How to not look high, how to come down from a high, how to get rid of stoned eyes fast How to not look high, how to come down from a high, how to get rid of stoned eyes fast

Stay Low-Key: 7 Clever Tips How To Not Look High


In the modern dynamic life, it’s not a secret now that cannabis smoking is on a hike. The legalization of marijuana in many countries and states has significantly reduced the stigma attached to its use. However, there are still cases in which we may want no one to be aware of our cannabis use. At work or society, hiding and being low-key may be very important to preserve professionalism.

Statistically, the increase in marijuana use is unavoidable. A study done by the National Survey on Drug Use and Health showed that in 2018 alone, about 43.5 million adults were regular marijuana users in the United States of America. This enormous figure emphasizes the need to know how one can act in public spaces while maintaining cannabis consumption secrets.

While many individuals may seek getting high as a desirable feeling when selecting a cannabis strain, appearing "high" or to "act high" is not always ideal. So, in this blog, we will look at seven nifty tips that are statistically supported by studies and research on how to not look high so you can enjoy the advantages of cannabis without unnecessary attention.

Understanding the effects of being high on appearance and behavior

How to not Look high, how to hide your high

Of course, the recreational use of marijuana has become widespread in today’s fast-paced world.

Still, there are cases where having a low-key appearance and behavior while being high is necessary. Whether you attend any professional event or meet new people, analyzing how cannabis high affects your appearance and behavior is imperative.

1. Blood Shed Eyes: The Tell-Tale Signs

Bloodshot eyes are one of the most visible effects when high. There is redness because marijuana dilates blood vessels, in particular, the eyes. According to a 2021 study, nearly 90% percent of marijuana users have bloodshot eyes after consumption.

Contrary to popular belief, red eyes are not caused by cannabis smoke. Instead, cannabinoids bind to receptors in our body, leading to the dilation or widening of blood vessels. This results in increased blood flow to the eyes, causing the red appearance while simultaneously lowering blood pressure, which can lead to dizziness and sometimes even a weed hangover. It's important to understand that these physiological reactions are responsible for the observed effects of smoking weed rather than the smoke itself.

To neutralize this leak, you can apply redness-reducing and brightening eye drops to make your eyes look fresh again.

We'll delve into this topic shortly, but in the meantime, you may want to check our guide on how to get unhigh quickly, just in case you're pressed for time!

2. Body odor

We've all been there, right? A Surprise visit from the neighbor or even parents, last-minute trips to the store, or those "fill in the blank" moments when smelling like marijuana is the last thing you want.

Yes, Marijuana consumption can also result in a changed body odor that people around you might perceive. A study found marijuana use leads to a distinctive odor through sweat and breath.

To combat this, you should bathe often, use deodorant, and frequently chew breath-masking gum or mints. These basic procedures will help you to reduce any detectable changes in your body odor.

3. Impulsivity and Hostile behavior

According to a 2015 study published by Science Direct, Marijuana was also found to be linked with increased hostile behaviors and perceptions of hostility in others on the same day, compared to days when marijuana wasn't used. And get this, these effects weren't influenced by how often marijuana or alcohol was used. So, yes this means the same thing could happen even if you don't indulge in excessive smoking.

This increase in impulsivity and hostile behavior can be attributed to the THC content in marijuana, which can affect cognitive function and alter moods. This is why it's important to practice moderation and monitor your behaviors when using marijuana.

7 Quick Tips on How to not look high

7 quick tips on How to not look High, hide your high with these 7 tips

Sometimes smoking a weed or eating cannabis products can lead to physical marks which may reveal whether you use cannabis or not. From red eyes to a dry mouth, these giveaway signs may make it hard for you to deny that you are high.

Hydration is Key: Stay hydrated!

Research suggests that cannabis may lead to dry mouth, a symptom commonly referred to as “cottonmouth.” Prevent this typical sign of marijuana use by drinking plenty of fluids. Drinking water will keep your mouth hydrated, but it also helps to flush out the odor associated with marijuana use.

Eye Drops for the Win

how to not look high without eye drops, how to get rid of stoned eyes fast,

Bloodshot eyes are one of the most common and visible signs of cannabis intake. Consuming cannabis makes your eyes red as the blood vessels in them dilate. This giveaway can be well-handled by using eye drops. According to a study that was published by WebMD, eye drops with tetrahydrozoline hydrochloride as an active ingredient, a decongestant can diminish redness almost instantly for up to 8 hours.

We understand that finding an eye drop is not always possible, that is when you can also wear sunglasses, especially if you are out in public. 75% of Americans wear sunglasses according to a survey by the Vision Council, this is now an acceptable fashion accessory that will not get anybody suspicious. This can help conceal any redness and can be used as one way of how to not look high! Plus, not only wearing sunglasses help you protect your eyes from direct glances, but they also provide an additional appeal to your appearance.

In the event just in case you have none of these options available just yet, a simple method is applied which comes in handy whenever redness shows on your eyes; placing cold compress over them. This works as the cold does shrink blood vessels back to size, and it also constricts skin so that puffiness is less visible.

To prepare a cold compress, take some cold water and ice in a bowl. Soak a clean washcloth or dishcloth in the water. Soak the cloth with cold water and after it darkens, wring out of its excess moisture. Test your eyesight, later soak the cloth in some more water and again rub it over until you cannot see any red colour or less bubbling appears for a few days.

Breathe Deeply: Calm Your Spirits and Master your Body

Breathing exercise for how to not look high

Of course, when you’re high it might feel a bit anxious or fidgety but these physical signs may give you away.

Breathing deeply can enable you to relax and reign in on your body once again. Deep-breathing exercises that were advocated in a study by Nature Journal has shown to relieve anxiety and promote relaxation. So the next time you feel an urge to fidget, take a few deep breaths and calm yourself down.

Distract with Food

If you are in a social setting and wish to distract people from the fact that “you’re high”, perhaps you're simple trying how not to look high, eating while talking could be an excellent approach.

Yes, we know it sounds weird but it’s possible to take the attention off of any potential indicators that you are stoned by concentrating on the food and actively participating in conversation. Furthermore, a study from the British Journal of Pharmacology has found that eating certain foods such as pine nuts or black peppercorns may mitigate some aspects caused by THC.

Get Some Fresh Air: Clear Your Mind and Rejuvenate

A simple puff of fresh air is sometimes all it takes to how to not look high. Just a few minutes outside can help you clear your mind, energize you senses and lift up the spirit.

A research study that has been published at the Yale School of the Environment shows that time spent with nature can greatly help to improve mental well-being as well reduce stress levels. So, the next time when you feel less presentable after smoking cannabis or something similar go outside and take in some fresh air by walking quickly around.

Take Care of Your Appearance: Dress Appropriately and Look Presentable

One of the best ways how to not look high is by coming across as normal, presenting yourself in a way which does not deviate from your natural state.

Make sure to dress well and get groomed so you look neat. By paying attention to your appearance, you can give the impression of sobriety and thus escape any unjustified interest.

Take a Cold Shower

Image showcasing a person taking cold shower to get rid of cannabis high

If you need to look a bit less high as fast as possible, go take cold shower. Human beings have used water therapy also known as hydrotherapy for many years, It strengthens the immune, increases blood circulation and helps in relaxation.

Taking cold shower brings some benefits with it and one of them is increase in alertness; taking a shower using cold water helps the person to be more active without necessarily having taken any cup or glass of coffee.

How to Not Look High: Tips for controlling giggles and staying calm in social situations

How to not look high or giggle during your cannabis trip

Also, whenever you are having some weed, make sure that you know how to deal with fits of laugh and keep your nerves in check at any social gathering to avoid unnecessary stares.

To stop giggling wildly, take slow deep breaths and concentrate on something outside of yourself. Yet another study published in the National Library of Medicine revealed that CBD, one compound present in cannabis is effective for relieving anxiety and creating feelings of relaxation.

Using CBD products in your cannabis practice could assist you to keep calm when out and about with people. Furthermore, learning mindfulness techniques like meditation or yoga can help you be more relaxed and calm. Remember that staying low-key while high boils down to perfecting the balance and good control over your emotions.

Final Takeways

For some, it may be a scary experience to go high in public, but with some preparation and practice, you can make the most of such settings.

Remember to always consume cannabis responsibly, even edibles since they do affect those around you; don’t overindulge in such that one or all these influences your behavior towards others.

Following these tips will enable you to comfortably engage in high activities without attracting unwanted attention or creating an uncomfortable situation for those around you. Enjoy the effects of relaxation and euphoria brought on by consuming cannabis while maintaining situational awareness, practice safety as a core value always. It’s not that difficult to do big things without being noticed, and when you are stoned with people around.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to not always look high?

Stay well-rested, maintain good posture, and practice good hygiene to avoid looking high.


What can I drink to not look high?

Drinking water prior to and after drug use is usually the best option.

How do you get rid of red eyes without eye drops?

Apply cold compresses or washcloth to closed ears once a day. Avoid any triggers or irritant like dust, pollen or smoke from your pet's environment.

How do you make your eyes look better when high?

Eyedrops and Cold Crushed Eye Cream may reduce red eyes.


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