attract attention against other typical types.

A major key takeaway from this guide is that growing Penis Envy Shrooms requires a little bit of patience and an ecological system. It is also necessary to monitor the humidity and temperature, preserve moisture level in it at all times, and monitor indirect lighting conditions and airing.

Also, another critical factor to consider while taking them is that they should be taken in a low dosage and within a safe and comfortable environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to grow Penis Envy mushrooms?

To grow Penis Envy mushrooms, you will need a sterile environment, spores or mycelium, a substrate like grain or sawdust, and proper temperature and humidity conditions. It's important to follow a detailed cultivation guide for the best results.

Where do penis envy mushrooms grow?

Psilocybe cubensis, commonly known as "penis envy mushrooms," are typically found growing in warm and humid climates, often in cow dung or enriched soils.

When to Harvest Penis Envy Mushroom?

Penis Envy mushrooms are typically harvested when the mushroom caps have fully expanded, and the veil underneath has started to break.

Is it safe to consume Penis envy mushrooms?

Yes, consuming Penis Envy mushrooms is generally safe. However, it is essential to note that individual reactions and experiences may vary. If you are considering using these mushrooms, it is advisable to start with a low dose and be in a safe and comfortable environment. Additionally, consulting with a healthcare professional before trying any new substance is always recommended.

What are the potential effects of consuming Penis Envy Mushrooms?

Potential effects of consuming Penis Envy Mushrooms may include altered perception, hallucinations, and changes in mood and cognition. It is important to note that individual experiences may vary.

Are Penis Envy mushrooms Legal?

Yes, Penis Envy mushrooms are legal in some countries and jurisdictions, but their legality may vary depending on your location.


  • Tiff

    Im teying to grow albino penis envy. First timer but the mix didn’t have directions. The grain was completely colonized and the bin looks colonized but im not getting any pins… it should be fruiting i think… its been one week with being aired twice a day.

  • Gregory Hewitt

    Very Informative and more complete information.

  • Brandi lynn

    I had the most unbelievable experience I have ever had in my life when I took penis envy. Just 3 tiny ones. I started the yawning & the eye-watering about 20 minutes into it but I was also eating herbal baked goods at that time as well so I’m not sure which was which when it kicked in but I do know when my husband picked me up within 10 minutes of being in the car after I took it maybe 30 minutes earlier I started laughing hysterically at the sign at the gas station. We made it home and then I crawled into my bed l, closed my eyes and fell into what I can only describe as pure Bliss. Forget sex. I saw the universe from the beginning to the end and I felt sensations like I have never felt on any other substance in my life the entire time. At almost exactly 4 hours I woke up and I heard myself gasp and I said I have to do it again. I closed my eyes and I did it exactly again. I can’t describe to you the peaceful loving emotional feeling. It made me sleep, but I wasn’t (I also had taken a prescription Xanax that I have a prescription for because I had eaten all those edibles earlier and they had kind of given me anxiety. I took that probably 20 minutes after I took the shrooms. I closed my eyes on these ones. This isn’t take it to the beach this is crawl into your dark room and let the mushroom do what you want. get a safe space and let it take you to whatever deity you believe in. I for one believe in the universe so it took me to the universe and I remember colors and I remember feeling loved and I remember feeling like a god myself. imagine if you could read the book from the beginning to the end of the world in under 8 hours… Would you do it? Of course you would. No like I said I only took three caps and that was the cap and the steering included and they were small. So I took a 16th basically. The next day I decided I wanted to do that again. NO! You will get some visuals when you’re looking at like a picture it’ll like kind of move on you and do some stuff but you will not get the same effect you should wait until the next weekend or do what I did and wait so two weekends later, when whatever it is that was described in this how to that this person put together because our brain chemicals

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    Innoculate the World . com

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    Do you know where I can possibly get spores?! Because I have PTSD? And I’m really trying to find some to treat my PTSD….🥺

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