How much is an 8th of weed, what is an 8th of weed, weed sizes How much is an 8th of weed, what is an 8th of weed, weed sizes

How Much is an 8th of Weed? Sizes of Weed Measurements and More


If you aren't very familiar with dispensaries or cannabis culture, a retail counter at a local dispensary can feel a little overwhelming. With so many unique product categories and extensive menus in the cannabis industry, selecting the right product, dose, and strain requires a lot of consideration. 

Thankfully, most budtenders are happy to help guide you through this process and make informed suggestions based on your goals. However, having a fundamental understanding of the terms for different weed weights can save you time for more important questions about product effects and dosing. 

Rather than getting stuck on basic questions like, ‘How much is an 8th of weed in grams?’ you will be able to focus on questions like, ‘Will CBD and THCA curb or encourage appetite?’ 

In this article we will walk through the weight classes of weed, breaking down the terminology and leaving you with a few tips to shop like a cannabis connoisseur.

What is a gram of weed?

a gram of weed

Within the metric system, a gram is a measurement for mass and weight, 1000 grams (g) makes a kilogram and so on. Depending on the density of a specific weed strain a gram will visually look quite different, even when comparing flowers. 

Depending on how thick or potent a cannabis flower is, a gram can range in size from a cherry to a kumquat. This might be more than enough for some cannabis users, roughly equating to a generously portioned joint. 

When shopping for cannabis strains, a gram, sometimes referred to as a dime bag or dub is the smallest measurement of weed size. Occasionally extracts will be weighed in half grams, but 1g is the golden (or should we say, green) standard for retail cannabis.

Comparing Grams to an Eighth Of Weed

eighth of weed

The most popular amount of weed that you will see purchased in a dispensary is an eighth of weed. Browsing the display counter, many of the sample jars you can ask budtenders to show you are an 8th. But how many grams go into a single eighth? 

There are about 3.5 grams of flower in an eighth of weed - this looks about the size of a small lemon. Technically, this number is rounded up from an exact 3.543603875 grams, however, cannabis has a long history of being rounded up to the first decimal place, to keep things simple, and even with price breaks. 

In real-world application, an eighth of weed will get you three and a half full gram joints, or several smaller ones. This may also break down into 3 blunts, a dozen bowls, or a very potent batch of infused baked goods. The options are limitless and ultimately based on your personal preference and how creative you want to get with your flower. 

While it’s important to know how to eyeball an eighth of cannabis,to ensure you are always getting the correct amount, it is also important to know the general pricing of cannabis by weight. If you haven’t been to a dispensary in a while, you might be curious; how much is an 8th of weed cost-wise?

Weed Weights in Retail Prices

Retail prices tend to flux based on where you are shopping for cannabis. In many adult-use legal states, an eighth of weed can range anywhere from $30 to $70 USD depending on the weed strain. Many popular destinations for cannabis like Los Angeles or Denver will offer boutique weed prices due to the extra costs to operate a licensed business and multi-step supply chain. 

There are resources out there to make shopping around for the best price and quality a little easier. It is always wise to check out a shop’s online menus before visiting to guarantee you’ll find something you love. 

When shopping at the dispensary, there are typically four major size categories customers will purchase when it comes to flowers and concentrates. While concentrates typically come in single or half-gram sizes (due to their potency), flowers come in a variety of weight options. 

Of course, there is the gram and the eighth (3.5g), two sizes we have already discussed but did you know about 20 bags? Dubs, or 20 Bags often refer to a 1-2g amount of cannabis that sells for $20 USD. This classic weight class has been adapted from pre-prohibition cannabis culture, as a perfect alternative that falls in between a gram and an eight. 

Another convenient and price-conscious option at the dispensary is pre-rolls. These ready-to-smoke joints can vary in size, potency, and price points depending on how extravagant they are. Your basic pre-roll average prices will be between $7 to $18 USD, and contain 1-2 grams of cannabis flower. Though it may be more budget-friendly to buy your flower loose and in larger quantities, a pre-roll is a great way to sample a new strain or brand before committing to bulk. 

Luckily, there are now many shops that carry large quantities of select flowers depending on how much weed you need if you are hoping to save a few bucks in the long term. 

Bulk sizes of cannabis

weed in bulk quantities

When you’ve found a strain or specific cultivator brand that you enjoy, finding bulk deals on cannabis can be really exciting. You can save a few bucks and know that you’ll be stocked up for a while with some quality greens. 

The two most common weed measurements available are quarters and ounces. A quarter refers to quarter ounce, or 7 grams. It is double the size of an eighth, meaning you will be able to fill seven blunts and still have a little extra bud remaining. A Half ounce is sometimes available, which is simply 14 grams, or two quarters. 

An ounce of weed weighs 28 grams. You may start to see a pattern here, as this can be broken down into eight eighths, our four quarters. Some other nicknames for an ounce might be a Zip of weed or O. In many parts of the US, an ounce is set as the legal size limitation for possession. In adult-use or decriminalized regions, citizens can carry up to an ounce of cannabis flower while staying completely legal .

Weight classes above this range from a quarter pound, halves, and full pounds of cannabis flower. These are pretty uncommon for a retail sale, but these sizes are still distributed between licensed cannabis wholesalers or between hobby growers everywhere. 

In many parts of the US hobbyists and home growers enjoy sharing their harvest, which can be more abundant than you’d think. Growers will harvest turkey roasting bags filled with flowers from just a mere 4-6 plants. 

The 5-gram eighth

an eight of weed on a scale

Though most of the weight classes of cannabis are pretty easy to follow, it can get confusing when retail shops advertise deals that contradict logic. Perhaps you’ve seen the term 5-gram eighth advertised somewhere? This interesting marketing approach makes it seem like these shops are bending the rules of physicals, or possibly misunderstanding the metric system. 

Fear not, they aren’t tricking anyone, the shop is just trying to give you a little extra weed to support their business. They are using the name “eighth” to signify the price point of the product, with the bonus that you are actually getting 1.5 grams of extra flower. 

It isn’t common for shops to diverge from standard pricing and sizes, but in some cases, shops may bend the rules so it is good to have general knowledge of these sizes and values to make buying weed easier. 

How many bowls are within a gram of flower?

If you aren’t big on vaping or rolling joints, glass pipes are an excellent choice for smoking. Glass bowls may vary in capacity and depth, the average glass piece can hold anywhere from 0.3 to 0.5 grams of cannabis. 

You can maximize your bowl pack by using a hand grinder to finely grind your flower into a fluffy blend. This will enhance the smoothness of your hits and how evenly the flower burns too. Because the ember is not constantly burning as it might on a joint or blunt, you can end up conserving a lot more of your flower and not wasting any that might trail off the end of your joint. 


Even before cannabis was sold in dispensaries, slang and terms have been fundamental to the distribution of cannabis around the world. We now see legal markets adopting this language, bringing aspects of the cannabis scene to the mainstream and honoring the legacy of this plant. 

Having these numbers and weight classes in your back pocket can make all the difference when you are going into the dispensary. It can help you budget shop for buds, while also empowering you to visualize the different sizes so you know you’re getting accurately weighed products. 

With this guide to cannabis weights, you can shop with confidence and find the perfect pot for your needs!

FAQ's About Cannabis Weights

Q: What's the smallest amount of cannabis I can buy at a dispensary?

A: The smallest amount typically available for purchase is a gram, also known as a "g". It's a great option for trying new strains depending on the consumption method without committing to a larger quantity.

Q: How do I ensure I'm getting the correct weight when I purchase?

A: Many local dispensaries have their scales visible to customers during the weighing process. Don't hesitate to ask questions or for clarification if you're unsure about the weight of your purchase. Trustworthy dispensaries are always willing to ensure customer satisfaction and transparency.

Q: Can I buy cannabis in bulk and save money?

A: Absolutely! Many dispensaries offer bulk deals for larger purchases such as quarters (7 grams), half ounces (14 grams), and ounces (28 grams). These options are more cost-effective in the long run if you have a favorite strain you enjoy regularly.

Q: What's a "5-gram eighth"? Isn't an eighth only 3.5 grams?

A: This marketing term is used by some dispensaries to offer a special deal where you pay the price of one eighth but receive an extra 1.5 grams, totaling 5 grams. It's a way to provide added value to their customers.

Q: Is it legal to carry more than an ounce of cannabis?

A: Laws vary by location, but in many parts of the US, the legal limit for possession without intent to distribute is one ounce (28 grams) of cannabis flower. Always check local laws to stay informed and compliant. Consume responsibly

Q: How long can I expect a gram of flower to last if I'm using a glass bowl?

A: It can vary depending on the size of your bowl and your usage habits, a gram of flower can last for several sessions. An average bowl holds about 0.3 to 0.5 grams, so you could potentially get two to three bowls from a single gram.s

Q: Where can I learn more about different strains and their effects?

A: Many dispensaries have knowledgeable staff who can provide detailed information on the strains available, including their effects, potency, and recommended uses. Additionally, there are numerous online resources and databases that offer strain reviews and user experiences of dispos selling cannabis.

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