The Legacy

Flight2Vegas was born in a pandemic! We started as an Etsy shop in early 2021.

Founder: DV

Prior to 2020 I had never stepped foot inside a smoke shop.I was also tired of using this glass bowl that I got from some gas station. I decided I wanted a new smoking experience. I headed to my local smoke shop and grabbed a few things but not nearly in a variety that I was looking for. I did a bit of research and tried some things. Over time I discovered products that I really enjoy to use! I thought to myself that other people would definitely love elevating their experience in the same way. That's how Flight2Vegas was born. Our goal was procure products that we (yes the team!) use in our daily lives.

Flight2Vegas focuses on organic offerings to provide the most unadulterated, natural, and safe smoking experience possible. While we don't knock products that you would typically find at a gas station or a corner store, we simply don't carry them. Most of our wraps and cones are made with hemp, organic paper, or natural leaf (Some are even made with cotton and chamomile!).

Flight2Vegas focuses on those that like to roll, twist, and burn 🔥! So you won't find too much glass and rigs here. We still love bong rips though! Our ultimate goal is to provide the products for the best smoking experience. Keep rolling with us on this journey!

Flight2Vegas Smoke Shop