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How to Hit a Bong: The Ultimate Beginners Guide

A bong is a smoking device that cools and filters the smoke before it’s inhaled. It is one of the most popular ways to smoke weed.

We use the word "bong" to refer to a device used to smoke substances from the water pipe. The word "bong" comes from the Thai word "baung,” which means a cylindrical wooden tube, pipe, or container cut from bamboo, and especially a large bamboo tube used as a fishing net.

Hemp Wraps: What are they and, what are the benefits?
Hemp Wraps are a type of rolling paper made from hemp. They are an eco-friendly, sustainable, and healthier alternative to other kinds of rolling papers. They are made from natural materials, and they don't have any tobacco. 
How To Roll A Blunt: Tips For Beginners From Pros
In this article, we will explore all of the ins and outs of rolling your own blunts so that you can feel confident in how to do it from start to finish. With our tips you will be able to roll a perfect blunt in no time!
Grinding Weed Without A Grinder: 5 Quick No Mess Tips
This article will provide you with the top 5 methods to grind buds without a grinder. You can choose one of these methods depending on your preferences and the type of weed you have.